Launch Chrome directly into Incognito and Youtube directly on subscriptions

Launch Chrome directly into Incognito and Youtube directly on subscriptions

Launch Chrome directly into Incognito and Youtube directly on subscriptions

Incognito mode

When it comes to privacy, to the eyes of friends, using incognito mode in the browser is the best choice.

Even though incognito mode does not keep you from the curiosity of the big tech companies, it even protects you from the curiosity of those who are close, who sometimes like to nose in the history of others.

What is incognito mode?

Incognito mode is how the browser does not save history, work sessions, cache, cookies, and more.

You need to know that incognito mode is not a special wave that will make you invisible. For service providers you are just as visible and sometimes even provide more data with the browser in incognito mode (see the tutorial “How safe is incognito mode")

How can I launch Chrome for Android in Incognito mode?

Normally, to launch an incognito page on Google Chrome on Android, you need to do some 3 steps.

By using a shortcut, the browser can launch directly in incognito mode.

The 3D Touch / Force Touch feature from Android

To create a shortcut, we'll use an Android feature that lets us have a kind of context menu on different apps and a compatible launcher.

Here are some launchers that are compatible with this contextual menu.

Launch YouTube directly on the Android subscription page

Just like the Google Chrome Android browser that opens on a standard tab, the YouTube app opens on the Home page, where we sometimes find exactly stuffed stuff on your YouTube.

To open our subscriptions page, where we have exactly what we are interested in, we need to use a special shortcut that is exactly the same as Chrome.

Launches compatible with 3D Touch / Force Touch (play store)

Nova Launcher

ADW Launcher

Rootless Launcher

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