Blocking children from accessing ADULT websites

Blocking children from accessing Adult sites
I do not want to make the morale on this site, which is quite technical, but I have to say that a child is good to live her childhood.

Parents 'or older brothers' debt!

From my point of view, any responsible adult should be careful where his child walks on the internet and if he can not or does not want to supervise him, at least filter out the inappropriate content such as adult sites or Other violent sites that incite hatred.

Most parents are not good at "these"!

I am referring to the fact that most parents either do not have time, they are not good enough, or do not want to make the internet better for their child.
You no longer have an apology.

Is childhood very short?

The years of childhood are passing fast enough, and it would be a pity to distract the children with things unsuitable for the age. When they are adults, they will be able to consume any content, but now it is your duty as parents or older relatives to ensure a normal childhood.

Using Parental Control from Windows 7 to limit PC time
Fixing the screen in an application on Android - the antidote for curious
Children Browser (a kind of parental control)

How do we block adult access to adult sites?

How I showed you in Adult Browsing Adult Browser Tutorial, We'll use all the DNS, but in a different way.

DNS Changer, the application that changes DNS on any connection!

DNS Changer is an application that allows us to change the DNS to your phone or tablet, whether we use wifi or mobile data.

Special DNS addresses made by OpenDNS (Family Shield)

OpenDNS was very pleased to provide us with DNS addresses specifically set for filtering porn, violent sites, etc. In this way, websites that are inappropriate for children will be stopped.

OpenDNS Family Shield addresses

How do I block adult sites on my phone?

1. open The DNS Changer application
2. Select from the Custom DNS list
3. We fill in the DNS1 and DNS2 fields, the Open DNS addresses above
4. Finally I hit START and ready
* For the first time you need to rate the application

Adult content blocking on Google Images and YouTube

The DNS method is not perfect and in addition Google Images and YouTube have been missing lately….
See tutorial on how to block porn on YouTube and Google Images

Video tutorial - Blocking children's access to adult sites

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  1. There you are with your cancer
    Children need privacy, do not grow up like a mammos
    I've been playing horror games since I was 8 years old, the baby gets what he wants, fuck off

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The child must be educated, grow up in a moral and beautiful environment, be guided until he becomes an adult because until then, parents are held accountable if the "independent" child makes a fool of himself.
      Once you become major and you can maintain yourself, only then can you do and become farther, whatever you want.
      You are so arrogant and kite that you did not even have the courage to take your comment with a name, even at the cool.

    • Catalin Andrei said

      He said, "The child has no way of becoming what he wants, but he has to be educated to choose from everything that is good, so he can perhaps but choose what he does with his life after he becomes major. Because then he has an education, the child as a child learns and if you let him do what he wants, it might be that when it's great he's not what he needs. I do not think we want to have a sexually obsessed society, rapists, criminals, violent people.

    • moralistu " said

      yeah, from the language you can see how you grew up… .to be ashamed of such an attitude!

  2. Ovidiu said

    When I'm a parent I will recommend the son (I hope to be boy) the best websites. No joke. What's the point of hiding?

    • Ovidiu said

      Eh, I changed my mind. But it's not too late to go back.

      • In this educational article I see that parents do not respond very much, but they respond very irritated to "unbranded children" where their parents are subordinated to them.

  3. Iulian said

    The desktop would go to Windows 10

  4. Well, what will make you think it works for the children that are coming. I remember and now I was 14 years old and my parents called an IT engineer to restrict my access to all sorts of stuff, the end was a torture for my parents because they told him I would pass any of the restrictions imposed by him :) . success

  5. And what if the access to sites is blocked. We make xxx live movies. 12 no

  6. Razvan said

    Congratulations on the idea. I have blocked the ASUS Router and I think I've been here for some time

  7. Daniel said

    I am the father of two children aged 5 and 10, I work in IT and I did sex education for the eldest, but I also blocked access "properly" on sites with sexual and brutal content. Curiosity is natural and normal in the end, but still an increased attention is indicated nowadays because what content you found 10 years ago on the net and what you find now, is pretty awful.

    • Children need to have access to information, but it is good to have access only to useful information.
      The Internet is unregulated and I do not think it will ever be, that is why we have to deal with some aspects.

    Other DNS that BLOCKS WHAT IT IS PORNOGRAPHIC (photos and site)

  9. ViorelR said

    Super, very useful, thanks

  10. IOnUtz said

    I have an Asus router, if I block access by DANS, I can not connect to the VPN anymore. Also the parental control of RDS.

  11. IOnUtz said

    By DNS I wanted to say ..

  12. On Android 4.4.4 does not work, does this app require a higher version?

  13. I have sex messages I want to block who you are terribly different you only know, gtoqzbic society3 sick and want to get sick all the shame!

  14. Desfranca, obscene images ruin the mind of not only the child but also the adult. Whether you want to have children or you are mentally destroyed is your choice, but it does not benefit you!
    It is terrible how crazy the laws of good speech defy the mucosal believing that they have given heaven on earth until they see the end of these things!

  15. stelian said

    please give me the link…. I can not find it

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