YouTube Kids a special YouTube app for kids

YouTube Kids a special YouTube app for kids

YouTube Kids a special YouTube app for kids

The children are on the tablet or on the phone, BUT!

The digital world and technology are good when used constructively but can also be bad when not used properly.
For example, when children enter YouTube, they may find very useful information, but also certain videos that may "attract their attention" in a more inappropriate way. Not to mention that on youtube you can find some really hateful videos that don't help a child at all.

Why are we so worried?

Developing children in their first years of life is very important. Parents must ensure that the environment in which their child develops is healthy.
After all, we humans are trained by everything that surrounds us. We learn to talk because we hear the words around us, and our behavior is influenced by the behavior of others, the others, and our dreams. In other words, we memorize and mimic what others do.

The surrounding environment makes us good or bad people

It is essential that the environment in which a child develops be as safe as possible from inappropriate things. I'm not talking about good and bad interactions with people, but I'm talking about the lack of interaction of the child in front of the "screens".
If you take the smartest child in the world and raise him among the incumbents, he will become cult, or rather, he will become the smartest of the instigators there. The information he accumulates up to a certain age will crystallize easily and easily, and that child will no longer be able to rise up over the group he grew up, even if you moved him there. Even if it can improve its performance, it will still not be able to rise to the potential it would have if it grew in a better environment.

In virtual environments there is no self-correction of errors!

The child in front of the screens can only absorb the information, but can not react to anything. It's a kind of unique street, you look at the screen and consume the content, you can not do anything else.
Just like on TV when the announcer says something and you can only listen to him. Even if you say the biggest nonsense in the world, you still have nothing to do.
In society things are automatically adjusted. If one says stupidity, the others will correct it right away. This is impossible on the net and on TV, so the amount of information has fallen so far.
Now, Google and Facebook have begun their cleaning, faces. They say they want to solve the problem with the fake news.
Unfortunately for them, the false news is the news that deviates from the "official narrative", interferes with their interests or they simply do not like, and hence a new form of censorship.

What do psychologists say?

They choose the middle way, as always. Psychologists often did not answer for what is happening now, because they do not have enough data. Actually psychologists have no answers for anything, they only have questions, categories of subjects, note books and judgments.
They tell us to be careful, letting the child less in front of the screens, but so. That is, they choose a sort of middle way, which keeps them from following judgments.
Gentlemen, psychologists, the middle way, is often more damaging than evil itself!
The truth is that the phenomenon is so complex that no one can predict what will happen in the future with children who grow up in front of the screens today. However, I believe tomorrow's man will no longer be the man of today, and that is not in the good sense.

It's hardly any 10 we've ever seen before.

Let's not block children's access to information, but at the same time, we have to make sure that safe content is displayed on phones and tablets.
Be careful in addition to YouTube, there are other "reliable" sources where you can find inappropriate content: Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc.
Deaths are all over the place!

What is safe content?

Now we enter the realm of morality, and it depends on man to man what is good and what is not. My point of view: Every parent or older brother has the duty to protect the youngest. That's how I made 100.000 for years, I do not see why I change the recipe. We, who are supposed to be more copty in the head, have to keep the little ones out of the wrong content, that's until they're banging their heads.
Let's not get them out of the oven too soon!

Parents who have the impression of living with genius in the house!

To use a phone you do not have to be a Doctor of Science, you put your finger on the screen and it's all right, stuff happens.
Parents who see children's geniuses have a low level of IT education themselves and that's where the contrast rises between them and children.
I remember that my parents did not know how to match an electronic clock, and I fit it in seconds. That did not make me a genius, but some ignorant in technology.

Why parents leave their children on the phone or tablet?

Parents are very busy and it is virtually impossible for them to handle and need everyday and children. So they choose to leave children in front of screens.

What do you make the excess screens use?

1. It spoils your posture
2. It's ruining our eyes
3. Headaches
4. Unbalanced eating
5. Bone problems
6. Traffic problems
7. Insomnia or chronic fatigue

1. They make you too much patience
2. I get used to immediate rewards
3. Human relationships become unattractive
4. You want everything now, yesterday if you can
5. You have the impression that everything is right for you
6. Sometimes the instinct of conservation disappears
7. Anxiety comes when you face reality
8. Everything becomes very difficult to do in real life
9. Personality modeling by social network currents
10. You have to become someone else just to be validated

These problems can be found in society more and more often. Practically man becomes a highly trained person for the virtual environment, but extremely poorly prepared for real life.
When I say real life, I do not think about what I know, I mean the relationships of life, simple interactions between people / group and everyday activities.
The articulated speech begins to become rarity, and in the meantime, the monosyllabic phrases and the mixture of Romanian and English sink like a fog over us all.

YouTube Kids a special YouTube app for kids.

It is available only on alternative sources, not a PlayStore. Why ? I do not know! Perhaps because there are not enough channels in the Romanian language with children content.
The installation is done using the sideload method, ie by executing the apk. This is why your browser must have permission to save apks and the installation from unknown sources is enabled.
Useful tutorial:
Less known settings from Android 8 Oreo

Which category of kids is YouTube Kids?

From my point of view, YouTube Kids is suitable for small children in kindergarten and primary school. The interface is made by nature, for smaller children, so that they feel good.
Do not forget to use the time limit, because it is useful and if you set the limit with your baby, you will get rid of the drama.

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    1. Vranceanuantondumitru said

      Super application

    2. Florin said

      You're right with parents who think their genius kids are walking on a phone or tablet.

    3. florinel said

      Super presentation comment !!! 10 note with congratulations!

    4. George said

      My opinion is that any excess is harmful…
      There is no good YouTube and no bad YouTube, only the way you relate to it. So, YouTube Kids and marketing!
      And Coca-Cola is damaging, but the American people have not died of such consumption!

    5. Victor said

      The great truth is that the man of tomorrow will not be the same as today, as today is not like the one of yesterday.

    6. parent said

      Can you please a step-by-step video on how to use your tablet for phone calls using the Google Hangouts app? If the phone is not available (it is loaded, it's faulty, it's not handy) to use the tablet instead.
      What I've seen about Hangouts is a video in English, I do not know the language and I did not understand anything.
      On the tablet at "Settings / memory" I saw the application "mobile network configuration" but I do not understand those with this application and how to use it because I see it mentioned only in "memory" elsewhere on the tablet can not be found.
      Have a good day!

    7. You may be intrigued by the following situation and can find a solution:
      - a MBOX with Android 4.4.2. It works well with an older version of YouTube (which plays HD video clips), but lately when you open the app it appears that a new version is available
      (without the two options: installs now or later) and when updating the app, video clips can only be played on 360p).
      If they do not update the app and open the app by accessing Youtube notifications, the app opens and can view You tube in HD format. But if there are no notifications on the day when I want to use YouTube, I can not go over the page that forces me to upgrade to Youtube.
      Thank you!

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