Portable Windows for PC troubleshooters

Portable Windows for PC troubleshooters
Portable Windows for PC troubleshooters

What is this tutorial for?

In the tutorial "Portable Windows for PC Troubleshooters" you will see how to make a portable CD / DVD or USB stick, which we will have all kinds of applications, and which we will use to troubleshoot the computer.

It is a good idea for every PC user to have such a portable operating system, with which they can intervene in case of problems with a stubborn virus, partitioning, bootloader

How to make a CD / DVD or USB stick with portable Windows for PC troubleshooters?

To make Windows portable we will use an extremely easy to use application, called Aomei PE Builder. With this application we will be able to make Windows portable by 32 or 64 by bit, and in addition we will be able to put on that portable Windows and drivers or other portable software.

The Aome PE Builder application is extremely easy to use, as shown in the tutorial. All you have to do is scroll through the wizard and finally choose what you want to do: Burn a CD / DVD, make a USB stick or make an iso image, which you can burn later.

What does a portable operating system use us for?

The advantage of a Windows or even Linx laptop is that you can use a PC without turning on the host operating system.

Another advantage of a portable operating system like this is that we can put on it all kinds of software tools, drivers, anti-malware, with which to troubleshoot the PC without starting the host operating system.

From where we download the application for creating portable Windows

Download Aomei PE Builder

Apart from the actual application, I recommend you to put some portable software there, just like I did a video tutorial with the folder.

Download portable applications

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Video tutorial - Portable Windows for PC Troubleshooters

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  1. I did the steps in the tutorial on the USB stick. I restarted the laptop with USB boot and I have a blue screen with the 🙂 mark

  2. I also tried with EaseUS Todo Backup and with AOMEI Partition Assitant (Windows to Go Creator) and all failed

  3. did not work at first but the stick must be NTF mandatory then apples

  4. Windows 10 portable? Let's be serious, Windows 10 itself is a big crap that not even drivers can install. a lot of peripherals, do not do troubleshooting. Try windows 7 x86 and then tell. The steps are similar for make it portable.

  5. It will be going in the virtual machine, but it does not go from the stick. Make a bootable stick with the Aomei PE Builder and see that it does not work. It is good if you test it. If you succeed, tell us again 🙂

  6. in win he sees it when booting black screen nothing happens

  7. Try hirens boot

  8. sapunell said

    Cristi, many here complain about this PE image in the tutorial… that it doesn't work, that it comes out bootable, as well as the ones on YouTube. I think it would be a good idea to present the new version of the HirensBootCD in a future tutorial. This includes a version of Windows 10 PE with a multitude of useful software / tools. (https://www.hirensbootcd.org/download/)
    Personally, I think the new HBCD version is better than what you presented in the tutorial above.
    Succeed further in what you do 😉

  9. of of all are skilled now when they have external tutorials and yt… old let go… is a windows on and so that means a win 10 lite and nothing more. You had to mention that. If you could put any version of win as it is on linux, it was SOMETHING ELSE.

  10. luciangl said

    Most linux operating systems can run live without being installed on hdd or ssd, it is called live cd / dvd / usb and you can burn the image through rufus on a usb stick.

  11. I have a 2tb nvme ssd and it does not see it in this portable windows, do you have any idea how I could solve it?

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