The phone, like the camera, with Perch

The phone, like the camera, with Perch

in the past I made several tutorials related surveillance systems, surveillance cameras, NVR and even, phone use IP broadcast camera or webcam.
Today I will present a service that has a phone app that turns him on the latter, a true IP camera with motion detection. Besides, Perch service, as so is called, helps video recorder, which will store it in the cloud, servers Perch. Everything is free for now, because Perch is in Beta phase, and records are maintained 7 days.
What can be used Perch?
1. If you have an older phone, which gather dust in the drawer. Can we promoted to the camera.
2. If we need surveillance home or office desk for short periods.
3. Surveillance pets left behind by the neck key.
4. Spying some friends in a bar (leave your phone on the table Perch on)
5. Surveillance housing with motion detection (receiving instant notifications).
Perch is a free moment, because it is in Beta phase. If you later when snooping fee, you are not satisfied, you can watch IP Webcam tutorialAnd you can get the same thing, less storage cloud.
Some tutorials services or applications in the same category:
1. Recovering stolen phone with Cerberus (my recommendation)
2. Use DSLR broadcast by webcam for better view.
3. Backup automatically or spy SMS and call history in the cloud.
Perch, cloud service
Perch, Android app

Video tutorial - The phone, as well as the surveillance camera, with Perch

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  1. But the phone that we want to use it as a webcam and it must be necessarily connected to the Internet, no.?

  2. I figure if you show me the picture recording in chrome. if you do not give registration Says: This room is connected but not recording. Turn on recording in Settings

    in live preview does not work? necessarily have to register to be able to see what we recorded?

  3. marcghi said

    I tried two phones and an Android box and regardless of connection net (3g, lan or wifi) you give up or sign in sign says NO NETWORK CONNECTION. What could I try to go? Thank you.
    I saw that the room can be added to desktop or laptop.

  4. Hello I can do a tutorial on how to root the Galaxy android s4 5.0.1?
    There are tutorials on the net but after I root at as shown in the video could mean that certain applications that require root not working fully. Could that be the reason? Not have been right at the root or simply the galaxy android s4 5.0.1 not work completely right? I tried enabler applications or applications such as move2sd cheatengine and gives me error.

  5. Cristi Hello!
    Can you recommend a good network card for desktop ???
    Sorry to post here!

    Thank you very much!

  6. CRIS a tutorial if possible TVs this May iefitne that smart nus d eexemplu philipsh PHH 4000 / 88. . settings etc / and as a TV aalegem cheaper nonsmart. if it's possible

  7. Ervin Szondi said

    I did not understand, the notification comes on the same phone filming?

    • Not necessarily! The notification comes into the email account that you used when signing up. DOB same address can be used on another phone, not necessarily on your filming.

  8. Sry for off topic:

    What do you think about this SSD? The world is crying, but it really? You are in the field can make plain.

    Thank you.

  9. Adrian Cristea or I have a proposal about a tutorial namely to make one of you a tutorial that is the difference in television's card or cl cl + and IPTV is differences of the two. as I searched the net and found nothing concrete nam

  10. "3. Pet surveillance, leave the house with the key around your neck. ”
    Our children are pets ???

    • I'm a parent too…, it was a joke. I didn't mean children. I meant animals left alone at home.
      The joke in detail.
      It was a reference to the paradoxical breeding of pets, while the birth rate is falling! That is, children have been replaced by pets, due to the insecurity that society inspires and the selfishness that the system promotes. That is, an animal does not require as much attention / responsibility / allocated budget, but somewhere, it can satisfy the maternal / paternal instinct. Do people think that you can get rid of animals without too much repercussion?
      In Japan, currently, there are several newly adopted pets than children infants.

      • Glad to see that someone thinks. Moreover it and novel. Congratulations.
        What you have described should make us all think about where and how fast humanity is heading. Sooner or later….

  11. the civilized world birth rate is declining because people scares reality and uncertain future! A normal person is not on the children as long as the company did not grant any sprijin.asta is why the world is filled namely europe Pakistani, Indian, Moroccan, Chinese etc.raspunsul you can find a little higher in the comment!

    • It means that we should be proud of the decrease in the birth rate; we are finally part of the civilized world. Even our president….
      Perhaps the citizens of Pakistan, India, Morocco, etc., receive substantial aid from the state, the kids afford to pour into one.

    • If the system has this insecurity, it does not mean that in reality it is the same. As Cristi used to say, the people from Asia don't think they receive aid, on the contrary, they are a bit stupid in terms of "salary". Today's society washes the world with the idea that you are not a good parent if you do not offer BMW and the house with 2 floors to the child, as such do not do it until you have nothing to offer, that is, never or maybe it seems normal to you make a child at 50 (if you can) because then maybe material you are fine, but aren't you a selfish parent giving your child only the years of your energyless old age?… .. You can be a very good parent even if material in what you offer you are limited. But the right to act is relative to all, so that everyone can balance what is moral and immoral, and then choose. The consequences draw them each according to the choice 🙂

  12. Hello. First of all I would like to congratulate you for all the information shared. Do an excellent and quality job… Secondly, related to this tutorial, I used a similar application of which I was very satisfied and I she would like others to know about her. This is the page of the application "" and can also be found in the Play Store for Android

  13. Popescu Georghe said

    Do not go on the Samsung Galaxy S plus and Xiaomi Redmire 2 notes. Cera does not activate video!

  14. Salut.As like to know if something can be done with a camera DLINK DCS5222LB, that mistake I made firmawe updating through WiFi, although it was made asa.Acum room has red light aprins.Am tried to reset but does not happen nimic.Merci fain

  15. I solved with an email sent to D-link, and they sent me the procedure to reinstall the camera.

  16. Hi, I fail to see where videos saved, or what should I do for saving them somewhere. A little help?

  17. Hello guys, Perch stops working, can you recommend something as good? I found some similar software but with a limited number of free hours. Thank you.

  18. Bravo Cristi. I'd like to see you. Is it possible on Email?

  19. How do I take into account that he does not say I do not have the net but I helped pls

  20. How do I take into account that he does not say I do not have the net but I helped pls

  21. costel said

    hi. no more application?

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