Installation M.2 SSD and SSD performance difference vs sshd

Probably by now everyone knows that SSDs are super fast and get along very well with the operating system, which makes it emit "smoke". Surely many of you have already bought your SSD and enjoy its speed and response time.
Today will see how a M.2 SSD is mounted directly on the motherboard or on laptops with free M.2 slot.

Installation M.2 SSD and SSD performance difference vs sshd

What is M.2?
M.2 is a slot where you can connect SSDs, network card wifi and more.
At the moment M.2 comes in two versions:
1. SATA M.2
2. PCI-Express M.2
More about M.2 (wiki)
1. Before you buy SSD, check what type of M.2 you. On M.2 SATA SSDs just go M.2 SATA and PCI-e SSD M.2 just go pci-e.
2. M.2 SATA SSDs have different sizes. SSD tutorial is 2280, that 22mm 80mm width and length. On your laptop or your motherboard may be suffered another dimension (30, 42, 60 110 or millimeters).
3. Not all laptops and motherboards have M.2 slot. Usually the latest may, but is not mandatory.

Installation M.2 SSD and SSD performance difference vs sshd

Installation M.2 SSD and SSD performance difference vs sshd

SSD speed tests had no competition sshd is much too slow for SSD. In addition to being an SSD M.2 not penalized in any speed; Even more, this is faster than MX200 Crucial SSD desktop.
Although very slow, HDD or sshd have the advantage of large capacity, providing storage capacity at low price. That of course will not last long. Technology has got a fantastic rate in recent years and it would be inconceivable that soon to have SSDs 2-3 TB cheaper than hard disk drives because technically, SSDs are significantly faster and cheap when it scales production.
M.2 SSD Benefits?
1. Very compact format
2. The lack of data and power cables
3. Speed ​​comparable to SSDs 2.5
4. Perfect for laptops / tablets
5. SSDs are M.2 PCI-e SATA 5 times faster

Video tutorial - SSD M.2 installation and SSD vs SSHD performance difference
M.2 SSDs - prices I1I7YG41 voucher

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  5. Greuceanu said

    The difference in performance between this type of SSD and a regular SSD suspect that there is little, is the same thing, except that it offers the advantage of size more mici.Am made between SSD and HDD I test the Asus ROG personal laptop G750JS differences They are clear, although my laptop HDD get higher scores for sshd's visible to the article, a pity that we are not able to post and we screenshots, reviews aici.Poate making a change we post we pictures at very small size (maximum 500k say).

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    Please make a tutorial about how Ubuntu or another Linux in dual boot with Windows 10 with UEFI and secure boot enabled (I have an Acer Aspire E5-571G), whether with secure boot enabled can not, must put password Supervisor ? And I will ask for a password every time?

  10. Cristian filled and SSD you with information 80% to see how quickly the longer the tests can be SUPER SSD as if filled with video information in particular is struggling guaranteed and know for sure that we have little experience.

  11. Mr Cristian you all respect from me for everything emoticon you do and being older and entering into turmoil IT technology I have a question that I could replace a laptop Packard Bell BV Model: ALP-Ajax C2 P / N: PB90E04461 S / N: 103973440320 to make it faster, or you look tutorial; Install Android on laptop I've seen it more quickly thank you in advance.

  12. Hi everyone!
    Owning such a PCIe SSD, Samsung SM951 NVMe mpdelul on a motherboard ASUS Z97 PRO GAMER mounted in slot M.2.
    It works at speeds of 730 and 620 respectively (read / write) although the manufacturer and reviews confirm read speeds of up to 2000 Mb / s. I understand that it cannot exceed 700-something because the communication is made on 2 lanes ("lanes"). After many searches I could not find out if the motherboard limits or not this number of bands or if other settings can be made that I miss… It is possible to reach the speed of 1700 - 2000 Mb / s if I mount it with an adapter on the native PCI Express slot?
    Thanks in advance for any information and answers specialty.

    • M.2 slot must be 4 bands (x4) operate at speeds reported for! It is limited by your board basis. Version with PCIe adapter card will take the bands video, reducing its performance. M.2 slot is reserved lanes and hardware, when used, no limits. 3 SATA ports active (in 2 GIGABYTE -6) something that could be solved motherboard chipset recent z170.

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  18. Cristi Hello! I have a question and expect an answer from you (please note that this tutorial is not about) .I changed the HDD with an SSD laptop (, I installed windows 7 ultimate, driver + programs… .all ok, instead windows update doesn't give me any update… ..I give it check for updates and it keeps looking but nothing (it doesn't give any error, but neither any update, at least the options for the Romanian language,). Is it related to the ssd d? (The internet is ok). What do you think about that?

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    can to make your image bootable with Windows? ie not download it off the net
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    and I want to know if and how you can copy or extract an image bootable system you already run
    thank you in advance

  22. Hello . I want to know if my asus laptop G51J II SSD can put this M.2. Thank you.

  23. Hello
    I saw you where you can buy laptop recommend?

  24. Nevajnanunah said

    You did good comparison, I am in big trouble with the HDD, HDD used to me and pulls a linear speed-170mb 190 / sec, a sshd around at 210-230,
    What you SSDs 2.5 straw depends on the model just as M2, but you forgot to ividentiezi one not import just the speed of reading and writing but linear speed and the responsibility, I personally use SSDs Intel and Plextor Mpro Despite of the moment as they speed toward the same Samsung weaker 850Pro them to linear speed and accountability it is much faster.

  25. Hi!
    I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop c855-1v8 and I want to know if I mSATA slot or tell me what program you can use to find out what we slots on the motherboard to the laptop!
    Thank you!

  26. I tested a Samsung SSD nvme-M2 MZPV256, and got fantastic high speeds:
    seqQ3271 - read -2211 write - 1289 Mb / s
    seq - 1658 read and 1299 write
    Atto- read -2135 write - 1266 Mb / s
    but went ONLY Z-170 platform with BIOS update, even so in storage device is not present.
    Boot is only present.
    I mention that I used M2 slot, SSD now wait for another try with them a 0 Raid !!!

  27. Give me a piece of advice I have a PC motherboard
    Asus ROG Maximus Z170 Hero VIII Skylake ATX CPU i56600k
    I want to know is there any difference if I use SSD directly on the motherboard and should use
    Currently I HDD 1t
    120 and 2.5 ssd
    I've seen all sorts of video on the net but I did not understand anything
    Just as the SSD is mounted directly on the motherboard are more expensive and I want to know if it is worth the effort
    PC is used mostly for games ..
    I would like to take a ssd to mount directly on the motherboard just do not have ideas how and where is the best choice ..
    We look Comment

    • SSDs are mounted the motherboard slots M2 are several ways. The most expensive are M2 PCIe, and can have very high speeds.
      The cheapest are M2 SATA, and are as fast as SSDs classic SATA3.
      The most profitable and powerful enough SSDs are classic SATA3.

  28. Hello Where can I see if my laptop has that jack? I have a dell 3542 i7

  29. Hello,

    If I open slot for SSD M.2 can install a laptop with an SSD to HDD M.2 Caddy?
    How do I know if my laptop supports M.2 ssd?

    Thank you!

  30. how dumb OS from HDD to SSD?

  31. Please tell me how I can find out what type of memory SSD am the next laptop: HP Envy 15-u101nq,
    Intel Core CPU @ i7-4510 2.00 GHz Quad core,
    8GB RAM,
    SSD 256GB, manufacturer Standard Disk Drive
    64 bit operating system, processor type x64,
    Disk drive AXNS 381-256GM-B.
    These data we retrieved from device manager.

    I want to know how many memory slots have and how many of them are populated to populate them with all appropriate type of memory.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Search up in the search box on the right "Speccy" press the Enter key and you will find a presentation of this software, made by us, which will help you get this information

  32. Hello. I address Mr. Cristian Cismaru. I appreciate your technical knowledge and therefore appeal to your kindness to try to clarify what others have failed. I bought a laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 700-15ISK with Intel® Core ™ i5-6300HQ. It comes with internal mechanical HDD, the SATA3.
    However, optionally, the manufacturer has provided a PCI express slot for internal M.2. I bought a SSD for PCIe M.2 (Plextor SSD Series M8PeGN 128GB PCI Express x4 M.2 2280) and I installed the operating system. I can not access the BIOS unless M.2 out of the slot. It is not seen that device. What should I do to have your normal laptop? I can not insert a bootable stick because I did not like. You may find some explanations. I have correspondence that the service from the store and told me not compatible percent SSD laptop. I find it elsewhere.
    Please send a specialist.Multumesc.

  33. Hi guys, I also have a problem can someone help me… after 3 days of tutorial searches and 100 attempts, I failed to install a windows 7 on a ssd m2… I need windows 7 and the laptop has only ssd m2. Do you think you can do a tutorial on this topic or give me some suggestions? I don't know how to put the driver on the usb with the windows stick… Thanks in advance!

  34. Ion Olteanu said

    I have an ACER Aspire 5 A515-44-R3PN laptop, AMD Ryzen 3 4300U up to 3.7GHz, 15.6 ″ Full HD, 8GB, 256GB SSD, AMD Radeon Graphics, Free DOS, silver. If I put a 256 or 500 GB PCie SSD on it, I can store various data, files, etc. on it.
    Thank you.

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