How to crack any password Wi-Fi, super fast using social engineering

How to crack any password Wi-Fi using social engineering techniques.

Social engineering is the technique by which individuals or groups are manipulated in order to achieve something. The most recent social engineering scheme is the "accident method", where the aggressor exploits the care of the victim for his loved ones, in order to obtain undue benefits aka "cheese".

Social engineering in hacking.

Often the skills of famous hackers are attributed to the computer experience, but it is not known that in most "achievements" social engineering techniques are applied.
Reading social engineering:
Hello, I'm your new boss, tell me. (bossy)
Hello, your boss asked me to. (proxy authority)
I'm Cristi from IT, please install what I'm sending you now… (technician)
Hello, I am the contract holder, please give me… (impersonation)
Social engineering techniques, used in conjunction with test and penetration tools, can work wonders.

Social engineering in real life.

Day by day we are attacked by experts in social engineering techniques that more or less ingenious.
1. In politics - vote for us if you want to…
2. In advertising - buy, our product gets rid of…
3. In the family - if you don't buy me that upsets me…

At social engineering have I thought right now

A phone call from neighbors, yourself off as an engineer at the net and ask the person to press the back button on the router (WPS button), and you only need to be within range of the router with the phone set to create a connection WPS).

Application of tutorial I found password.

That's called Fluxion and is an automated application that knows to do many things, including this type of attack.
I do not recommend using the app than to test your personal network. It is illegal to initiate attacks like this on public and private WLANs.
Wi-Fi adapter in monitor mode and tutorial support can make injection, it is TP-Link TL-WN722N, which I presented to you after a few days. It is a very docile adapter, entering through networks like the cheese.
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Tutorial - How to break any Wi-Fi password

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  1. Thank you again for the information that you find in your tutorials and frankly we concluded that most healthy is to stop wireless network, we have to go on cable that's so much higher speed. Monitors all cumulative set course with everything from antivirus and others. To be healthy and not to quit the habit of posting tutorials.

    • Achim Moga said

      Regards Cristi I will not use but when I see something suspicious you must log im me realize the danger Thanks so much on opium poppy may change after a user network

  2. Yet filtering by MAC does not protect me from such attacks?

  3. A very good tutorial linked to the RADIUS server, I had several attempts with RouterOS MikroTik and pfSense

  4. I would like to make one connection radius server. and you can not hide network if you want to be accompanied by such any attack. and an invisible face.

    • Wrong, there are a lot of software with which you can detect hidden networks.
      Basque scanning see all networks, and shows them on the hidden

  5. if I "hide" my network name and then put the wireless password, would it be a solution?

  6. Good tutorial, thank you.
    Note 10.super! 10000000000000000 years to live

  7. Hello,

    I tutorial about security through radius server.

    Thank you,

  8. do you ziso March that security interest to protect my Calum ruteru

    • It will not help anything, and radius is as easy to break, I suggest that you put a space after the password and the attacker's stupidity in not realizing that there is a space after the password

  9. Hello Mr. Cristi I want to tell you that wifislax has something like this called "Linset" I tried to decrypt my own wifi network I failed at that time I used the bruteforce method to inject the pin told me detect app rate limiting 60 seconds
    or in some cases reached 99.0% and remained so not inject any pine think wifi network is vulnerable.

    • Fluxion is a descendant of Linset. To go job well, you have to have a good monitoring and injection adapter.
      Brute force did not go online, directly rourer that were implemented protection methods over time, and now almost all the manufacturers protection against brute force and come with WPS disabled on your routers.
      Brute force is offline, and check with handshake.

    • Before making an attack sudo macchanger 00: 11: 22: 33: 44: 55 and then the board will automatically change wifi mac and router adrees victim will not be able to block SUCCESS.

      60 seconds app detect rate limiting because it feels router and banning poppy adrees attack.

  10. Hello! A link where I could download FLUXION is poate.Multumesc

  11. Vote for. a tutorial Radius server. Thank you!

  12. if you still aroused "shit" it also says where and how it is installed to know everything is stupid. "Https://"

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you had watched the tutorial head on, without scrolling, you would have heard when it was said that the tutorial is for educational purposes. There was simply a method by which someone can "crack" your WiFi password. We do not teach the world how to steal, but we present the existing theft methods so that you can be on guard, to know how you can run out of data and to be on guard, to be more careful.
      The tutorial, translated for you, is: "Brother, take care that…." and NO "To steal you do the following and do so"

  13. Radius expect a tutorial.
    Thank you in advance.

  14. Cristi say hello !, you and other visitors. And I'm passionate about everything related to IT and technology and I always had something to learn from your tutorials. I am interested in presenting security standard RADIUS and possibly on what kind of routers can run it. I personally have an Asus AC66U. All the best !

  15. and I want tutorial about security through radius server.

    Thank you,

  16. Green light for me for a tutorial Radius, and others.

  17. Dragos in Iasi said

    And I'm interested in securing a tutorial with the Radius server
    Thank you. Happy Holidays!

  18. Radius wait and tutorial

  19. I like that most of those who have posted have expressed a desire to watch a tutorial about securing wifi's with Radius, than those who want a download link for fluxion (or such other information).
    Hence the purpose of this tutorial is reached. Ie education.
    I tutorial that I do not make a Secure online payment until the wifi. Happy Birthday!

    But if you are a guest WiFi network, mobile traffic only from home and rest a close wifi network. I would protect the internal network, given that I do not pay (and other accesses to paypall, etc.) in your phone that is on wifi?

    • In general, the guest network is isolated from standard networks and is "slightly" more secure, in the sense that it is in a separate vlan.
      You can only use a standard network administration, pay online (only when you do) and the guest network for browsing and media consumption.

  20. I own this wifi adapter, but what is interesting, I can use the laptop and wifi card as well as an adapter tp-link.detin b560 lenovo laptop.

  21. Congratulations for this tutorial.
    And I'd like to know more about security through RADIUS server.

  22. GOOD tutorial.
    Thank you.
    I knew that you can not be sure 100% to make payments or shop online but me away at the top for over 12 years.
    I'm interested in a tutorial about Radius server.
    I'm curious if you go with the ONT Huawei HG8245H RDS?

  23. We Radius server tutorial!

  24. Florin MILO said

    I tutorial about security through radius server

  25. caisindonici said

    Hello! I installed the latest version "wifislax" and there it comes with flux preinstalled but the Romanian language is not but in kali linux not at all, it must be installed. I used the same network card presented in the tutorial, everything went well "unfortunately"

  26. caisindonici said

    gemenis auditor metropolis, goy script are good tools for WPS break at work !!!

  27. Keep up the good work

  28. if all Chapter kali, show them boys and FATRA in kali, a to like

  29. Thanks Cristi, expect to see Radius server tutorial!

  30. Mircea Caramidaru said

    These programs (Fluxion and Linset) and some bug-uri.Se have focused only on the channel when you find handshake ul.Cand you realize that you are attacked change the channel on the router, and this will force the attacker to rescan retelele.Faceti this until parlitul will realize that you've got and leave in peace.

    • That does not sound security strategy. Call the game of cat and mouse.
      I do not think the owner's Wi-Fi channels will change as you say. Most of them have forgotten your password to login to the router.

  31. Mircea Caramidaru said

    Of course it is not a security strategy but it is the easiest (if you have not forgotten your login password). Most of the time the attacker does not have extensive knowledge of networking, he simply heard that networks can be broken with X or Y program, and we implying that we know what he wants to do we will inoculate his fear that will be caught and denounced, or it makes no sense to waste time with our network. I was always trying to break my network through social engineering methods and you know what I did? I changed the password with "teamprinsboule", I gave it to him and then I changed it again. He immediately calmed down.

  32. Wow. How simple it seems for someone who is good and more "evil" by nature!
    Please keep on topic, I am interested.
    How many wifi routers are there in Romanica, it's good to know what countermeasures you can take in case of….

  33. Hello, yes I want a tutorial about Radius server, and I have a question with differing radius of pfSense? Thank you !

  34. Want to do more tutorials about VPN, RADIUS server, if you can even Raspberry PI and more developed (ie variants and variants). Personally I find this most interesting tutroiale.

    Thanks and Enjoy!

  35. I salute these tutorials domnilor.Văd ignite passions and despair but also utilizatorilor.Nu have to worry that you will be "penetrated" because the major manufacturers of routers know all the flaws so that TP-LINK has become even considered impenetrabilă.Trebuie settings you do them manually, there slipping greşelile.Cine tried presented methods for finding passwords are absolutely certain that managed to achieve what they have set protecţie.Nu know the radius server to hide it but the network can be f easy and Dlink's menu and a MAC address filtering on the router admitted there will be no problem even if you have no password. Is there a way to counter it and Reaver but why not divulge.

  36. I guess and MAC filtering can pass.

    • There can not pass because the attacker is not able to see the addresses already accepted them clona.Pentru router to accept a mac address should be synchronization or pairing between the router and the device by pressing that button with two arrows (the case of D Link) .Cei also allocated enough time studying the issue from the point of view of the attacker and the attacked will notice that things are not so bad and penetrations are only valid exceptions for outdated software.

  37. Critical comments you approve?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We only approve them when you keep a decent language and do not offend. When you do not "throw" links in the comment left. Criticism is good as long as it is constructive and you do not attack the person using insults

  38. salut.cum I can resolve the error in kali linux: Unable to locate package isc-dhcp server?

  39. If you configure the router to only accept certain Macs, and somehow not solve the problem of high security you here?

  40. Hello. The last version of kali linux can not activate the wireless card. acer aspire v nitro plate Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Network Adapter QCA61x4A.
    How can I solve the problem?

  41. Hello,
    I followed all the steps, but, after choosing the language (3-Romanian) it gives me the error: “no network card, output” ?!
    I used adapter TL-WN722N (kali-linux-2016.2 / 0.24 Fluxion)
    In VMware-player (v.12.5.2-4638234) / virtual machine setitngs / network adapter - bridget (automatic)!
    What can I do ?
    Thank you

  42. George said

    / Hi Cristi this adapter will go TP-Link TL-WN821N?

  43. hello, has anyone downloaded the program fuxion? million to give to me please? mail address is [email protected] , now I can't download from anywhere …………… .., thanks

  44. Cristi greeting fluxion can do a tutorial in Windows

  45. Andrew said

    A specification that I do not know if it was discussed:
    when generating that "phishing WiFi" page, your network card becomes an Access Point!
    In other words, if you catch the network of your friend's neighbor network and start doing all of the above procedures, and you get to the point where the new insecure network is created, that new unsecured network is emitted by your network card (and NOT of The victim's router), so your friend from the neighboring block will never get the signal from your wifi card from your laptop, AP mode now.

  46. I have the fluxion problem
    I can not hold any isc-dhp-server, dhcpd, and I am
    I gave apt-get install php-cgi
    I give the web error that I can not connect to / kal
    Give me feild [email protected]
    I watch a lot of clips and they went but that's my headache I do not know what I'm wrong with
    I like your videos
    You somehow have a flowion ok

  47. If you have something on the software, enjoy it
    Ms for understanding

  48. Boris Aurelian said

    I'm Mm

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