Google Lens Real Use Tutorial - The AI ​​in Our Hand

What is the Google Lens actual use tutorial about? In this tutorial I will show you the actual usage of Google Lens. Ways that everyone can use every day, to gather information faster and to streamline certain tasks. What is Google Lens? Google Lens can't really be placed in a category [Read more...]

Signed with the phone on the statement at your own risk

Signature with the phone on the statement What is this video tutorial about (signature with the phone on the statement)? Today I will show you how to make the signature posed with the phone on the declaration on your own responsibility, because the last method is not so OK. Last time, in the video tutorial Declaration on your own responsibility holographic signature… [Read more...]

The best wireless printer or multifunction laser

The best wireless laser printer or multifunction When it comes to printers and scanners, the market is full of all kinds of products, and users are really confused. We basically have laser and jet printers, or multifunctional laser or jet printers. Color or monochrome, now depends on everyone's needs. Advantages of JET printers (ink) 1. I am very… [Read more...]

PhotoScan digitize old photos and share on Facebook

PhotoScan digitizes and shares old photos on Facebook. PhotoScan is a new application from Google, which digitizes our old photos, taken on photo paper. Specifically, for those who don't know, this app can scan your older photos and turn them into digital format so you can keep them on your PC or share them on… [Read more...]

Signing free PDF printer and scanner

PDF signing without printer or scanner Lately, almost all public institutions, schools, hospitals, etc., use the Internet to publish forms, applications, etc. Everyone's favorite format is PDF, which is a portable and very versatile format. The problem arises when we have to put the signature in a document in electronic format. How to sign… [Read more...]

Printer or multifunctional laser or jet purchase guide - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about printers, scanners and multifunction, it will be a buying guide for those who want to buy a printer / multifunction or change the old one. There are two types of printers, inkjet and laser (laser or led). Inkjet printers are cheaper at the time of purchase, from [Read more...]

Fast document and image scanning directly in PDF format - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will see how to scan documents and images directly in PDF format, ie we will make (we will scan) directly a PDF document with several pages instead of several TIF files, PNG JPG, etc. For this operation we will use only one software, it is free and comes with HP drivers, if we have requests from you we will do with a… [Read more...]