Silent ringtone for a single touch

What is the Ringtone Silent for One Contact tutorial about? In the Ringtone silent video tutorial for a single contact, I will show you how to silently put a single entry in the address book. It is not about blocking a contact, in which case its call will be rejected. Silent ringtone for a contact does not mean blocking… [Read more...]

Move WhatsApp conversations to Telegram

What is the video tutorial about moving conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram? In the video tutorial Moving conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram you will see what are the steps for transferring conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram. Why transfer WhatsApp conversations to Telegram? Some time ago WhatsApp representatives announced that they would… [Read more...]

How to delete sensitive data with PrivaZer before selling your computer

What is this video tutorial about? How do you delete sensitive data with PrivaZer? In the tutorial How to delete sensitive data with PrivaZer you will see how to do a thorough cleaning in Windows. We clean and wipe traces of Windows for privacy and before selling the PC or hard drive that was the operating system. Why … [Read more...]

9 settings to change immediately in iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad

9 settings to change immediately in iOS 14 What is the video tutorial 9 settings to change immediately in iOS 14 In today's clip (9 settings to change immediately in iOS 14) we will talk about the new iOS 14 operating system as well as 9 settings which, I think, you should change right away. Why do I say right away? Because many of these settings are extremely useful and [Read more...]

Strange phone sound on Orange - cross device tracking?

Strange phone sound on Orange What is the article Strange phone sound on Orange about? Today I'm going to make you listen to a strange sound from your phone on Orange. A sound that is heard when you call the Orange customer service number. What about the weird phone sound on Orange during the phone call? When you call… [Read more...]

How Safe or Anonymous is Incognito (Private or InPrivate)

How secure or anonymous is Incognito mode? What is the incognito mode? Incognito or Private or InPrivate mode, in web browsers, is a mode that gives us the impression that we are browsing privately. This way the browser works is far from giving you private browsing. How does incognito mode work? In principle, the tab or incognito window "says" that no… [Read more...]

How do you stop behavioral advertising, advertising reads our thoughts

How to stop behavioral advertising From the moralistic wolf ... Advertising that reads our thoughts, or rather, the history of the browser. Classic advertising (paper, radio, TV, display) The advertising industry has come a long way. On TV and radio he manipulates you to the fullest, with crafty words, friendly, whispered, authoritarian or arrogant tone, suggestions, comparisons, ethos, [Read more...]


FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE A MELTDOWN OR SPECTRUM AFFECTED PROCESSOR Meldown and Specter vulnerabilities affect ALL processors in the world, regardless of operating system. In recent days, the international press has begun to dwell on the subject of Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities, discovered in Intel AMD and ARM processors. The right variant! The truth is that the… [Read more...]

STOP invasion of privacy on the Microsoft WINDOWS 10

STOP Microsoft's breach of privacy on WINDOWS 10 What is the tutorial about? In this tutorial I will show you how you can disable all settings that violate your privacy on Windows 10 by Microsoft, by massively collecting usage data, browsing, preferences, location, etc. STOP the violation of privacy on WINDOWS 10 by… [Read more...]