Install Windows 11 ON ANY COMPUTER - and old PCs without TPM

Install Windows 11 ON ANY COMPUTER

What is the Windows 11 installation tutorial on any computer about?

In this video tutorial we will see how to do a Windows 11 installation on any computer. It doesn't matter if your PC has a TPM or not.

Minimum requirements for Windows 11

It is known that Microsoft has stricter minimum requirements for Windows 11. Thus, in order to install the new operating system, we must meet a few minimum requirements.

Minimum Windows 11 requirements:

  1. Processor with a minimum frequency of 1 Ghz
  2. Minimum 4 GB RAM
  3. Storage at least 64 GB free
  4. DirectX 12 capable graphics
  5. TPM 2.0
  6. UEFI with secure boot

Among the minimum requirements that confuse us are: the TPM, which you can't find on older PCs, and the UEFI with secure boot.

How do we overcome the limitations of installing Windows 11?

To block the installation of Windows 11 on computers that do not meet the minimum requirements, Microsoft has introduced some software "barriers" in the ISO image.

Fortunately, these "barriers" can be removed quite easily, using to make the stick with Windows 11, a "special" version of Rufus.

Rufus 3.16 Beta 2 - the application with which we cross barriers

Although most of us have PCs good enough to run Windows 11, we are still not allowed to do that.

In order to overcome the software barriers planted by Microsoft in the ISO image, we will use a special version of Rufus, namely Rufus 3.16 Beta 2.

Download Rufus 3.16 Beta 2

How to make usb stick with Windows 11 for older PCs?

  1. Prepare the USB stick and connect it to the PC
  2. Download ISO image of Windows 11
  3. Launch Rufus 3.16 Beta 2
  4. Select the stick
  5. Select the ISO image with Windows 11
  6. Open the “Advanced” settings and Select the “Extended” installation mode
  7. Press start…

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Video Tutorial - Install Windows 11 ON ANY COMPUTER

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  1. Cristi, as an idea… .. the world no longer has to download version 3.16BETA, because they have implemented (the Windows 11 installation option without SecureBoot, without TPM, the lack of limitation is 8GB) and in version 3.16 FINAL…. and my opinion is that it is better to use the final version in which various bugs from the previous version were also fixed.

  2. Mr. Cristian, I want to ask you if the drivers from windows 10 to windows 11 will work, because I have a 250 g5 hp laptop. Thank you!

  3. Good version with rufus, saves you from changing through the registers. I also made a stick with rufus the final version and it worked. It works and installed, but for now I don't give up windows 10. I don't have a compatible PC and maybe along the way the ones from microsoft will change their minds and eliminate from their idiotic requirements.

  4. Christ, ph said

    I found another method to install win 11 clean, I leave an address and please watch when you have time for the video.
    You don't have to post me if you don't think it's worth it.
    I installed it on an old PC and it works perfectly, it also updates, etc.

    DON'T upgrade to Windows 11 - Do this instead:

  5. Hi give me this error: Uninstall this now beacause it isn't compatible with Win 10

  6. Matei Preda said

    After I installed Windows 11 cleanly (with formatting and all), and later I returned to Windows 10 from a backup previously made with Acronis True Image 2021 (full backup correct), 10 did not boot. I suspect that partition of a few hundred mega that is created after formatting and that I think is different (different content) in the two Windows. If you can enlighten me a little, it would not be bad for me and for those who encounter this problem when returning from a backup. I clearly used the bootable Acronis (recovery medium) for this operation several times.

    • I recovered windows 10 and I had windows 11, it worked very well. Backup program using EaseUs Todo Backup Free is very good.

    • from the bios delete the partitions and format, then restore back up. also when backing up includes the boot partition (not just the C partition)

  7. hello Cristi but the rufus beta 2 version is removed from their site, what do we do?

  8. You didn't say anything about the update, can they be received or not?
    If you install a windows and do not receive the necessary updates I did nothing.

  9. I had windows 11 cleanly installed. I made a stick with rufus the final version and it went, I saw that it also received updates. I don't have a compatible PC, I can, if I need to activate only secure boot, but with the stick made with rufus, I don't need it anymore. After only three days of using windows 11 I recovered windows 10 from backup. Honestly, I was not so happy with win 11 and maybe along the way Microsoft will give up their idiotic requirements. If not in 2 years I will change the PC and that's it. I use easeus todo backup free version for backup and it works very well.

  10. Laurel Ciuca said

    Matei Preda is right that after restoring the backup with windows 10 it no longer boots after you cleanly install (format) windows 11. Now I am forced to install windows 10 from scratch, but I lost absolutely everything and I think not I can recover nothing from the personal archives that I had in the same partition with windows 10 and that I forgot to manually copy to the other partition. I used easeus todo backup. Can someone explain who better understands why this is happening so that people know what to expect if they want to install windows 11 cleanly. So that you don't suffer like me, you manually copy everything that is important on another storage medium or on another partition if you have one. Is it something intentional (malicious code) from Microsoft for officially unsupported computers?

  11. I see comments that it no longer boots windows 10 after restore from backup. I had windows 11 and after three days I gave it up. I restored windows 10 from backup and it worked perfectly, it booted without problems. I have been using EaseUs todo backup free for a long time and it works very well. You may not have properly selected to restore the backup.

  12. I downloaded that leak version in June, took the install.esd file from it, which I simply put in place of the one in another iso image with windows 10. It worked perfectly and you can use the image even on dvd, without absolutely any problem. Of all the solutions I saw presented on the net, this one with install.esd seemed to me the most elegant.

  13. Please do not laugh for this question: do I need any activation key after installation?

  14. Please email rufus 3.16 beta 2 Thank you very much.

  15. Hello, please send and thank me.

  16. I received a blue screen error when creating the stick with windows 11 using rufus with the extended option, I mention that I have secure boot and tpm 2.0 enabled from the bios, apart from the processor it is compatible with all requirements, intel pentium g4400, I even have an electronic license, windows official download

  17. Lucian Georgescu said

    Hi Cristi! Thank you for the work you have put in to make our new life easier.
    However, I have a question in mind: could you put a link where you can download Rufus 3.16 beta 2? Because in the link you put there is no such option: and I understood that without it one cannot go on. And from other sites it is much more complicated.
    Thank you.

  18. George stamatin said

    don't give me rufus bete 2 give me 3.16 arm exe I don't have beta 2

  19. Versions of Rufus 3.16, 3.17 do not work correctly on a system with windows 7. It does not display the line with "image option". I don't know if it's the same on windows 8 but whoever has an older system with an older windows must make their win 11 stick to a friend who has windows 10. Only on windows 10, Rufus works correctly.


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