Net faster by changing DNS and blocking adult malware and content

Net faster by changing DNS
Net faster by changing DNS

What is the net video tutorial faster about changing DNS?

In the faster net tutorial by changing DNS, I will show you how, by changing the DNS you can get a faster net, you can block malware and you can block adult content.

How can we get net faster?

Net faster by changing DNS

By using a faster DNS server than the one provided by your internet service provider, you can experience better page load speeds.

The bandwidth itself will not be higher, but the loading time of pages and resources (images, scripts, ads) will be much faster.

Basically the response time will improve and overall you will wait less to load the web pages.

Cloudflare DNS

Net faster by changing DNS

Cloudflare is a company that provides customers with CDN (content delivery network) services.

CDNs are used by most sites in the world to serve visitors as quickly as possible. That is, sites, for example, upload images, scripts, and other resources, automatically to these CDNs, which are distributed all over the world.

A customer in Brazil, when visiting the site, will visit a kind of copy of our site that is on a Cloudflare server in Brazil or nearby.

Cloudflare services are used by most sites in the world and that is why Cloudflare knows best where each site is, and can serve the visitor in the fastest way.

Cloudflare DNS for the general public

If they still had fairly complex CDN services for sites and were the first to know about the location of the sites, Cloudflare also launched DNS services for the general public.

Each user, at home, without paying anything, can use one of the three sets of DNS addresses, which helps to speed up, block malware and block adult content.

Cloudflare DNS IP Address Sets:

For a faster net:

To block malware:

To block adult content:

How do we block malware and adult content on Android or iOS phones or tablets when we don't have access to the router?

Block adult content and malware on Android

1 variant

From Android 9, we have in connections a setting called private DNS. Here we enter the address:

* the lock will be made on any kind of connection, wi-fi or mobile

2 variant

If you have Android 7 or 8, enter the following DNS addresses in your current Wi-Fi connection settings:

* Unfortunately blocking malware and adults will only be done on wi-fi, on the current network, with other wi-fi networks and not on mobile data

Block adult content and malware on iOS

For the current wi-fi connection, enter the following DNS manually:

* Unfortunately blocking malware and adults will only be done on wi-fi, on the current network, with other wi-fi networks and not on mobile data

Malware blocking tutorials and adult content:

Video tutorial - Net faster by changing DNS

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  1. View Product said

    interesting article… but regarding speed… it would be preferable to run a measurement application… namebench “” eu I use it in linux but it certainly works in Windows… on upc (the former) it is not cloudflare the fastest… ideally it would be to edit the file namebench.cfg adding local and universal dns as updated as possible…. "Http://"

  2. Hello Cristi! No settings worked on the RDS network. Possible because of the KAON AR4010N Router? After the introduction of Cloudflare DNS IP address sets, the network crashed completely. Is there a solution? Thanks!

    • try setting the DNS address directly into the router settings. My network also crashed completly when i changed windows dns to while router was .; after setting the router to (1/2) everything was fine, no need to set up the dns from windows; different router though.

  3. the same with the Huawei router from RDS? please can you help me a lot

  4. Interesting, but it works quite well to change the DNS directly in the browser without changing the DNS change in the router settings. In the Microsoft EDGE and Firefox browser settings it works quite well, I haven't tried it in Chrome. Enter your browser settings and find your DNS change there.

  5. Hi Cristi. I also have a dilemma out of the context of the tutorial above. I want to turn on the PC drive and it has no sign of life until I unplug the internet cable, what would be the problem?

  6. Hello!
    I tested and it works on the TP-Link Archer AX6000 router.
    Thanks for the tutorial, happy holidays and full of joy!

  7. Hello,
    Does changing the DNS somehow improve latency during gaming sessions? Thx!

  8. DNS stands for DI-EN-ES (short for Domain Name Service) and not DE-NE-SE


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