Wireless charging for any Smartphone

Hi friends, today I will show you how you can load any wireless phone, using an accessory that is quite affordable.
Wireless Charging Technology allows us to charge your phone or tablet just placing them on the charger without any cables. Standard used when it is called QI Wireless Charging standard that most manufacturers have agreed.
One of the promoters of this technology is Google that the Nexus 4 until now implemented in all mobile wireless charging that they were released. Nokia is also a supporter of technology, making step further, they made the market even loading QI (now took Microsoft).
Samsung has chosen another route, they offer optional phone chargers and rear caps with wireless charging, amateurs can change this option only if they cover.
LG has introduced the LG G3 wireless charging stand at the factory, in which case we need than the charger.
The technology works but is very slow pace of implementation. Hopefully we can change that by acquiring coils transform our wireless phone without charging the phone compatible with this technology.
I compandat on amazon.
(Static load) Ultra-Slim 6mm EC Technology® Qi Wireless Charging Pad Enabled for Nexus 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 (2013) Nokia Lumia 920, Vu2 LG Optimus, HTC Droid DNA and Qi-Enabled Devices All

(Receiver coil) QI Wireless Charging Receiver Universal XCSOURCE film micro-USB for Android Mobile BC318

(For Galaxy mounting under cover) QI Wireless Charging Receiver Module for Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 i9305

If you want to buy the model that connects to USB (like mine), you need to order the appropriate version of the USB port of your phone.

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  1. I do not understand why you are using this technology. I find it useless as long as the plug enters the source is 1 cm distance phone, maybe something for lazy or for those who have broken USB jack. but do not see a major evident please enlighten me if it indeed is a good solution and I do not see it.

    • If you look at things in a whole to realize the benefits of this technology.
      In restaurant when you put the phone on the table, it will be permanently loaded. Imagine such as cables.
      On the train, in the car, backpack, desk, in your pocket, in all places can be mounted chargers will be masked as a kind of infrastructure that can help us solve the issue of autonomy of mobile devices. No matter where you put your phone, it will load.
      Sure, wireless charging is started, but it seems all were first time.

      • tase Tasiana said

        yes brothers .. wireless is improperly said: you need that pad, without that you do nothing. so… I don't put the usb plug in the phone, I put it in that pad, then I put the phone on the pad and ready wirelessu '… the biggest nonsense…. if my phone were loaded. when I would enter a certain perimeter (in the house) with something adapted to the socket and transfer it to my phone. current .. YES, that would be wireless charging

      • Simplify your life is really any good to consider, but I think the time has not come yet and it would be better to wait a little longer to popularize this technology and to do so without any hassle . All in good time.

  2. Costelina said

    yes now I like
    I know that the last tutorial on uploading through a wireless phone I said that it is useless, now changed job.
    Accessories that make a difference (coil) why? Well if you copy music -You; photos and documents
    necessary phone (data cable) from under the cabinet mount coil nice then do not walk to the telephone jack and this way no longer wear (that we know well how fragile and there are universal)
    thank Cristi

  3. mmg1818 said

    It can load and HTC ONE M7?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It seems to charge any smartphone that has a micro usb plug. In addition to the coil shown, you also need the "tray" capable of inducing current through IQ technology.

  4. There are other aspects to be taken into account such as the power consumption of a device inserted into the socket and unused 85% of the time, it consumes a cripple but consume stand for nothing.
    - charging cycles - discharging the battery, if you charge it in any restaurant or train or subway 5 times a day whether it is needed or not, the battery whose life is measured in charging / discharging cycles is damaged. That wouldn't suit me.

  5. Valentin said

    I do not find a reliable device. The simplest is to load the plug, if all use different sockets.

  6. first time I heard this information I totally believed something else, namely that the phone is charging through the waves wifi from router, that was indeed a successful technology! if you invent something, I'll be among the first to buy.

  7. how many mA maximum supply? if even approaches the 1 A have expected a little long to charge a battery exhausted.

    • the specification has 500mA, rather than for a smart phone, not to mention tablete.util however, I would buy if he and the "Romania".

  8. Sounds silly to me. because anyway in Romania there are no places with wierles loading adaptopare. I would like to do something that can be charged through the air via WFI signal without the need to adapt or have the phone contact with the "charger" so to speak. and in addition the drinker is fragile. when there is such a technology I will buy it. so until then I carry the charger after me if it needs not to take up much. and anyway and with wfi charging you have to carry the device with you because in romania there are no places arranged for wfi charging yet

    • if it fries the air to upload, mias can upload car going on the road and so are a thousand years before.

  9. ok

  10. nick5roo said

    Cristi, loading affects NFC?
    Here's a dissecting phone here

    • nick5roo said

      Cristi, an answer please.

      • It goes "almost" normally. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work. If I take out the coil it works very well.
        If the NFC for you is important, you should not use this coil sometimes interfere with NFC.
        We tested only for Android Beam, I have not tested with tags.

  11. I am here in the forum a few fussy irritable ,, ,, kind: this technology is bullshit? ! ; I find it silly? ! ; not worth it?! . Better upload to. . . outlet?! . But what technology you have developed or invented for humanity?

  12. Question ?? How long questioning load a full battery of 0 percent ??? For example, a battery 2600 mA.

  13. Does the IQ receiver not consume the phone's battery? I connected a video camera (DVR) to the phone and it started to charge, so it consumes the phone's battery. In other words, through the charging plug, the phone may lose power. The IQ receiver produces electricity if it receives an electromagnetic flux. It is basically a coil, or if you want, a half transformer (primary or secondary). But if it does not receive electromagnetic flux (it does not sit on the charging pad), but receives electricity (from the phone), then it emits electromagnetic flux, so it consumes the phone's battery. In other words: if it disorients the needle of a compass in the immediate vicinity of the IQ receiver, then it is a problem…

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