Turn a PC into a Chromecast with AllCast reciver

Turn a PC into a Chromecast with AllCast reciver

How can we turn a PC into a Chromecast for streaming from your phone to PC with reciver AllCast app for Chrome.
This application (plugin) for Google Chrome allows us to transform the PC into a true Chromecast or Miracast receiver.
What can we do with AllCast reciver?
1. We can watch movies from your phone to your PC screen.
2. We can listen to music from your phone to your laptop speakers.
3. We can see pictures from the phone on the larger screen of the PC.
4. We can design the entire screen Android monitor / desktop.
Why do we need?
1. Reciver AllCast application for Chrome (PC)
2. The application AllCast Android (streaming movies, music, pictures)
3. Mirror beta application (Designing the entire screen Android PC)
4. Firewall settings, allow incoming traffic on TCP and UDP on port 53515.
With this method, you can reuse an old desktop or laptop with which you had anyway not do.
A perfect device for this task is Mini PC Intel Compute Stick STCK1A32WFCWhich is a stick with Windows, which can do the job of an entry level desktop without any problems. In this role, stick Intel is a better deal than ChromecastAnd can run video in various formats fluent.

Video Tutorial - Turn a PC in a Chromecast with AllCast reciver

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  1. Where did you port?

  2. Intel compute stick m3 the vogue in France.

  3. I did not go exactly as you said shows me search ongoing

  4. I obseved you can use Windows 10 Chromepe Launcher applications. What can I do to myself Chrome App Launcher? Use Windows 10, and the problem is: After you install any app from the Chrome store opens launcher that disappears after a few seconds?

  5. Mirror Beta is needed for root. It is useless for me. AllCast not see SD card. Another application is not found?

  6. Cristi why not make tutorials and for linux? I do not use that one only rarely win. and more and more people give up it's a big win C *** T. I asked all unanswered. I hope you answer me now. that

  7. Ionescu said

    I use videostream and put movies on the TV in your PC or phone

    • Ionescu said

      videostream not see that you have installed on your phone or laptop as best application for Cristi.e. chromecast.

  8. ok.adica incercat.dar's worth it for proper lynux version? or how can I do that I lynux lie?

    • Linux Mint is on and simply install AllCast reciver in Chorme, and two applications on your phone. Enjoy!

  9. florin31 said

    I use BubbleUPnP, I do not give allcast subtitles.

  10. Videostream going very well. Premium version and I can easily make playlists .Recunoaste many video and audio formats. You can make playlists including mp3 by simply "drawing" of video or audio tracks or even selecting all tracks in a folder. The order of tracks in the playlist can be changed as desired, or you can delete songs from the playlist (video or audio) you do not meet your requirements Supports subtitles with a multitude of Options. Fonts can increase or decrease depending on your preference.

  11. I do not go is not connecting not know why I did everything exactly and I looked at the tutorial several times

  12. Marius Nechifor said

    However with videostream sacadează if the movie is full hd. I UPC net with mega 500 subscription. Currently using the free version Chromecast 2. I do not know if the commercial version offers seamless quality.

  13. Catalin said

    If I BitDefender.
    How do I adjust firewall UDP / TCP ports 53515 ???

  14. I tried everything but not connecting of related search remains on.
    Sorry that port - 53515 - is valid and abroad? depilda in Italy
    Thank you

  15. I have a good P8 Huawei lite if you try to connect to Chromecast with mirror app I have a big delay if they use leptop works well, someone has welcomed this problem?
    congratulations for lifetime achievement ...............

  16. go ... thanks, Cristian! antivirus with firewall ... if you need to set it and it allows connection allcast phone application, only the Windows firewall setting is not enough ...

  17. catalinbar said

    Cristian good welcome first team to videotutorial.ro, keep it up, results f good, quick tutorials, thoughtful f useful for a wide range of IT users. My question is for those who already have a system or older 8-10 years, and we are a lot, a tutorial usefulness especially if several systems consume less power (personally I 2 systems Sempron to 1750 mhz real 1gb ddr1) applications for these kind pfSense, free nose, or other more useful, can not we all want to buy a router series BlackDiamond may want to have a nose, a surveillance camera, a wireless repeater, or why is required and is not as fashionable a router with complete system incorporating smart home. Even deserves at least a tutorial on this topic, I am sure that the application would be immense. I appreciate the characteristic style of presentation, language f docile, friendly, a good joke or an analogy when required, useful information handy f ,, all those who love everything related to IT ".

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