Update BIOS UEFI motherboards ASRock

Hi friends, tutorial today will show you how how simple it is to do update BIOS UEFI motherboards Asrosk, please note that the motherboard they use the tutorial is one of the new generation motherboard is the one I recommended a tutorial Haswell system configuration, ssd, usb3, fast boot to 1000 lei.
For those who do not know, I must say how hard it did before the update BIOS interface with which work was not friendly, just text and command line, you needed floppy and several floppy disks (in case do not burn it right first) for new BIOS for backup. It was a frightening process that sometimes gave you emotions, thinking about what happens if electricity is interrupted (and now we have the same problem). What else was scary, which is why many do not want to update BIOS.
Today things have changed, you just need to have an internet connection (the router) and PC on and went into UEFI. You just need to do about three mouse clicks and ready.
Update your BIOS UEFI we can bring important benefits from the resolution of certain hardware compatibility issues until the new features and significant performance gains.
If you have not realized, I must say that it is not necessarily an operating system, you can install UEFI firmware updates even without a hard disk.
Now that's smart UEFI.
It is recommended to update the firmware if you know that the power supply is stable and there are no chances to disconnect electricity. To use an absolute safety UPS device that offers erergie even if power failure. A UPS is necessary timplu all, even for TV or sound system is indicated.

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  1. Hi, I have AsRock H77 M sock 1155, taken with an i3, an SSD and a video like after watching the HACHINTOSH tutorials (I finally managed to install MAC on my PC, but it was unstable). I have the same BIOS as this one (95%), I once tried an update the same way you did Cristi here, but I received an error. However, to the right of the page I had a description that ends with: "Internet Flash is not supported under LAN environment which requires authentication". I have a net from Romtelecom with a TP-Link 740N router bought also after the tutorial seen here 🙂
    I have a small little program instead of 5 MB downloaded from the official website, I have successfully update the BIOS, when I bought the card today. Looks like.

    • Post made a clean images on websites, when I went to the website where you put the picture, I do not know what put to install the application.
      Is not too much spam we are bombarded web, email spam, spam social?

  2. Hello. earlier there was a tutorial that presented a very capable video compression / conversion program that reduced a gigabit video to a megabyte video and didn't lose any clarity… I searched for it but couldn't find it . Can someone help me? Thank you

  3. danilo said

    Interest me very much how many watts in idle pull the plug this configuration
    Thank you.

  4. dacian said

    Hello Cristi
    I'm really curious to see how fast windows boots on the system purchased here "System configuration with Haswell, ssd, usb3, fast boot at 1000 lei". If there is another future tutorial in which to use this system I would ask you to do so. thank you

  5. Costelina said

    hi Cristi you see you have a bug (the bottom button - home - go up no longer works)
    I have now entered the site with IE11 — windows 7

  6. Hello, I purchased this Pavement basis with the system recommended you go super, a question I have, I connected the HDMI port to a smart TV Samsung, model 2013 and I do not go sound tv, control panel appears sound card by hdmi but it is inactive, but I've been trying to setup anything.
    Any idea? Thank you !

  7. Octavian said

    Excuse me, it's not a bit like a tutorial… but I have a very bad opinion about these companies that produce phones with android system, give me a handful of euros, 350-600 euros each are even more expensive already, it depends on its performance , and make your android so that you don't have access to set it as the user likes, it updates you without wanting to be copied and installed in the phone …… .and at least it would work better, yes it is received the other way around the new android and the battery is cabbage plus it fills you with different app updates, I don't understand those who have headaches if I had the option not to update the android system… or applications …… we are only free and democratic in actions but receive that it suffocates you dindos with different miserable laws !!!

  8. vladutz said

    Hi Cristian, can you help me please with a prompt answer? A keylogger was installed on my pc and soon a new windows was installed… It is possible that the keylogger remained on the pc or was deleted with the reinstallation of windows. ? I am still spying have ba? I need an urgent answer… thank you very much !!!

    • Theoretically it should not, but if the one that you installed the keylogger managed to gather more information, you can spy plans.
      It may have information about your network, google accounts, facebook, yahoo, etc.
      Espionage it can take many forms.
      If I spy, I would not be interested at all in your PC, would collect the information in other ways.

  9. Hi! I need some advice. I have a laptop with 894 Mb RAM, AMD Turion 1,8 ghz (what data to May figure?) And I want to increase memory pt. my Windows install 7 or 8. An employee of the retail store told me that it can, but I do not want to give money for nothing. What advice would you give me? Thank you.

    • Unzip the back cover where memoirs, remove them and replace them with other high-density memory.
      It must be the same type and the same frequency, but higher capacity.

  10. vladutz said

    Thanks so much for promptly!

  11. Adrian Dima said

    Cristi good!
    Very useful this videotutorial.
    You can do in the future and a BIOS update videotutorial with UEFI motherboards from Gigabyte.

    • How come a Gigabyte motherboard in hand, to bag a job and announce them. Now I have a very hard gadgets which I will tell you tomorrow.

    • View Product said

      In principle, it is quite simple to update the bios to gigabyte (new) cards. Download an archive from the manufacturer's website. From that archive you are only interested in the file that has the following form: the name of the motherboard dot the bios version, for example to me “B85MD3H.F12”. You put it on a stick. It would be good for the bottle to be empty and formatted as fat32. If you are extraparanoid, you can download that archive with 2 different browsers, extract the bios from the 2 archives, one on the stick, one on the hard disk and make an md5 comparison… this to make sure that the file is whole and not corrupt 🙂

      Before updating the BIOS, giving a load optimized defaults, save and restart you (do this after ending The update BIOS). Also, stick, stick it on the back slots in a port usb2. Not in front slots, not connected to USB hubs, but directly on the motherboard.

      Enter the bios, open "Q-flash", choose to search for the bios on the stick, confirm that you want to update. It will start rewriting the bios, then check it (everything takes about 1 minute), then restart. It goes without saying that for no reason do you turn off the computer in that rewrite and verification phase. Considering that my power is kind of interrupted all over the city so randomly… fractions of a second many times cam I kind of sat with the carrot in my ass at every bios update, although it is mentioned that my board also has a backup bios .

      Over time I had to update the bios 3 times to finally get rid of a rather annoying problem, which I did not bother in any way - random restarts or random crashes in the bios phase, ie immediately after I started the pc, until the boot phase of the operating system. Reading on various forums I found out that it happens quite often on gigabyte boards… Finally, this brand left me with a slight bitter taste. It took far too long for them to produce a mature bios.

  12. danilo said

    Happen to you tell them how many watt idle power draw from this system?

  13. Hello Cristi,
    I have an AsRock 970 extreme 3 motherboard, but I don't have the "Tool" button in the BIOS. How can I update the BIOS in this case? There is a BIOS update from 08/2013 on the manufacturer's website. I have problems with the PC, it crashes sometimes and maybe a BIOS update would help me.

  14. Good tutorial, owning such a card specifically Extreme2 + ASRock FM88A6X I say it is the first time for proper Super Dotata.Este remove plaque Audio system, which is on the motherboard surpasses my board audio.

  15. GiGi M said

    Hello, Mr. Cristian

    I also have a question… I have a PC with AsRock motherboard… I installed a windows 7 but after loading windows the pc restarts after approx.2 minutes… and so it happens indefinitely after 2-3 minutes restart… I tried with Xp, W 7, W 8 and Windows 8.1 but it happens the same… the question is if I update the UEFI Bios to the Asrock motherboard the problem will be fixed…
    tutorial is this:

    • GiGi M said

      it's the latest version of the bios… so that's not the solution… I don't know what else to do with it… The PC is under warranty

  16. View Product said

    I have the same configuration and write memory speed is 1333 1600 though.
    Please tell me what more must be done setting
    All the best!

  17. Catalin Bratu said

    Cristi good. Could you please help me than beautiful. I built a new PC. And the processor is a generation Haswell refresh i3 4150. On motherboards website writes that must make them update for the new generation Haswell. Once assembled the PC. This one could enter the bios to make them update with USB stick? Thank you very much for your help !

    • Use another computer to download the BIOS and you can get it very easily uiesti flash. Consult your motherboard manual for more accurate information.
      Currently the BIOS update is no longer dangerous, especially for boards with dual bios, like the one you have chosen.

  18. good evening
    I would like to call into question a common issue for several months. I have an ASUS F5SR with a configuration that supports 8.1 but the motherboard does not support UEFI boot. I successfully installed w8pro and I always try to download w8.1 in store. download installation is not completed but always gives me error 0x101-ox20017.Vreau to install separately considering that w8.1 can activate using licensed from w8, but fail to lead to the finish. There are options for amending a w8.1 to install the BIOS? I note that the settings can not intervene there for alternatives for secure boot.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  19. Hello I'm glad I came across this tutorial is yours and I have several questions to ask you about my motherboard ASRock Extreme 990FX 3:

    1. In my bios does not appear as a Tool in your tutorial. Why? It may be because I have the latest version of the BIOS?
    2. I worked on everything at all with 2 has recognized small problems; I memory 1600 / 8 / 8 cl1333 and appear to porinre / 8 / cl9 I thought I die :)) I wrote the Asrock and received and responded. Everything was normal in BIOS have solved the problem but my CPU AMD 8350 octa core Wind 16m in the task manager and operates core reading 8 4 ONLY mention that no longer interchangeable always the same so it is not burned :))
    I wrote back to normal Asrock and told me to do a BIOS degrees up ok ok but how? I Tool
    To make matters worse I also wrote to AMD and received a reply "we are very happy that you have extraordinary results with 4 cores out of 8" I wrote that I run my games in full HD on TV with 60fps and send me no catalytic AMD Gaming evolved which my fps and performance decreases or so I see.
    Any idea how fix up gread bios and see how core 8 normal?

    Thank Cristian

  20. I have an Asrock motherboard to G41M-VS3 R2.0 and gives me an error: keyboard / interface error.As wants to know if you go do update.de bios and how and whether to resolve market eroarea.Te please if you know anything about his error I spui.Astept urgently for help and advice in advance raspuns.Multumesc

  21. Madalin said

    Hello I have an ASRock H61M-DGS and a few days ago I was burned source, and then the sound is very jammed and go only one channel, I tried all I reinstalled Windows I reinstalled sound drivers and made and update the bios but nothing. Please if you can help me with some advice.

  22. Hello Christ. How did you formatted bios? You removed the battery from the motherboard?

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