LAPTOP WITH STRICT SCREEN (black) - problem solving

LAPTOP WITH SCREED SCREEN (black) - problem solving
LAPTOP WITH STRICT SCREEN (black) - problem solving
What we do when the screen of the laptop crashes and we can no longer use it. You probably think you're just connecting your laptop to an external monitor, right? The problem is that it does not work, or at best we can only use the repository system, without being able to reinstall or enter the bios.

Problem Description!

If a laptop screen is broken, most of the time we can not use an external monitor. And even if we can use an external monitor, we can not go into bios and we can not make installation of systems of works.
It's weird, it's supposed to go.

There are also happy cases.

On some laptops you can automatically switch to an external monitor, if you close the laptop cover, if you tap a certain key when it starts. Unfortunately, it looks like it only works on older laptops, where connecting to an external monitor was done through a VGA (analogue) connection.

Why can not I use the external monitor on my laptop?

The external monitor must be configured. the problem is that you can't use the operating system without seeing the image on the monitor. It's kind of a "egg and chicken" dilemma.

The laptop screen is the main monitor, even if it's broken.

Usually when a screen breaks, the backlight is broken. For the motherboard, the screen still works, but unfortunately we do not see images.
Because the screen is detected, even broken, the laptop has no reason to treat an external monitor as the main screen.

We must use "force" to use an external monitor on the laptop.

I put the force in quotation marks, because it's not really "force" but rather a more unusual method of solving a computer problem. You can call it HACK if you want.

Disconnecting the screen from your laptop will solve the problem.

If you have a broken laptop screen and is out of warranty, you have nothing to lose. Easily open your laptop (take care of the screws) and disconnect the screen jack on the motherboard. I have shown you in the video how to do it, but you know how it is, every laptop is different. Anyway, with a little attention, it's not hard to handle it.
After disconnecting the internal screen (broken), the laptop will go first on the external monitor connected via HDMI, DP, VGA



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LAPTOP WITH BROKEN SCREEN (black) - problem solving - video tutorial

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  1. Super!!

  2. Bosina Alexandru said

    Is it possible for a TV to make the same connection?

  3. Dan painter said

    Useful, but in my case it does not help. I have a laptop I've been trying to do bios update. After restarting, the screen did not turn on. Even if the winds start, the sound is heard, the light flashes, all are in their place, the screen does not turn on (no sign, black). Monitor the same result.

    I have the impression that bios is the problem and want to go back to the old version. I kept the battery out for a few days and did not work out both the battery on the motherboard and the battery. I downloaded the old bios version and I put on the stick but if I do not have a picture I can not start the stick installation.
    Do you have any solution to this case?

  4. something very useful

  5. Hi Cristi very useful tutorial. Anyway, is there a solution? That means using the laptop display as a monitor for another pc? Thanks and Happy Holidays !!!

  6. Thanks for the tutorial! Any hope for the continuation with Mikrotik hap AC?

  7. Thanks for this tutorial. I used this method on an HP laptop, it now starts automatically on an external display but still can not access the bios, how can I reinstall the windows?

  8. Laurentiu said

    Respect for your work. But this tutorial turned out to be totally useless. Exactly the day before you put the tutorial, I broke my display on my laptop. I did exactly as you said in the tutorial but in vain. On TV and on a monitor it says "no signal". I have Win 10 home, I also tried "start + P" in vain. Another idea? Thank you and once again respect for your work.

  9. Saulescu Edward said

    Hello . How to make a lan connection from a Metrorex hotpot digi wi-fi.
    Please note: I plugged a swich in front of the hostpot, from which I pulled the cable to a pc.
    All this engineering has worked so far a week ago.
    Basically, I'm no longer directed to the login page.

    Thank you .

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