Signing free PDF printer and scanner

Signing free PDF printer or scanner
Lately, almost all public institutions, schools, hospitals, etc., using the Internet to publish forms, applications, etc. All preferred format is PDF, which is a very versatile and portable format.
The problem occurs when we have to put signature in a document in electronic format. How to sign a document that appears only on the screen?

The old method signature PDF!

1. download file
2. Print document
3. sign the document
4. Scan documents
5. send document

PDF signing new method!

1. download file
2. sign the document
3. send document

With the new method not only 3 go through steps, plus you do not need a printer and scanner that cost.
How sign a PDF?
First we need our signature on a piece of paper, then take a picture with signature and bring it to the desktop.
Using Adobe PDF, PDF document signature introduce super simple.
Instead of step 5, 3 just steps as Teleshop.
Like all speaking PDF, may be interested and Other tutorials PDF.

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  1. R Razvan said

    Hello, I have a samsung galaxy core sh 355h when I turn on the camera appears error "camera" I tried a factory reset, resetare_camera.apk camera fixed cm, and does not want. Moody when you do not want not want go go, what can I do? Thank you !

  2. Interested tutorial. But it cool before making tutorials longer when videotutorial began in 2008. I watch one head to tail all tutorials. Too bad no longer do so long before. It would be advisable to continue in this direction in the future. Cristi Congratulations! for all you do. They learn a lot from this project lefgat IT videotutorial.

    • From time to time stuffing and tutorials longer. Adrian did a preview yesterday 9 iOS, the operating system that comes on the iPhone and iPad soon.
      Tutorials are preferably longer when we have complex subjects. Now it was useless to chatter about something simple stupid (in the above tutorial #.
      We do not want to make long or short tutorials. We want to make long as necessary, so that the visitor to understand what it is and go cleared.
      Visitors must emphasize tendency to do skip-skip, or lack of time or lack of patience.
      We have a target set in stone, we want to climb useful content and easy to digest. That may mean tutorial short or long, depending on the topic.

      • smells of attempted false documents.
        anyone can photograph my signature on a record and put it on another I do not belong.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Seriously? When was the last time you were accepted documents held printer printed signature and made no pen?

        • It smells like ass! I smell barbecue thousand as tocamai have kindled!
          If you want to walk on the desks, to smell the fresh air there, go ahead.
          Who would make a false signature on an application or on a form.
          Perhaps you realize that you can not get from the bank euros signature online.
          False… giizăs / ou mai gad!

  3. sapunell said

    Cristy Windows 10 what's the word?

    • Windows 10 is almost over and I will make a presentation soon. You've already seen a bit in this tutorial, what the new icons in "This PC" look like, the former "My Computer".

  4. I made a little larger signature on a paper with pencils, I scanato printer, and I editato a bit. He went super.

  5. Very useful, really I did not know that I can sign this way although many use digital invoices.
    A better idea is if you have a printer scanner, to scan signature instead of a photograph.

  6. Florian said

    Andrew: you did skip the text?
    Cristy said quite clearly that this lack Facer in printer and scanner.
    I intales that even I am not really computer.

  7. I use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and I can not manage! It seems that the new version of the software is Adobe XI. How do I use signatures previously photographed and entered as a pdf file. To me that is not like tutorial.

  8. Boncila said

    Cristi this way can and signature on a document format word !!!!

  9. A comment and a question:
    I noticed that you made the signature in blue. Sometimes, this is exactly what is required (not in black!) On some documents. I don't know, maybe for more authenticity. When you imported it into "pdf", it "turned" black.
    I suspect there is a "convert Fill & Sign to Black & White" setting.
    Could the "blue" signature be imported without that rectangular spot (signature background), probably gray?

    • This program reads the signature and adjusts image contrast so as to isolate the signature without the piece of paper.
      If you have a good camera, you can overexpose the picture; This will only signature piece of paper and will not see being overexposed. Now I hope I stay and color, if programu Adobe Reader will no longer apply excessive contrast.

  10. I am interested in me a program that reads PDF but that bcompletez and attach a stamp for a tablet samsung tab

  11. Hello, very interesting, but there is the possibility to sign a PDF on every page that has more pages?

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