Windows 10 Pro RETAIL 40 Lei - the key you get instantly - TRIED

Windows 10 Pro RETAIL 40 Lei

What is the Windows 10 Pro RETAIL 40 Lei tutorial about?

In this video tutorial, which is not really a tutorial but more of an information, I will present you a site where you can buy the Windows 10 Pro RETAIL license for only 40 lei. REPEAT RETAIL license, not OEM.

What is the difference between RETAIL and OEM licenses

OEM - is a single-use license, which can be used only once, on a single PC - it "sticks" to hardware

RETAIL - is the license that can be reused, but can be installed on a single PC - does not "stick" to hardware

Where do they get so many licenses from?

Lately I have witnessed an explosion of sites that sell retail licenses.

I didn't ask where those sites got so many licenses from.

I haven't come up with an answer, but I suspect something.

Considering the way of activating the licenses, or rather, the way of reactivation, I suspect that these are licenses "reused" from disused hardware or reinstalled with Linux or another OS.

How to use the key and how to activate the license.

The moment you buy the license, you will immediately receive an activation key in your account and by email.

Windows 10 Pro RETAIL 40 Lei

- Windows 10 Pro RETAIL -

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You use the key to activate Windows in Settings / Update and Security / Activation, but ATTENTION, the key will not work and this is normal, do not be scared.

The next step is to go to Settings / Update and security / Activation and here choose activation by phone. After that, choose the country and some phone numbers and a long code will be displayed on the screen.

Call one of the phone numbers and follow the steps. At some point they will ask you for that long code. Enter the code and follow the robot's steps, and when it asks you on how many PCs the key has been activated, they want you to choose "1".

Finally you will receive another long code that you have to enter in the fields of the activation form and finally press the activation button and you're done.

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Video tutorial - Windows 10 Pro RETAIL 40 Lei

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  1. Any windows once activated by serial key, it will remain permanently activated… Microsoft will never deactivate a windows that has gone through the activation process… ..The only problem would be that when a new install of windows the serial is blocked and no longer the activation process passes… but in order not to have this problem, back up to windows immediately after activating it (Cristii did a lot of tutorials on how to backup to windows using different programs or even the program from windows10).
    PS Thanks for the tip with the purchase of the Cristi license.

  2. There is a windows activation mode that remains even if you reinstall windows several times (including the hard drive format), so you won't have to reactivate windows every time you install it. All you have to do is connect to the internet from the second installation onwards.

  3. Can it also be used for a laptop that I will use in a company?

  4. sal tell me please download win 10 from microsoft is now with 20H update… .sa without? can you do a tutorial about this… .that we need to move to 20H… .ms much


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