Sony UWP D11, lavalier wireless YouTuber

Hi friends, today I will present Sony UWP D11 a wireless lavalier microphone that comes with a host of features, functions which places it Sennheiser EW lavalier just over 112-P G3 (G3 owners will not agree).
Sony UWP D11 is a kit consisting of a transmitter, a receiver, lavalier microphone and cables required to connect a camcorder to a recorder or a mixer.
From the beginning I must say that this wireless kit is extremely well built, reminds me of the years 90 professional pagers. The casing is made entirely of metal, buttons and jacks are withdrawn have all thread, not to inadvertently disconnect any cables during recording.
This lavalier would resist even if a car passes over it. Resistance of these devices is essential because sites are designed to work on the ground in various conditions.
The sound quality will feel in the second tutorial, the first part was filmed with the camera using Nikon D5200 integrated microphone, the second part was filmed everything with Nikon D5200 and the microphone was Sony. No change was not made, the sound is exactly as it was recorded.
The price of this kit is wireless high enough for the average user, which is why I can not recommend it for everyone. Normally an ordinary user can get quality sound using a microphone voiceover, which is much cheaper and which sounds even better. Samson C01U can recommend a microphone that you use every time you make a screenshot tutorial.
Tutorial presentation C01U Samson, a microphone much cheaper.
Some time after I made the tutorial in which we presented microphone Samson have presented another microphone, this time it's kind shutgun a very sensitive microphone that performs best out outdoors.
Presentation HTDZ HT-320 microphone, audio performance accessible
I can not say I do not recommend this lavalier is great, unfortunately it is much more than an average budget.
But I can recommend (Sony UWP D11) who want to start work on youtube and need sound quality and mobility, elusive things with a microphone type shutgun (Rode VideoMate Pro). Shutgun type microphones are designed for filming outside, where there is no echo.
Not one to leave any links to the Sony UWP D11, this kit is not for everyone, however I will leave some links in to the microphones that are quality and which can provide a sound.
USB Studio Microphone BEHRINGER C-1U (Clean sound volume small native require volume boost)
Studio Microphone AKG P-USB 120 (Warm sound, perfect for radio voiceover)
Studio Microphone RODE Podcaster (Sound exceptionally preferred radio)
AKG lavalier microphone wirelesss WMS420 Presenter (Events, presentations, church scene)

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  1. Hi Christ, I have a problem. it is not related to the one you presented above… .but please help me… .I bought an sd card with 8gb adapter today, and when I got home I noticed that instead of 8gb… I only have 1.45 gb…. I formatted it… it didn't work the same way it looks to me… please give me some advice or what to do…
    Thank you in advance!
    PS: You have some very good tutorials!

    • You came home and you put the card in what?
      You put in you PC or connected to the device (photo, video, audio, phone).
      Login Computer Management and see to drive unless you have unallocated space.

  2. Lavalier very good sound from it, but for me it's kind of expensive, costing about 3000 lei. But please tell me which is the best method of recording sound on a Canon DSLR. I understand that I can use Nikon and the settings are different.
    Maybe you have a few recommendations of microphones, secret tips.
    Thank you

    • Canon We had, indeed settings that are different and you should feel after tests repetatr. The urge to use headphones when listening to records.
      As a tip:
      You can use the Magic Lantern, it is a custom firmware for Canon DSLR devices that boot from the SD card.
      Magic Lantern Tutorial
      Magic Lantern can stop AGC, which produces hissss the annoying background.
      Find a setting where you have good volume and background noise as low as possible (if possible at all). Now you have the volume quite low, so you need to have in microphone preamp good.
      I recommend you:
      Rode VideoMate Pro
      Shure VP 83
      You can also use an external recorder and editing to replace the captured recorder With the sound (after sync).
      Can I recommend and recorder:
      Zoom H1 (less)
      Zoom H5 (more options)
      If you have any questions you can write here on the comments.

  3. caisinDonici said

    interesting, but I want to ask you when you do a tutorial video recorder onboard automobile because you promised. thank you

  4. I got home and put it in my laptop ..I just wanted to put some pictures in it… .and when I looked I had only 1.45 gb instead of 8 gb

  5. Adrian Gudus said

    Many Tepe were given and give further with Chinese lousy producer under a name that nobody heard. It touts selling heavily at cards on ebay or amazon who claim to have 64 or 32 GB when in fact fake sites are only a few MB. Do not buy products from any stall on the corner especially if the manufacturer name is one dubious or not you've never heard.
    Also great attention to products that have the label name brands that meet the font and color of the original brand but missing a point or more in name or has a name very similar to the original brand.
    For example Sony's brand original and fake comply original brand color and font just called Suny or Soany

  6. Well, I bought the card from Germanos, and the product company is Kingmax… ..and the card clearly says 8 gb… the sale price was 35 lei

  7. I'll try . Many thanks for the tip!

  8. Please tell me if you can is the best way to record audio with a video camera at weddings and I mean that I wish I had a constant ringing throughout the recording to be heard in the orchestra Whatever I am away from them and not Sony presented above invitatilor.Modelul comments cope or are other variants? Is there any possibility to take direct sound from the amplifier of the musicians? I want to know which is the best option. Thanks in advance.

    • Sony UWP-D11 kit not only accept microphone input and line input but in transmission module. So this kit in tandem with a microphone decent in parallel (built-in microphone of the camera is ok in some cases) should provide a very good sound quality shooting regardless of noise and echo from an event hall for the simple fact that can be collected directly from the mixer generally sound.


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