PC configuration and inexpensive Intel SSD Skylake

Hi friends, today is the turn of a cheap PC configurations and balanced.
PC configuration is based on Intel Skylake, which is the latest generation of processors from Intel, using technology manufacturing 14nm. This means that processors are more powerful and more economical, thus cooler.
Our system can be used for gaming, if you attach optional video card, I left it at the end. I can not say it Best PC GamingBut safety is a very capable System, especially with Nvidia GTX950.
Honestly I lay in wait this time, Intel launched the range Skylake more accessible; because Intel-based system last SkylakeIt came out a little expensive, but also extremely powerful.

PC configuration and inexpensive Intel SSD Skylake

What I used to set up the system?
1. Intel Pentium processor with HyperThreading G4400 is i3, but with enough power for any task. Probably not a i5 or i7, but is much cheaper than these.
2. The motherboard is the Asus and is equipped with everything he needs user, unpretentious and avant-garde features.
3. SSD is from San Disk, a producer who knows something about Nand flash, storage and controller firmware, only the most respected manufacturer of memory cards.
4. The memory is from Patriot, a 4 × 2 Giga kit, to go a dual channel (doubled bandwidth).
5. The source is from Corsair, a decent source and 10 times better sources than stock on ready-made systems.
Optional Gamers have put in a configuration Nvidia GTX950 plate that is not absolutely necessary. I told you, is only for gaming enthusiasts. Normally, your PC will function without the video card, because the processor has its own integrated graphics.
Intel® Pentium ™ G4400, 3.30GHz, Skylake, 3MB, Socket 1151, Box
Patriot Memory Viper 3 8GB (2x4GB) DIMM, DDR3, 1600MHz, CL9, 1.5V, XMP
Motherboard ASUS D110 H3M-A, Socket 1151
Solid State Drive (SSD) SanDisk Z400s, 2.5 ″, 128GB, SATA III
Source Corsair VS-Series CP-EU 9020096, 450 W, Active PFC, ATX 2.31, 12 cm fan, Black
Spike Cougar housing Black, Mini Tower, without power, Black
Optionally, for gamers:
Asus video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX OC Strix 950 GAMING, 2048MB, GDDR5, 128bit, 2 x DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort

Video tutorial - Cheap PC setup with Intel Skylake processor and SSD

Intel's latest system based on Skylake

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  1. Good evening! I have a suggestion of tutorials or series of tutorials:

    Powers makes a series of tutorials on programming in C / C ++ with Code Blocks? Or a series about AutoCAD 2015? I should very much in college

    Anyway, congratulations for the work so far!

  2. Suggestion tutorial / article comparison between PC and laptop.

    • It's hard to make a comparison as processors, memories and graphics cards are not equivalent. Sure, there are powerful laptops that exceed a desktop environment. For example, my laptop (Acer Aspire VN7), exceeds all chapters desktop I write now. However, with desktop feel a little better.my laptop (Acer Aspire VN7)
      Soon I'll do a demo, which will run popular games on the laptop.
      The fact is that current laptops have greatly advanced.

      • I was not interested in games, makes me appreciate more pc's convenience in use, you can move the keyboard and monitor on the table as you want. I3 me a thank me plus an SSD. Good tutorial prefer N200 Cooler Master case.

  3. Cristi I would like a tutorial about bitcoin and what product is profitable for bitcoin mining, what is now profitable? ...

  4. Hi Cristi. I have a net from digi of 1000 mb / s. What gigabit router, would you recommend?. If you can please do a tutorial often for gigabit routers. thank you very much…

  5. to remain still at the stage of computer office.
    you can not play with this processor last appearances (full hd?). God forbid
    you put the last card from NVIDIA I believe it has 10 fps.
    so loud I fear those memories is not supported by the motherboard? Patriot Christ?

    • This processor, with the "optional" GTX950 video card can run any game at normal settings, without AA, AF and other pixel sweetening methods.
      A i7 is 6700 800% more expensive, but only 50-70% better in games.
      Sure, in other tasks, like video editing, transcoding, archiving, graphics, etc., an i7 6700 is much better, but in gaming

  6. congratulations for the tutorials! I've been following you for a long time, but I still want to ask what is the point of such tutorials at least nowadays? desktops..are a thing of the past… since we were younger mici I don't even know who uses them anymore and what's the point of buying one… .almost any laptop today is just as powerful, it costs a little , it's small and portable. I personally have an ASUS F550 series of 600 euros on which I can run any game possible and impossible ..and I am not disappointed so far…

    • To be honest with you, if you do not give any 5000 lei on a laptop, do not use the stuff more serious or gaming; While a desktop to any 2500 you out.
      The monitors are much better than a laptop screen: accuracy, resolution and color uncle response time.
      Dedicated keyboard is more comfortable than that of a laptop, plus after a long leap frog the laptop keys.
      Laptop storage possibilities are limited internal space. Desktop can burduşeşti him with HDDs
      We should recognize, however, that laptops have greatly advanced. Over 4000-5000 lei keyboards have decent, somewhat decent screens, powerful processors, etc. But this at a price slightly higher. Still expecting better sound card, speakers decent cooling systems more intelligently designed, back near the touchpad buttons, better autonomy for powerful laptops.
      Laptop and desktop each have their place on your desk or purse. Each uses precisely what is needed.

  7. Thank you both for Cristian Adrian responses, prompt and I gigabit.adrian router gigabit network card and processor i5 as information [additional] .noapte good all

  8. Catalin Botezatu said

    I would like to buy these components:
    Asrock motherboard 970 Pro3 R2.0, AM3 + socket, AMD Chipset 970, 3.0 USB, ATX
    Kingston HyperX memory Fury Blue 8GB DDR3 1866 CL10 MHz Dual Channel Kit
    AMD FX X8 8300, AM3 + cores 8, 3.3 GHz frequency, L3 8MB Cache, TDP 95W, Box
    Plus Zalman housing Z3
    From my old PC to keep a better video 630 GeForce GT; SSD 60, 1 TB HDD, and a source 420 coils W.
    PS: I am a novice and I would think in particular about motherboard compatibility with RAM. (If you stay at that frequency).
    And if it's worth what you presented to you?

  9. Hello
    you know how to recover the skype password I am still logged in but at a system format it is also deleted if you have a solution… .thank you.

  10. You forgot to put a HDD to cart TB even the 1 and 950 GTX video card the better 128bit buy a 256biti AMD, AMD is over nvidia my opinion.

  11. I i7 processor was last taken before the SYLK aapare. and base plate asrok if I spelled correctly. The base plate is iefitna range of ports 2 3.0 3.0 behind and in front 1. NVIDIA's video card and I 800 4s gb branched and are very pleased with him. We tested games like GT 4 and decent moves. Well it's not gaming yes I wanted to see how lead. PCU's Miria live v35

  12. Dumitrei if you maintain that net 1000 mb / s of optical fiber RDS that means you enter the house directly.
    if indeed it is the ZTE epecial touter grain fiber optic ptr, speaking of bands ala know receives mug naturally in custody.
    If you live at home and have a modem, buy yourself a TP-LINK 300 m wifi and that's that, anyway 1000 mb / s does not exist: it would be the height of 10G to download a fishier in 10 seconds

    • @Okas: 1000megabits / second = 125MegaBytes / second download speed. How 125MB / s can be achieved in ideal conditions to say that 100MB / s would be the correct speed. A file is downloaded 10GB at that speed in about 100 seconds, not 10.

  13. I really Okas that ZTE modem via a router but you did not download files with 25 mb / s but with 10 mb / s.de those gigabit.intra I asked a router on the website of RCS-RDS, and see that they have speeds between 300-1000 mb / s. Now with the cable plugged into the PC download files with 25-30 mb / s.si uploading it is better now compared to when we were connected through that router 300mb.Sper the team cleared.

  14. Good 500 euros in Italy configuration that cost over 1000 euros

  15. It may seem stupid question, 2 Threads processor tutorial and this process has obviously older and weaker, Intel's 6300 has none. It means that this process of tutorial and the latest -22nm- even if they only 2 4's kind of Cores Cores? especially if you do not want to do hatches heavy, as you mentioned, I mean the power, performance and want to do 4-5 hatches once he, for example, look on youtube, facebook, download anything, install anything, eventually you have an audio-video chat. or grab a chicken on a stick, obviously not doing this continuously but want to know about that can not in real life tests.

  16. Socket configuration what it is best to buy now, or 1150 1151? I do not refer only to this configuration but in general so. 1150 or 1151?

    • The latest generation of Intel socket Skylake came again 1151. The last generation, it is understandable that they are the most performance processors and chipsets.
      That does not mean that the former generation Intel Haswell no longer profitable. You can find the best price processors and motherboards at a better price.
      Intel Skylake are merie with 5-15% higher performance than the equivalent Intel Haswell.

  17. Solid State Drive (SSD) OCZ ARC 100, 2.5 ″, 120GB, SATA III, of curiosity, this ssd is not better than the one in the tutorial?

  18. Hi cristi, I would also have a question if you can help me, I have a laptop hp pavilion g6 I would like to change its ram memory to 8 gb my question would be: can I put any other 8 gb memory or do I need a compatible one from same manufacturer… Thanks waiting for reply

    • Theoretically you could replace the current memory with any memory at the same frequency. In practice there may be some problems. Best, go to the forums and see what memories have mounted other users on the same laptop.

    • 1 If you can't find exactly what memory you have in it, you can completely remove the one you have and put a kit (2 ram cards) or directly an 8 GB one. Search the laptop manufacturer's website and ark.intel.com for what memory it supports and try to get it as high as possible, especially if you rely on the integrated graphics in the processor. 3 see that the memory you already have in it can be removed. 4 if the plate you have cannot be removed, take something similar to the one you have from the same manufacturer, ie the frequency, voltage… Maybe the ones from pcgarage or emag can be pre-ordered or maybe you know another store. It's not who knows what but you see that the memories are compatible, don't take ddr4 if it supports ddr3, don't put more than it supports, put the operating system on 64 bit, if I think better you have to know something if not more well turn to a man who knows or even an online store

  19. salut.pt to be used as media-movies, music, net is a sufficient, optimal unit? would you recommend anything else? use as a tv monitor. it would be an interesting topic… what gadget to use for the media, so to speak, ie desktop, laptop or mini pc

    • I documented myself, it's a good processor, and I doubted myself first, look what programs are using and see if it goes on this processor because obviously go up to a limit

  20. Hi Cristi! This is the configuration of my home pc… it is a very old and weak configuration from 2006 or 2005 I don't know exactly. I have a question what better components can be used with this motherboard (I want to change the processor, frames, video card, monitor, probably the source) I hope you find some time to answer my question. understood what I meant I want the best possible components that are compatible with this motherboard. Thank you in advance and below you have the link to the technical specifications of the pc (or "mill" at the moment as you want to call it) .

  21. Cristi hello, I did coonfigurarea, but I dropped the HDD. I mounted the motherboard CPU and ramie.
    hardu sees surprise when I want it just does not see windowsu install Particle. I heard that they go to the SATA AHCI scrimb but can not find how to do ???

  22. Gabriel Georgescu said

    Hello Cristi, performance benefits if I stop i3 sk 2100 1155 2011 year. If so what percentage. thanks

  23. Cristi Hello, I would like some advice if you can. I own an older PC (Gigabyte GA-vm900m, Intel Core Duo processor bus e4400 2ghz s.800 775 2 mb memory elixir × 2 512 5300 pc667 mb graphics card ATI Radeon memory x1550 512), this story makes a RAM and video card 2 to crack every day. Initially I wanted to buy this system, but using it just for browsing, movies, going to change my video card and RAM. Sapphire AMD Radeon HD video card 5450, 1024MB, DDR3, 64bit, HDMI, DVI, VGA, and RAM Corsair Cooling Silent 2048MB DDR2, 667MHz worth the upgrade or change the system? Thank you

  24. Dorel Dumitru said

    Hello Cristi, intrebare.Am bother with a recommended system built in tutorial with small differences (housing and Source) without video card, but I added a SanDisk SSD hdd 1TB.Amvrificat z400s and HDD with HD Tune and noticed temperatures ssd different C = 40 30 C.Intrebarea and my hdd is whether, and if you give me advice. With esteem and respect

  25. I'm not saying it out of spite but you choose it like that in the case… if it happens for ssd it's good if it's not good again, if you have to put on gloves to walk in the case don't cut yourself again it's good and I'm kidding but you understand, you say that it's good with the source down but again you choose at random etc. A budget of about 200RON is decent. Let's say you get a 90RON case where you have to buy support for ssd instead of choosing a directly equipped one. Cooler Master N200 is a plus example that if you remove the front panel, the wired part does not come out

  26. cristi699 said

    Hello Cristi, please recommend me to me a good CPU cooler FX8350 because the stock is too noisy and the processor is kinda hot.

  27. Hello Cristi! I'm bothering you with a question. I also bought the system you made in video but without the video card. Do you think the source and other components support an ASUS NVIDIA GTX 1070, 8GB, GDDR5, 256bit? Or do I have to change something?

  28. Thank you very much! Some friends I asked said that there is no chance that it will work and that I need a 7-800W source… Thank you very much for the work you do and for your patience to explain it to us. Beautiful day!

  29. Alexandru Trofin said

    I have the following desktop: HP Pro 3400 (i3-2120 3.3Ghz H61 Express chipset, HP motherboard compatible with LGA1155 proc. HP model)

    I would like to make some improvements, namely to add a 240GB SSD (Kingston A400, 240GB SATA3), 1x8GB RAM DDR3-1866 (HyperX FURY Black 8GB, DDR3,1866MHz, CL10,1.5V) + xI16 PCIe video card in addition to the integrated one HD 2000 (Gigabyte GeForce GT710, 2GB, GDDR5, 64-bit). These new parts are compatible and you can use them safely for upgrade or what else would you recommend? and I would like to add another reliable 550W source I think, what can you recommend to my current system after the upgrade?

    Thank you very much and sorry for the long message.

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