Return to stock Android, unroot, lock the bootloader for any Nexus

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will talk about a return to stock (back to stock) for any gadget range Nexus (Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, 7 Nexus, Nexus and Nexus 10 5)
If for whatever reason you're tired of flashuit custom ROMs and want to return to stock Android ROM that came preinstalled on your device Nexus, we see in today's video tutorial how we do it. Another reason why you need to install the stock rom is when you want to send the gadget to be repaired under warranty. Be aware that if you root at the gadget, it will not be covered by warranty. So, before being sent under warranty, you should return it to the factory settings. If you root and unlocked bootloader is a simple "Reset configuration Gabrica" ​​what is in the operating system settings in the "Create a backup and reset" will not be helpful!
To put into practice the flash rom-uire of his stock, we need the following:
ADB installer (If you watched the last tutorial we introduced How to install Android on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus KitKat 4.4.2 and you still have the necessary drivers installed, ADB and Fastboot, no longer need to install ADB Installer)
- Stock image archive will contain the official Android operating system for your device which can be downloaded from the official website
Before you plunge recommend uninstalling or disabling security software installed (antivirus). When you need to connect the device to your computer or laptop data cable that came with it, do not use USB hubs or extension cords and do not connect the gadget into the USB ports front (located in front of computer / front panel). Direct use of the motherboard USB ports located at the back of the computer.
You should know that this process will be lost through applications downloaded from Play Store, existing photos, videos and documents Declares pending. Before you take steps to return the stock, connect the device to your computer and save important files in a folder or a partition. Also through this process it will lose the root, custom recovery (if you have ClockworkMod Recovery or TWRP flashuit-Team Win Recovery Project) and custom ROM that you have flash-watching at the moment.
You can use the method outlined in the tutorial and flash-ui an older version of Android if you do not like or are not satisfied with the latest version of Android that your gadget automatically updated Nexus.

Get the Flash Player to see the video.

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  1. Hello!
    Can I put the stock rom from google using custom recovery?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can not do that.
      If you were less attentive, I extracted the archive after downloading, radio, bootloader and operating system image are separated. Not all in one archive as it happens to custom ROMs

  2. IOS why not make tutorials? only android and android.

  3. I see increasingly mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, do OS Jelly Bean very fast, not only must use custom rom as the stock do the job very well optimized by producers so as to not have any lag, of abstinence, etc. If you use custom rom we will have the bugs as before, ie we will have a lower score than as the stock was I conclusion I drew it as rom the stock is best optimized, even if he in some processes has a small abstinence or less lag, this does not mean stuffing custom rom like going hard.
    I tested the LG G2 moves excellent, flawless well, did not miss anything in stock ROM, compared to one custom that is "bald" and go only bugs at every step.

  4. I saw.
    How I put in an archive?
    E really need them?
    I want to keep CWM recovery.
    I would not use fastboot for I have problems connecting your phone, PC is old.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It is not enough to put the 3 "packages" so simply in an archive. You packing your in a certain way and then the resulting archive should be signed.
      If you look the more patience you will probably find a rom stock (odexed or deodexed - can you clarify a tutorial future means odexed and deodexed, advantages and disadvantages, do not hesitate to ask that the comments box. The more applications, the will have a higher priority for a future tutorial) you can flash custom look of recovery.
      Galaxy Nexus is no such thing, you find the XDA Developers forum but the problem is you do not get rid of the root, you'll still have your custom recovery and can not send the device in such warranty.
      If out of warranty and with the guarantee you're not interested, then it's ok.

  5. Hello I would like to ask how you say bitcoinu has made a cv results

  6. Hello Cristi my opinion is that the state better with this samsung nexus believe that you have made your gift lau emag those in advertising are doing in their favor.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Inga Inga, confuse them. I'm Adrian. Adrian tutorial is conducted as written and as its title and the first comment above

  7. Interestingly enough!
    Come with a question: When do and tutorials and on Windows Phone? I find it quite interesting and this operating system. Until now you had only about Android ...

  8. paul moldoveanu said

    Hello, please explain how the rum back to stock at tel. Huawei g300 after I put one at Vodafone Australia, the problem is that with this rum, I 3g internet function, and I'm going to phone warranty repair Thank you, wait a tutorial on this topic,

  9. @ Moldoveanu

    Well tell you exactly what rom like to know if it comes to downgrade or anything that procedures differ.

  10. Well May meseriasu ', then do not run ADB and fastboot! ADB is created and is used to "push" the files to a device from a PC, Mac, etc..! fastboot, in contrast, is a set of commands for performing operations change system files.

    PS - I made a little cabbage ...

    • Adrian Gudus said

      ADB stands for Android Debugging Bridge, a tool command line with which a developer can communicate and can make debugging (meaning your troubleshooting) an Android device, not just pushing as your handyman maria says.
      ADB can also be used to make a backup and in many other situations. ADB is used more when the system is up and runing (already booted and running)
      Fastboot is a diagnostic protocol amending and flashuirea system files using a USB connection between device and computer. Fastboot can only be used when the device is in bootloader mode.
      Vague about your argument considering that you are a craftsman
      Even craftsmen have sometimes moments of inattention, can not have a good day, can you stand the thought of others.

      • Inattention in the current technological context, could be corrected by re-record / edit video before being posted on the site ...

        PS - I know very well that the terms in domain are such operations since the appearance of the first Android.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          As you probably figured out (or not happen) people are attached to this wonderful site we also have a personal life, family, friends, some have a wife and child. Recovered a video tutorial about 1 time is not very pleasant! Do not replace a bit wrong it takes very little time.
          If all you're funny, do well and answer the comments below. By this will prove to others that you're a craftsman. Destructive criticism and reviews data banter with airs of superiority, we are good at all or just that you are craftsman?
          Marian Istrate's question seems very interesting, how about you put?

          • 1. I see that you're less ironic than me ...
            2. To the question of Mr. Istrate Marian: There are many solutions, including an application called "fotakill". But I do not understand why the update to prevent these updates from the manufacturer are not made for the sake of achieving them but they fix some errors and make some improvements.

  11. Marian Istrate said

    I have a Nexus S i9023
    I did downgrade to 2.3.4. Immediately receive OTA upgrade to 4.0.4.
    What should I do to not get this upgrade? .... To my phone remain. the verse 2.3.4.
    Thank you.

  12. You could do a tutorial on how to root samsung i9070??

  13. Good evening!
    How to disable automatic updates of applications on a smartphone running Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2?

  14. An easier way to install the original android nexus is root toolkit program.

  15. Julian Artene said

    I have a tablet block model method and a kid who does not know the model applied. There are possibly reset method?
    Mention is a tablet DICREA TAB720.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Every device has a recovery mode that can be accessed through a combination of buttons. Now this combination of buttons varies from device to device and from manufacturer to manufacturer.
      From that you can reset the tablet recovery mode but you will lose everything on it (downloaded applications, files, accounts added)
      If you enter the wrong pattern too many times, you will be asked at some point google account and password, so you can gain access.
      I do not know to tell you which combination of keys to recovery mode because today I first heard about this tablet from some research I see that it's very popular and information about this tablet are very vague.

  16. About Windows 8 you doing?

  17. Christ, what keyboard of the PC?

  18. Hello, I would like to faco proposal tutorial ... I know that is not related to the topic of this tutorial and I apologize.
    I would like to make a tutorial for optimizing sites eg page loading optimization plung-ins for WordPress that make website to load repde.
    CloudFlare and ... I use on my website but I do not know if CloudFlare is set so well .. thanks in advance

  19. fail to see the galaxy s2 videotutorialul plus tried with mozilla, chrome and telefonului.flash browser player does not work on this device from what I inteles.astept a response from

    • Well I do not manage to see ... the guys from not up tutorials on YouTube and they work on any mobile device / tablet / smart tv. November stuffing must flash to see, no site IT & C uses JW Player not only the most popular YouTube they can see any video on any device or tablet / phone / tv smart. Cristi solve the problem and get Jw player guy that does not suck up everything on YouTube to see everyone on any device. Ala see only the PC with Jw player on the phone / tablet / smart tv or both.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Search our tutorials using the search box in the top right. "Install flash player on jelly bean" or "install flash player on kitkat" depending on the version of Android you have. Most likely you have Jelly Bean

      • I do not think you can install flash player on a Smart TV to see the content of the site, so make better and climb tutorials on YouTube to see the whole world from anywhere with any device.

  20. Mihai Pop said

    Please help me with an explanation:
    After you reinstall a stock rom Samsung a jelly bean, how do battery calibration? (Need calibration?)
    When I did the root, I had to do calibration with Battery Calibration app (works only with root) because otherwise the batteries in 1 day, although I did not use the phone at all.
    Thank you in advance.

  21. Cam tutorials thin lately.

  22. will salut.inainte all, appreciation for the work that you submit to us step by step, and in popular language, each solving a problem, or how to handle themselves with some programe.acum to get to the point : two days, avast me all warn that the block "a dangerous site or a file", no matter what web page access (even to you: D), look avast address written: "Infection Blocked
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    Infection: URL: Mal "I reinstalled avast, I tried with tdsskiller ... it's a stronger virus? One night before I installed 2 programs after watching some tutorials made by you (but I do not mean that they are the problem. I have avast on them: D, I use the mozzila, but i tried with it too. Google chrome, the same ... and the second problem that dates back to last year, right after installing a w8.1 (but on an unorthodox way, if I can say that). It appears that the windows is not activated, asks me to go into settings, But do not show me how many days I have left, after which I can activate it. Installation took place in mid-December. Otherwise the pc goes well with this w8.1, only the webcam do not know what I'm wrong when I want to open it. Maybe I do not have to reinstall the windows, because I do not really know how to find these troienies to find someone :) :)) Probably just snowed: I'm sorry, I do not want to kidnap you too much time, thank you for reading my message and waiting for an answer (maybe it was a helper) I welcomed you:)>

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  25. Leave an email to me at this address TEROG [Email protected]

  26. laurentiu said

    Hi, Congratulations to all faci.Succes further. I have a request, to help me with a problem. I have a Sam Gal S +, I9001, but if I changed the battery is discharged and moves slowly repedes. Want to tell me what I should do, for, to clean all programs, too many that's right, and installing a ROM monitor program to run certain programs saa not in background. What should I install to not have problems? Thank you for your response.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Incearcsa do these settings that give a restart smartphone:
      Go to Settings (Settings)> Apps (Applications)> touch Store Play> touch buttons below: "Stop forced", "cache", "Clear Data"

  27. Howdy,

    How do I install an app from Android Market that is not compatible with my tablet (nexus7)?
    I had installed Siri app worked protv and perfection, I reset the tablet and now tells me that my device is not compatible with.
    Thank you!

  28. Hi, I have a request if you know how to install android on htc windows mobile hd2 that has not want I do not know why you'd appreciate a tutorial step by fff pas.multumesc more
    We must understand that some programs on youtube but how to use .....?: (((

  29. Florin High said

    Hello, I have a problem when I try to do unroot and return to Android phone coming, well own a nexus and now have him 5 Android L (5.0) and try to return to 4.4.4 and I can not even with your version of Nexus root toolkit or have attached a picture of the error here in case someone can help me ...

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Use another image 4.4, or 4.4.2 4.4.3 and then do the update OTA directly from your phone to the latest version

  30. Dr. madalin said

    I have a htc one, how can I do this job tutorial on htc?

    • Looking for "HTC One M7 / M8 (you do not say what version you have) back to stock rom"

      • Dr. madalin said

        Hi, sorry to respond after a long time, yes I had no time. Well I 4.4.2 on it, I once tried to make them root and we did. Now I want to make them update and will not let me, I see a red triangle on it when I try to make them update. I can do?

        • Everything you did not say what version of HTC One, M7 (variant of 2013) or M8 (variant of 2014)? I think that if you tried to root Yorkers probably have unlocked bootloader and therefore you can not update because everything has to be stock.
          As I said the first time on XDA or Google search "HTC One M7 / M8 (depending on your version) back to stock rom"
          If you just unlocked the bootloader you can lock into place giving the command "fastboot oem lock" the ADB phone is connected to the PC via USB and is in fastboot. View as Christ did recently a flash tutorial on how UIM factory image on Nexus Android 5.0 4 which showed how unlocks and locks the bootloader. You can look at it to get an idea.
          I do not know what method you used to root the phone, if the bootloader is unlocked or not. What I wrote above are just assumptions. HTC One that I can help you more. Any action flash, root Risks that I think you already know. I or Videotutorial team are not responsible for any problems that may occur during the aforementioned actions.

          • Dr. madalin said

            I bootloader locked in place. I think that you want to know, in all it's a m7 versiunea4.20.901.17 primu now wants to do only root can update to the next version

  31. Hello. if you can help me and me, I tried to return to a stock rom nexux 7 5.1 because miam made to update and want to return to that my hard 4.3 has bugs. I followed your steps and you reach the end of step failed and gave me error was not working and I did many times this thing can not go all the android touch does not work.
    Please tell me what to do and how to do?

  32. marius said

    He went to hell my tablet ... .trebuia to say from the beginning UNLOKED pt. I had no idea what it means yet.
    I tried to make a downgrade to android nexus for making 7 automatically upgrade lolipop and went hard, now not go at all to get stuck in booting with the message "booting failed" and I think it's because I unlocked done before.
    If you still do tutorials for "Idiots" doer them even fuck the world, if you let yourself of this business.

  33. I unlocked developer Salut.dacă option means we lost security? I have a Samsung Galaxy s4.Mulţumesc!

    • No, you have not lost anything. If you still want to be all that before. Have Hidden options Developer go to the application manager-all application-settings-clear date.

  34. Prerequisites said

    Hello I want to revert to the old version of Android KitKat lolipop 4.4.4 5.0.2 from other cuv a downgrade. This action can be done without me complicate phone. Thank you!

  35. Prerequisites said

    I forgot to mention that I have an LG-d802 gb internal memory 16 I add something else I can use any firmware in this model range lg gb 16 if where I find the firmware after imii's my model?

  36. Prerequisites said

    Thank you!

  37. Hello
    I got a Nexus 7 2013 after what he did last up data after the restart stuck in the Google logo
    I tried almost all variants of both the Nexus toolkit and the ABD.
    Nexus Tolka tried to unblock so you can boot.
    locks every step you make. It is no longer as flash memory.
    tablet during operation have not tried to install another program, but only up to the required official data tablet.
    What you can recommend?

  38. hello, I have an Android tablet 4.4.4. Whenever I turn, I show some updates to unknown applications, something Slotman, questionable contents, etc. I tried to give factory defaults reset but does nothing. give the reset hole on the back, but restarts to its original state with those updates are installed. when I want to make him hard reset volume + and power my android icon appears with the message NO Command service. that would be the solution? thank you.

  39. Sall also help me ?? min cnv Allview x2 have a soul and everything restarts in continmuu ...... ..l tried to reinstall the android but can not enter the recovery mode ...... ajutatima please !!!

  40. Oprescu Horea said

    Samsung phones unlocked bootloader?

  41. hello i made a root on a samsung a5 2017, then i saw that it is not good that two applications do not go for safety reasons samgung pass and samsung health, i do not admit that i made the root on the phone i installed and the last android, I have deleted all root but you still do not go to the applications, in your video I understand you have to block the bootloander to get back to the factory settings, so I'm looking for files for my model I do not know what you say in the video but can not find me, you can help me please send an email in private


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