How to make a vlog style install with pictures, videos and music on Android

Montage vlog style with pictures, video and music on Android Too many pictures on vacation and too ... When we go on vacation, especially in recent years, we take a lot of pictures and videos. In the end they are too many and many of them are not so interesting. Pictures and filming in a single montage, on music. A good idea is to make a multimedia montage with pictures… [Read more...]

How do we find the altitude of a place without being there?

How do we find the altitude of a place without being there? It is a question that many have asked themselves and that will be answered today. Why we should know the altitude of a place. Here are some reasons I've been thinking about now. But the reasons can be many, depending on the needs of each. For example, I had to climb the mountain and I wanted to know if… [Read more...]

Google Trips Tutorial to know what you can do on vacation

Google Trips tutorial to know what you can do on vacation If Google Maps helps us with the way from home to their holiday destination, Google Trip helps us to get to our destination. Google Maps is like a skilled co-pilot, telling you where to go, and Google Trip is your guide and digital assistant on vacation. What is not Google Trips? 1. It is not a… [Read more...]

Google Maps tricks well to know before the holiday

Google Maps tricks to know before the holiday Why Google Maps? Google maps is probably the cleanest and also offering navigation and route planning program. Even though there are other options on the market, Google Maps remains the most reliable program of its kind. Generally when users have some inconveniences in other applications, or simply… [Read more...]

How do you activate roaming and data abroad on Orange Vodafone and Telekom

How to activate roaming and data from abroad on Orange Vodafone and Telekom What is roaming? Roaming refers to the use of the phone in countries other than the country where the subscription ended. Other countries use networks when roaming and therefore additional charges may apply. I mean, more in Romanian, you fall out of the country with your phone and your subscription… [Read more...]

The best application for creating an automatic slideshow

The best application for creating an automatic video slideshow We take a lot of pictures, but when do we see them? Today, people are taking more and more pictures and videos. The only problem is with watching them which is not so easy. There are many pictures, some doubles, others awful. When we tried to see them, it didn't seem so easy. An alternative viewing option… [Read more...]

How to copy your mobile photos to a Wi-Fi wireless PC

How to copy photos from mobile to PC wirelessly via Wi-Fi Photo Companion is an application for Android and iOS, with which we can transfer photos and videos from phone to PC, without cables, only via wifi. How does Photo Companion work? 1. On your phone, whether it's Android or iOS, you need to install the Photo Companion application. 2. On the PC (Windows 10) we need to launch… [Read more...]

How to Return a Tapered Video on Your Phone

What is the tutorial about "How to return an overturned video on the phone"? Sometimes the footage you make on your phone or other camcorder is misaligned, that is, overturned. If in sports cameras (GoPro), the wrong orientation results from mounting the cameras in some weirder positions, deliberately (under the frame, at the car bar, etc.); on the phone we have a… [Read more...]

Sound recording from Windows without loss and no stereo mix

Windows sound recording without loss and without stereo mix How do you record Windows sound on your PC in the best quality, without loss? One method I introduced you to a few years ago involved using a setting in Windows called Stereo Mix. Unfortunately, Stereo Mix is ​​not present on any PC, and that's why we had to find another solution. ... [Read more...]

Why the pictures with the light in front come out dark - SOLUTION

Why the pictures with the light in front come out dark - SOLUTION You have certainly run into this problem: take a picture with the sun or the light bulb in front and your subject comes out very dark. Although the cameras are quite advanced, it seems that they are not so smart that they can guess what we want to do. Why do dark pictures come out with light in… [Read more...]