Presentation OnePlus One, the killer of expensive handsets

Hi friends, after waiting a few good days, today will present Oneplus One, the phone that wants to bring maximum performance at decent prices for those who can not afford a Htc One M8, S5 Galaxy, Sony Xperia or LG G3 Z3.
Even if Oneplus One is cheaper, does not mean it is weaker or poorly finished the contrary, Oneplus One looks better than many leading smartphones that cost almost double. The most often are found in the price of products and business expenses, wages, losses, failed investments, etc. Oneplus wants to bring to market One model without hidden costs, just the price of production plus a profit margin. In the past Google has shown that they can make efficient and inexpensive products. When the market was filled with tablets 2000 lei with asus Google managed to do just 7 199 nexus dollars (700 lei).
What is Oneplus One?
One model is the first Chinese manufacturer Oneplus (kinda confusing). Oneplus is a new company founded which is related with the Oppo, a company that has released several highly acclaimed models.
How good is Oneplus one?
A concrete answer but I can not now give the first feedback is extremely positive and the phone seems to have problems with the signal (LG G3) .Realistic speaking, I need at least a few days to realize, not a review can do in 2 -3 days, no time even for tests autonomy 3 days. Stop doing wrong to recommend something before I test, LG G3 I kinda cheated at first sight.
In any case I will tell you a few specs to realize that Onplus One is as well equipped as any expensive phone (at a lower price).
SOC (chipset) Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 to 2.5GHz Quad-core CPU, Adreno graphics 330 to 578MHz, 3 GB RAM LP-DDR3 to 1866 Mhz.
LTPS IPS 5.5 ″ 1920 × 1080 (401 PPI) Gorilla Glass 3 screen with TOL (touch on lens), all layers are glued together for a more pleasant experience and better contrast.
13 Megapixel rear photo-video sensor - Sony Exmor IMX 214 with 4k filming and 4k DCI (4K cinema at 24 fps), 1920 × 1080 @ 30fps, 1280 × 720 @ 30 and 120 fps, 6-lens optical group to eliminate distortion and chromatic aberrations, f / 2.0 diffraction. Shooting slow motion 120 fps at 720p.
5 Megapixel front photo-video sensor - wide angle for super selfies, Full HD shooting
Connectivity: Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G / 5G) 802.11 b / g / n / ac, mobile data 2G GSM Bands: 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz, 3G UMTS: Band: 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 8 and 4G LTE: Bands: 1 / 3 / 4 / 7 / 17 / 38 / 40, 4.0 Bluetooth, NFC, wireless display, USB OTG
Location: GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS (Russian system of satellites)
Power: Battery mAh LiPo 3100, fast loading, charger 5v @ 2000mAh
Audio: dual mono speakers, microphones 3 set to reduce background noise efficiently
Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity and Ambient Light, Digital Compass, Barometer
Memory: 16 / 64 5.0 GB EMMC (very good speed reading and writing)
Software: CyanogenMod, Color, MIUI and others (very suitable for lovers phone flashing)
As you can see specs look great, as well as any other phone brands in the market.
If future we will see how it behaves killer, see if you can handle better than LG G3I hope so because I've already paid.
One Oneplus prices
In a few days I will post a full review Oneplus One, until then it is possible to do some tutorials related to recovery, change rom, root and others.
If you are interested in something in this phone, please tell me in the comments section and I will tell you what you want to know.

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  1. Costelina said

    Cristi welcome
    I like the phone but it has pluses and minuses
    pluses: very very stylish, well finished, the screen right; I was most impressed RAM and
    .iarasi processor I think the camera is super worth the money.
    minuses: the charger cable - it's a bit strange, I don't know if you'll find anything in case you have to replace it as well as the battery from what I saw (maybe I didn't see well) the phone doesn't have a cover, or if it has a battery it is not separated from the cover.
    I want to see and the next tutorial about Oneplus One

  2. Ha ha ha! said

    The only thing that will kill this phone is the company that created it.

  3. Hi I'm glad you mentioned that some problems Lg g3 I've had and I returned back screen always gives you nothing is spectacular heats message when you can not give more than 90% brightness even matter what you do on about the same time he is slightly warm not to vb perpetrated n7 screen is very bright and nearly always gotta stay over 70% brightness .. you still have it or you return ??? We look forward to the next review on this one + thank you for sharing with us a little bit of technology videotutorial's greetings and best !!!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you were a little more attentive to the presentation of LG G3 you had to know that the phone we were offered tests for review by a shop. After the presentation is logical that we had to return the product.
      Luckily my colleague bought Oneplus One, own purchase.

    • Design superior to G3.
      Display superior to G3.
      Photo Camero high, especially in low light.
      I had no problems with the signal.
      Oneplus One is superior to autonomy, but has a display with a lower resolution.

  4. Hello. Where did you buy your phone?

  5. you like to lengthen soup
    You began to steal electricity, the second that I unsubscribe
    you have not bought curtains. can you make a tutorial how to mount curtains
    mess to you is, how the money will give pigs
    had to mentionetzi curiosity price as you bought that not all have paypal account
    I saw on your site nice things, amazing news, you were among the first to explain what bitcoins are, what more can I say was your number 1 ………… but ??????
    __numai good and a good day

    • The price of the phone is 1900 lei and is bought in Romania.
      Can you understand you wrong.
      Please leave your "nauseating" tone at home next time, we are not here on Facebook or messenger.
      If you want to unsubscribe, you can do it directly in the emails you received a link to unsubscribe.

      • And curtain so you can do crazy :))). Tell us more about this phone screen not only from what they see shiny surface, do not say they do not have protection but do not think it compares with the visibility of the shade from the sun or if it mat. The speakers should be better in front than on the back or side? Disco sound but you do not come to you but numa removed. Maybe you'll explain after we head to the optimal resolution based on diagonal size even monitor, laptop, tablet. Advantages and disadvantages depending on the technology, performance screen .. Suntec best, normal as each one comes to say the opposite

      • The version of 16Gb?

        • It Oneplus One white 64 Gb internal memory.
          I know it sounds weird, everyone thought the white version had 16GB of memory and if you wanted 64GB, you had to buy the "Sandstone Black" color. It seems that this is not the case, both colors can be purchased with 16 or 64GB of internal memory.

    • Let spark that do good work. you upset about nothing. These tutorials are good presentation. not all have more money and buy a phone even if they know in advance what to give money. them .. so we've seen neither before nor know how exactly and you trezenti it's not how you want. and 19 million money.
      tutorials are very rare indeed but still man's time and makes it free (for visitors).

      When you can keep going with the tutorial ip camera. I'm interested in connecting poe.
      and on these analog ones it would be interesting to present the connectivity. bnc cables, utp. impedance difference between bnc and utp - active / passive video balun. signal amplifiers…
      I really want to put my firm and a company specializes's pretty expensive.

      Thank you for your presentation.

  6. interested in a final review .. autonomy is the main .. let my curiosity, to see how it behaves overall!

  7. constantin said

    Cristi or Adrian would like to ask if there is any solution to increase storage TRESORIT I can because I now have an account with 5gb and if I could get to 50gb. Thanks and waiting for an answer.

  8. Greuceanu said

    Since S5 example was in some offers (version 16GB) 1950 2000-lei'd like to know your opinion about the comparison of One Plus One and Galaxy S5.
    Thank you!

    • The difference between a phone with 16 GB internal memory and one GB 64 is great.
      First you install more applications and the second row of the speed of read / write much more that helps to viewing pictures / movies or reading files without little lag. Even if you use Micro SD memory cards, they are very expensive and not approaching the speed of internal memory. Advantages are, we'll talk about them next time.

      • Greuceanu said

        That is, although I now own notes 3, but 32Gb internal memory and a high-speed card still 32GB (UHS-I) between applications and multimedia card and the internal memory I do not see differences in lag, but again I have a Micro SD card more expensive, more efficient.
        I would not change at all with the Notes 3 OnePlus One at the moment, we discuss why, but I'm interested in buying a smartphone for another family member not to exceed 2000 lei as possible and my girl smiles variant a lot!
        Why wait and review the following with OnePlus One and opinions on comparisons with similar phones as performance and price.
        Thank you!

  9. Hello, I and eumo small problem. I reinstalled windows 8 because I had a problem, and now I have it but I found a small solution. When Windows buteaza, my pc restarts and automatic repair does not work until you enter in advance gun but I have no idea how SSW get faster 20 of resets (as was f8 but now it goes) help.

  10. FEANI Aegle said

    I recommend Greuceanu lg g pro 2 a phone as powerful as it removable battery and card slot atop it's like to get and cheaper than this one plus one LG sells general amount of 1800 lei.
    What reccomend is look carefully and you buy phones made by brands just appeared as if there are problems they are more difficult to change and guarantee's a little problematic
    So my advice is to always choose a brand like LG, Samsung etc because these companies can give you support and warranty in case of problems
    As a final conclusion, I do not see what's so great that one plus one when there are phones like lg g pro 2 not nothing less than him and are about the same price in our country
    Cristi So I can not understand why you Alesta this phone

  11. Cristi, what do you think of Xiaomi Mi4?

  12. Cristian Ovidiu said

    Hello Cristian,

    I like your article. I have one question. Where can I buy myself such a phone ?!

    Thanks in advance for reply

  13. sal,
    As the vast majority have a smart tv, I kindly ask you to tell us about encrypted files Time Machine LG models.
    When you want to record a favorite show, the cost after you have done this you can not capture that on PC watch because files are encrypted with extensions (IDX, STR, THM) and can not be opened at all.
    With these files can be converted in mkv format or any format that lets you watch any media player?
    Thank you!
    PS: if you have an answer, I expect the mail.

  14. Hello Cristi. You can do a tutorial in which to form a gaming system on AMD platform with good value for money? Multumec.

  15. Just because it is a good phone at a low price stores scumballs employers have realized this and have them take care to do bun.Cel cheaper price is 1600.Unde Tepes are you ladies? Probably acquired abroad price is lower.

  16. Hello Cristi. I'm interested to buy this phone but I saw that still does not have a wide range of GSM bands, 3g, 4g etc. Yet I found a tutorial on XDA interesting. Show how to activate and other bands. I think maybe you can throw an eye on it and maybe do a tutorial. I am in France but I think a tutorial like that would be useful to many people. Thanks

  17. caramida01 said

    It is worth taking a Z1 Compact Xperia 1600 price of lions?

  18. Matrix Ady said

    Hi… what can you tell us about the phone THL5000… .pls… .I saw a reviw with S5, THL5000 and One plus

  19. I ordered OnePlus 64G the official website with an invitation made on eBay ($ 18). I could not get it directly in Romania. I used a website that provides shipping address of UK or US.
    It was worth the wait. Show and moves awesome.

  20. caramida01 said

    It is worth taking a Z1 Xperia Compact with 1600 lions?

  21. The good news oneplusone without invitation

  22. Victor Moraru said

    Howdy . Can you help me and me with some advice, what would you choose between OnePlus X and ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551ML


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