Change FPS to Panasonic Lumix G7 - shooting at 30 fps instead of 25

Changing FPS on Panasonic Lumix G7 What is an FPS switching tutorial on Panasonic Lumix G7? In this tutorial I will show you how to change fps for shooting on Panasonic Lumix G7 and GX8 cameras. Changing the shooting profile from 25 to 30 frames per second cannot be done from the menu like other cameras (Nikon, Canon, etc.), so… [Read more...]

YouTube TV, a new way to control video content

YouTube TV, a new way to control video content Youtube TV is a Youtube interface that has some special functions, and here I am referring to the possibility of pairing a TV, Laptop or PC with a phone, and the latter will play the role of remote. It's a Chromecast system, but without the need for Chromecast. About Chromecast, which makes you ... [Read more...]

Kdenlive free video editor for Windows and Linux

Kdenlive Free Video Editor for Windows and Linux One is an excellent video editor, developed on Linux, Kdenlive, which has now been ported to Windows, is a solid alternative to Windows video editing software. Kdenlive, a serious publisher You won't think of Kdenlive as a linear, child-friendly video editor where you can't do much. Kdenlive ... [Read more...]

How to make a slow motion video shooting

Video Tutorial - How to make slow motion from a Slow motion video recording or slow motion playback, is a method by which we can slow down a shooting made in more frames per second than normal (24-25-30 fps). In order to perform Slow Motion in quality conditions, we must first shoot at over 48 frames per second; 48 fps being the minimum required for… [Read more...]

Ultra fast video editing with SVRT 4 Director of Power

Video editing is absolutely necessary, when we have long videos, which are often boring. Although video editing is necessary, many are unaware of it, because the final rendering takes a lot of time, and most often, it knocks down any computer. Ultra fast video editing with Power Director SVRT 4 Today I have for you a trick with which ... [Read more...]

Connect PC to TV, wireless, Chromecast

Sometimes we need to connect the computer or laptop to the TV. The variant with HDMI or VGA cable, everyone knows, and on top of that it is quite uncomfortable. Wireless connection is the best and most convenient solution, but also more expensive. Connecting PC to TV, wireless, with Chromecast Today we will use Chromecast, which, more recently, knows how to design the whole… [Read more...]

Online movies with subtitles, without wires on TV

Watching movies online is extremely comfortable. You no longer have to download the movie and the subtitle. Everything is a click away. Unfortunately, online movies can only be viewed on your PC, phone or tablet. It would not be good to see us movies online with subtitles, live on TV, without cables; Everything wireless and extremely simple. Online movies with subtitles,… [Read more...]

Sticking with Avidemux video files quickly and Power Director

Whether we have to do a video montage or we just want to paste two, three or more video files, it's a good idea to do everything very quickly; Yesterday if you can, because we have no patience. If last time I showed you how to extract a sequence from a video with Streamclip, today we will go to the next step by pasting the video files. To paste the files ... [Read more...]

Extract from a video sequence in 2 seconds with Streamclip

Extract or cut the video sequence in just 2 seconds, at the same quality as streamclip? Yes it is possible and there is no trick in the middle. With Streamclip, which is close, it's free and portable, you can extract any video sequence from any movie or video file, in just a few seconds, at the same quality. Unlike video editors, Streamclip is extremely ... [Read more...]

How to connect an external microphone to the phone or tablet

Hi friends, today we will see how an external microphone can be connected to your tablet or phone. Finally you will see and what is the difference between the internal microphone and an external one. Something about recording the sound ... To make a quality audio capture, we need to have a good microphone, placed near the sound source. Even if we have the best performing microphone ... [Read more...]