Transforming Speech into Computer Text - Dictation for PC

Transforming Speech into Computer Text - Dictation for PC

Transforming Speech into Computer Text - Dictation for PC

If last time I introduced you Text to Speech, today we have a Speech to Text service, that is, the transformation of speech into text.
Translating speech into text is extremely important in many applications, but especially in the user interface and assistant type.

Transforming speech into text

I have even presented you a few this service like Speech to Text, but in the meantime it has improved a lot and I thought it deserves our attention again.
It's a free service that you can use in your Google Chrome browser. Dictation is based on Google Voice Recognition, which is why it works so well.

How Good Does Speech Work with Dictation Text?
Last time the dictation service was quite spartan (now about 5 years), and did not offer anyone who knows what options. Now we have support for punctuation, voice commands for various actions and even smileys.

What interesting options does Dictation have for us?
1. Support for Romanian
2. Support for diacritical recognition from dictation
3. Voice commands for new paragraph, dictation start-stop, etc.
4. Support for punctuation in English, but goes to dictation in Romanian
5. Multiple export options: clipboard, save on pc, share online, print, etc

My conclusions:
When converting text into speech with, it works well if you pronounce correctly and press the words. If you adopt a bored tone, then the service does not recognize the words perfectly, but it will still recognize them for the most part. Another strange thing is that you have to wait until the sentence is written before you issue the command for the punctuation marks.
I do not know how it will work with regional accents (Transylvanian, Moldovan, etc.), I expect your views.
With this money… .. (free)

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Transforming speech into text on the computer - dictation for PC - video tutorial

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  1. Thanks a lot, I was just thinking how to do that.
    But a program that turns into text that is spoken on a computer (eg a commentator) does not know?

  2. The hottest phase, I really need it and it helps me immense. Thank you very much for the tutorial.

  3. Thank you.

  4. Thanks a lot ! Excellent!

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    • You will never start the window on it if you put it in another laptop only if you reinstall the windows again because when it was installed this windows was recognized by that system ie the laptop from which it - I did

  6. Merci.Hardul I turned it into an external hard disk 1tb.Si is also free

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    so show
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  8. I tried on my laptop but it does not work. what can I do?

  9. liana maria simonetti said

    how can the speech in the duolingo be transformed?

  10. liana maria simonetti said

    transforming speech into text can be done on whatsup?

  11. Bogdan Cozgarea said

    I would be curious if he also spells correctly. Can it make the difference between or and have? in the demonstration text these spellings were skillfully avoided…

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