Write protected USB drive FIX (final solution)

Troubleshooting “USB Drive is Write Protected!
Hi friends, some time ago I made a tutorial in which we solved issue a USB stick detected. On the comments box of that article you posted many of you problems you encounter with some sticks write protected, meaning sticks that you can not write, can not be made and can not delete files, and any your attempt to resolve the problem failed.
Today, in fact, for about 2 days I have been trying to repair a stick write protected, and today I can easily say that I managed to solve this problem: "USB DRIVE IS WRITE PROTECTED".
I've tried dozens of methods to unlock the USB stick:
1. I tried DISKPART, Utility in CMD.
2. I tried HP USB Format tool.
3. I tried to change the value in the registry "WriteProtect = 0"
4. I tried Acronis Disk Director
5. I tried Easeus Partition Master
6. I tried CyberLink Wizard
But what the hell did I not try? The result was the same, NOTHING!
Finally I tried with Ubuntu and finally I solved the problem with "USB Drive is Write Protected"
How did it come to this?
I lent the USB stick to an acquaintance and when I received it back it had this "Disk is Write Protected" problem and I couldn't delete files, I couldn't format the stick, I could only read the files.
How did I get rid of "USB Drive is Write Protected"?
1. I inserted Ubuntu on a memory card (it can be on a USB stick) with rufus (Tutorial is Windows, but it works the same for Ubuntu).
2. I booted from the USB card with Ubuntu (or from the stick) and started Ubuntu in "Try Ubuntu" mode (live mode), this way it does not install but runs live (windows is not affected).
3. I removed the USB stick and I reintroduced.
4. I've started GParted and formatted FAT32.
5. SUCCESS, I grabbed "USB Drive is Write Protected"

Write Protected FIX - video tutorial

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  1. caisinDonici said

    very useful, but I have another problem related to the keyboard that I feel like biting it with my teeth, that is… when I press the M key it writes 0 [zero] J-appears 1, k-2, l-3, i-5, o- 6, u-4, I don't know what else to do, there may be a combination of keys but I don't know, please help, I have 7-bit win32, asus x301A. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

    • Ovidiu CT said

      Asus X301A does not have a numeric keypad (like the standard keyboards on the right), those numeric keys are implemented on the letter keyboard (key J has 1, key K has 2, key L has 3…). Their use (of numbers) is done together with the Fn (Function) key on the bottom left of the keyboard (eg: for 1 press Fn and J, for 2 press Fn and K…). The problem occurs when the computer starts with the Num Lock option enabled in the Bios or system. The system thinks that the keyboard also has the numeric keys on the right, but they do not exist there but on the keys with letters, these (letters) are replaced with numbers (as if the Fn key were pressed).
      The solution is disabling the Num Lock, first keypad (Num Lock key is Num Lk or somewhere in the top right) and then Bios tweakuit times with any software directly from the system.

  2. What if I accidentally deleted Android tablet?

  3. What ubuntu series did you use, because there are more 9, 10,… evenings.

  4. cristi know what has happened with usb probably usb and copied something after a power failure, so it happened to me

    • I do not know exactly what happened, because I stick to someone borrowed and when I returned it was ready broken.
      So I have not broken it.

      • Not twisted but bored :)).
        I have a stick with 2 partitions one protected by a company that puts their shit commercial and 8g free for me ie it can delete the add format.
        The question how do I do the same thing and cuy that 1 giga partition looks like but I think it's 4 giga that has commercials with Full HD video files and lots more.
        I can copy them to the system so I can not delete them to format that partition or add something to it.
        The idea is I want to make a win7 bottle to install from it and make it no longer able to delete or add files so I will not be able to take viruses on the stick that I use it for installation and I will not be able to format adds something to it, etc.
        For me it would be useful if this thing can not be formatted add or delete

  5. And I am owner of a Sony Xperia u videotutorial team and even if I want to be able to r this year 2015 phone can unlock to botloaderu and I somehow install a cyanonged verisune the way would be a wonderful way Dome .. Cristi Cismaru have not heard anything about unlocking botloaderului us know that you say it like you want to install cyanongenmod dumnevostra please ... I wish you a lot of soul shall continue suucces videotutorial team.

    • And I am owner of a Sony Xperia U and I really like the team if there could videotutorial this phone in 2015 to somehow botloaderu can unlock and install a verisune of cyanonged I would be a wonderful way .. way Dome Cismaru have not heard anything about Cristi release botloaderului us know that you say it like you want to install cyanongenmod dumnevostra please ... I wish more of soul shall continue suucces videotutorial team. Please do not answer me this question anyone ??

  6. Cristi Disagree with rufus not going to do any bootable operating system on stik. eg if you do with ubuntu and opensuse unebootin will be broken but the image will be created and therefore will crash when booting the system stik (applies to other Linux distributions). Therefore they have to imagiewhrite sites. So do not say you can do any operating system with rufus. and can be done in this operation and the windows cmd but it's more complicated. as I had similar problem and I solved the win. at least in my work. and going from app to format any linux distribution Stik so

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Argue useless! Examine the problem better!

      • I said in my case. now it depends on what's stik and crashed him. this does not mean that in the case of @Cristi went. but yes most sikuri and memory cards can fix just to speak with linux

        • Adrian Gudus said

          You know very well what I mean! Rufus can put any Linux or Windows operating system on a stick. Do you pretend you don't know what topic you're contradicting Cristi on? Read your comment above, I quote: "… so don't say you can do any rufus operating system…" or "Cristi contradict you with rufus it doesn't work to make any bootable operating system on the stick."

          • adrian I thought you meant usb stik I said 2 mentions. and put you opensuse with rufus and Tell me if you go to boot from that stik done rufus. and try several operating systems to put him going to see some others not. try more. one thing and one thing to put them to work to boot. opensuse read and clearly tells you that if you do not use that software imagewrithe if written correctly. will create a broken image. and explains there that do not know what IDUs. vb I thought I had a problem like that, do not just say you contradict crystals or adrian. Tell me if tests and then put to work and you can boot successfully install any operating system rufust. I test linux distributions and some do not go deadracu made on stik bootable anything. but give really good rufus good win for linux distributions but do not go any distribution with him. As with unebootin not going to do any Linux bootable. repeat testing the multiple systems to make bootable linux and zimi if you want to successfully drive to boot you can install

          • Oracle VM VirtualBox and guaranteed metrics

      • daniel kooll said

        I wanted which is protected format 32gb fat4 USB stick with Ubuntu gives me an error bug found Libparted
        Input / output error during write on / dev / sdf

    • Creating a bootable stick with rufus is just a variant of many altele.Dacă do not go with him trying to Universal-USB-Installer-

  7. With diskpart (Windows) you tried?

  8. Mr. greet you with respect. Cristi
    I also have a problem with a corsair ssd that is no longer seen in any operating system. It wasn't used too much, it was a win. on him so from a reinstallation the problem appeared. Can your solution in this tutorial help me? Or maybe you're giving me such an idea. I've already switched it to "deceased" but I repeat, it hasn't been used for a year with widdws, it's likely that when it was reinstalled windows it was wrong or I don't know exactly what happened because it's never seen again a form.

  9. Joseph Gajac said

    This method does not work! error input / output error during write on / dev / sde

  10. Libparted Bug Found!
    Can't write to / dev / sde, because it is open read-only.
    I still can not make this stick.

  11. Hello everybody! Cristi, I also have a proposal for a tutorial, namely: to make a final tutorial on how we can solve the problem with the Limited Collection (LIMITED) on Windows 8.1 because I tried all the options after this earth but… damn it doesn't work … .Maybe you help me… I would be grateful… ..Like…… .I got my router in vain: (… I have an ACER E 15-511-C79F Laptop with Windows 8.1 Preinstalled and I don't want to change windows because … If it's still original… it doesn't make sense ..
    I'd owe ..

  12. Joseph Gajac said

    Just like he says…. zame77 Libparted Bug Found! input / output error during write on / dev / sde
    I tried astazi..dar all in vain!

    • Try to dismantle the stick as I did.
      After start Ubuntu LIVE mode:
      1. Right click on the stick, Eject
      2. Disconnect the "physical" stick
      3. Put him back
      4. GParted start, make sure he sees it and start to format.
      If this does not work or it may be a hardware malfunction.
      In the tutorial I specified that my stick was not working on Windows, the rest went on any other operating system.
      If your stick does not work on any operating system (to put files on it, to delete, etc.), then it may be a hardware malfunction.

      • ubuntu can run it in Oracle VM VirtualBox? or must I put it on the stick?
        And I also unlocked a 64 gb stick that no longer worked formatted. After formatting the big surprise in the system is 126gb lool :)) and it works without problems :)) I think it was blocked by the factory, ie limited to 64gb. The stick is taken from Germany and now it looks like this used space 98.242.560 bytes, ie 93.6MB useful space "free" | 136.230.989.824 bytes meaning 126GB. dec 3 times formatted and nothing the capacity remained at 126GB supoer hard :)) I put files over 64GB believing that it shows the capacity with error but in fact still 64GB has but 100 GB put on elk successfully and free space left 26GB idem without error works copied or deleted without showing signs of file corruption so what is unclear with this memory? Was it limited by the manufacturer to 64GB even though it was bigger? I don't think of another option because if the memory was 64 it couldn't physically double :)) and I don't have the intervention to add another internal memory memor I don't even know if it has free add space :))

    • Try and Formatter2.9.1.8A and eventually it before you unlock it with IObitUnlocker.

  13. Bad child said

    My sense is that this tutorial is butaforie. At the start I did not see any moment GParted read-only stick, but a stick unallocated, ie no partition on it. Well sir author of the tutorial I thought you said that you can read the data from the old times to stick it to the first release of GParted partition ought to see old fat32 especially since the first launch was made with stick mounted. In these circumstances I think all acknowledge that this video was made using your functional stick to whom you previously shaved partition. I would be curious to know how many were able to do something with a stick said read-only (that red dot were talking and not you tell us how you escaped) using this method. And I tried all the methods listed above are not viable or not viable exposed that there are some models that allow blank area controlled by applying voltages to certain areas of the chip but in most cases result in a compromise stick.

    • Mr. "CopilRau", I said in the tutorial that this error cannot be recreated so easily and what I did there is the process in half. That's because I tried several methods and the last one worked. If it worked, it's obvious he fixed my stick.
      It is like when you fall off a building and escaped miraculously. Of course you do not want to show friends how I happened, jumping again.
      What happened to my stick was not exactly a "bug" that you can repeat, because I do not know exactly how it happened.
      I hope you understand "Bad Child" now.

  14. laurentiu said

    Hi guys. I can't see your tutorials on a nexus 4 with lollipop. Some older ones don't work, and the ones that don't work ask me to install flash player. I installed it and it says that the phone is not compatible. I tried the version presented by you with the dolphin browser and nothing. It shows me that it charges and does not start at all, the phone is placed very close to the wireless (the net works as the computer works). And on youtube it does the same and most tutorials do not work. would there be any problems with the pre-installed flash player from chrome? Could it be a problem from the latest version of android (so I took the phone I don't know how it was on the kit kat)? Could it be the phone's fault? I did not install anything on it except a google account. If I install cyanogenmod can I get rid of the problem? I'm desperately sorry lollipop at least on the agenda too many popcorn, circles… ..I saw your tutorial with the return to an older android, but honestly more I would try the recommendation of Cristi the one with cyanogenmod.Thanks in advance for the answer.I know it does not have link to this tutorial and I'm sorry I posted here, but I don't think you have time to read all the comments from all the video tutorials.

    • Tutorials are older and just go on stream in flash.
      At the moment we are testing with HTML5 (tutorials us) when we finish testing period, we will pass on all the HTML5.
      There are technical things that prevent us move exclusively on HTML5. Browsers are not yet ready and we do not want to ruin the user experience.
      In our tutorials is loaded extremely well in flash and so we want to intmple and-n HTML5 unfortunately HTML5 have long to recover. RTMP and RTSP support is almost nonexistent, video and audio codec support in browsers is limited.
      That is the format war and we are caught in the middle between Adobe, Google, Apple, Microsoft does not want to give up, to quit them.
      It would be a lot to say and believe us as we are frustrated, more frustrated than you.
      Hopefully things will be clarified soon and streaming can be made easily in any browser on the market.
      In the meantime you can use Puffin Browser Android and for iOS (iPhone and iPad)That allows you to have Flash content on your phone or tablet.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        Mr. Laurentiu attention. You can post your comment quiet right place at the tutorial explaining the subject close to your problem. Your comments see them all in one place, centralized. No need to go to every tutorial in hand to read them and to answer your questions. We answer in one place and the remaining components and modules on the site deals with placing their automatic right place. Will not worry. You can comment and our first video tutorial of 2008!

  15. I know this is of topic, but please make a video installation on android 5.0 .Succes further Pc

    • Lolipop not bring any advantage to those who use it on PC, the benefits are available for phones.
      PC is as good KitKat or ICS.
      Besides Lolipop it has not been ported well on phones but on PC?
      Is a newly released OS too. It must pass some time that developers have time to adjust it properly, otherwise it will not go well at all.

    • It has not yet emerged from the PC version Android 5. Android's 4.4.2 x86 max. There are still many problems with programs that will only screen height and with Flash in browsers.

  16. Costelina said

    Hello guys
    for easier navigation at the bottom of what is no longer butobul home?
    I read some comments in this article about flash player
    Who knows (if users who know very well when to shut up if you do not bring anything useful)
    desktop (no matter what OS) when you start a video on youtube if you plan to watch it
    fullscreen he offers to play it in HD; if the hardware is weak adunci a go crazy
    image or sound does not sync after a while to load and figures that's why sit
    what to do :
    right player is a mechanical wheel (what settings) click on that wheel and uncheck HD and put some lower values ​​(480p 360p) then put the video on pause 3-4 seconds
    and then you play and you can put it in full screen smoothly

  17. Hello everybody!
    I stick presentation with filmuletze 4 from a big company. It can read everything but can not write / format!
    I followed step by step tutorial.
    —— Libparted Bug Found!
    Can't write to /dev/sde,….———
    Unfortunately, in my case, the presented method does not work!
    Thanks for your effort!

    • :)) this problem I have with a stick has 2 partitions one protected with shit video ads and 2 of 8g left to be used.
      I have not yet been able to delete formats and unlock the 1 partition with their shit ads.

  18. Very useful tutorial, it is not surprising that windows did not "know" how to fix your stick, but I was surprised that steps 4,5 and 6 did not work but ubuntu succeeded. I also had this problem a year ago with a 4 gb stick but the problem was a little more serious, apparently its software was affected because I took it out of the computer while copying some pictures. After that I connected it again to another computer and when I tried to delete the contents of the stick I received the error "USB DRIVE IS WRITE PROTECTED". I thought it was windows to blame and I tried to format it from some linux distributions (ubuntu, linux mint) but it still failed so I went back to windows and started looking on the net. I found a program (ChipCenius) with which I found out the ID and PID of the device which I then used to find a compatible software which I then flashed on the stick in a few minutes and tadam was going like the first day. But I do not recommend this method until the last resort and with the risk of damaging your stick permanently if you do not flash what you need.
    Keep it with tutorials so on!

  19. There is no media in the Specified device. That appears to me to a USB stick can do something?

  20. Marian Iuhas said

    Hello !
    I kindly ask you to give me advice on the issue following:
    I have a Samsung micro SD card of 32 G, with class 10, on which I can delete, I can format, I can write any information about 10 - 12 G. more whatever I would write the folders appear but they are empty. I just tried to put movies without folders. receives as I said about 10 -12 G, then what I put later sees them put, occupies the memory [of the 32 G] related but can not be opened - the TV on which I watch movies shows me that the files are corrupt, and the laptop player does not open them. and after 2-3 minutes it gives me an error.
    I tried to use it in another adapter. amincercat to use it in another READ card. it
    behave the same.
    I made steps in the tutorial in which you indicated formatting a stick that has write-protected files. it is not now [I never used Ubuntu or Linux which I guess is aceelasi thing] but the previous one. frmatat was slightly longer time but the surgery went smoothly.
    It might have bad links so high ???
    I have not used intensively, and has a maximum of 2 years since I got it.
    I and other memory cards that behave normally.
    waiting for your advice! thank you in advance !!!

  21. salut.am 16 gb stick and tried him in ensemble mode (cmd and ubuntu gparted) and I reusit.imi gparted says in the file system / unknown and fail to him any way partitionez.exista rewriting software / drivers, etc. of a stick? thank you and please help me through mail if you know something.

  22. mocanu florin said

    Hi, I watched with great interest some of the tutorials yourself that are very interesting but I come with a problem, I have a stick that I formatted in not remember how many ways, PC software reads it and any other device can put files on it without problems, they use more ptr dar..eu music, so all the songs placed on this stick, are not read normal! I use the car with an FM modulator after you start a song , that song is repeated endlessly until I change it, otherwise it goes to urmatoarea..ce can do to fix this problem? be on my pc, I w7 on it, but until I've had such DHW problems!

    • Costelina said

      copy music from stick in PC (in case you have not)
      Stick formats in fat 32
      stick without copy music folders (select all mp3 sites right click the drive and then right click copy paste)

  23. george eduard said

    sal how you got out of that bubble? It appears to me as a red dot rid of it?

  24. Hello,
    nor ubuntu fail to give him head on this stick, I see fat16si appears formatted as it can not pass 32
    I think the only solution instead of format is "crushed"
    if you wait suggestions: d

  25. Jiglau BOGDAN said


    So I recommend DIN Disk Management FORMAT PROBLEMS AND THEN YOU CAN DO NOT FORMAT OF MyComputer.
    1.SALVAEAZATI pictures ON PC
    3FORMATARE FAT32 OF MyComputer

  26. Can I use a virtual machine instead of live mode?

  27. Hello

    I tried on Linux with a stick kingston 3.0 dt100 g3
    do you know any solution?
    thank you

  28. and it does not work
    I forgot to fill

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