WiFi signal amplification weak

WiFi signal amplification weak

WiFi signal amplification weak

WiFi signal amplification weak

Today wireless is almost indispensable, and when it breaks down, we realize how important it is to have a stable Wi-Fi signal.
Today I will try to offer some solutions to weak wifi signal amplification.
At the outset I must say that the bandwidth can not great, but the signal coverage.
The fastest solution for weak signal amplification is repeated network using a Wi-Fi repeter.
What is a wireless repeater?
Wireless network repeater cloned and gives further. Thus we get an area with better coverage.
Repeater downside is that other guests can use the repeater automatically and thus will decrease machine performance, especially if it is cheap.
Wireless WAN
The most effective solution is Wireless WAN. This implementation maintains all the functions of a router and the router also allows us to connect to the internet via wi-fi. Unfortunately Wireless WAN function is present on all routers.
I worked router tutorial Netis model WF2412, Which I did a tutorial / presentation. This is a router / repeater perfect for holiday or for those who want a small and versatile device.
The story!
I'm on vacation in a location with Wi-Fi largely poor. Net mobile site I spent the first few days after I was forced to use wireless in the establishment.

In any location where there are several Wi-Fi networks, interference and dead spots occur which are not covered by the signal. If amplify the signal, you only worsen the situation.
The solution for me at least, was to use the router Netis WF2412, To create my own network, which connects via wi-fi network from the nearest stable. I originally wanted to use the repeater function, but soon 24 customers were riding Netis poor because repeater mode, the router becomes a slave Netis main router nearby and all clients connect to it.
Now I have decent net, any 3 Mbps (do not laugh), but at least it is stable.
Of course, if I had the router Asus AC56U, Things were much better, I think we touched and 3.5 Mbps!
I can not wait to get back to my fiber.

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  1. Hello . What do you think of this antenna? Alfa AWUS039NH:
    It looks pretty strong. I had AWUS051NH of 500mW and catch a wireless network from any 250 meters.
    6.8 that the W must be hard.
    the problem is not found on the website producer. nor support aircrack does not.

  2. Cristi if we house the main router from WAN, LAN port and a draw cord around the garden to another wireless router, how should I set the router 2 century?

  3. Well done, Cristi, you don't leave us without information even on vacation! 🙂 How useful this tutorial would have been to me a month ago, when I was on vacation… No worries, I'm thinking about it for next time.
    Pleasant holiday and get well and return with batteries charged!

    • Now my idea, now I do. I suspect that many people have the same problem. It seems that managers hotels / pensions / resort sites do everything possible to have the silly wifi networks in the world.

      • In my case, I found written on the hotel website that they have free and unlimited wireless, and this was difficult in choosing the hotel. Free internet was embarrassingly weak, they offered you ok internet instead, but for a fee. Marketing as ...

  4. Hi this is the same range reapeter extnder? Merci beaucoup

  5. Specifically if we do not mind the router downstairs and bedrooms above is pretty weak semnalu what should I buy this product or range extender Thank you Beautifully presented

    • If you go up the router, you have the mark and up and down. Give it a try before spending money on range extender.
      If you still want to buy something, try to find a repeater or range extender, but to be the same brand as your router.

      • if the wireless signal does not go up enough from the bottom up, will it go down high enough down the same distance and through the same walls? I really didn't do this test…

        • To cover a larger area, you should position the router higher, the center of the building.
          Wifi waves are like spheres, and when the router is placed downstairs, the scope is smaller. In addition, downstairs are several sources of interference: microwave, refrigerator, televisions, radios, etc.
          Try to do so before an expense that may prove unwarranted.

  6. Merci beaucoup .

  7. Dobrescu Nutu said

    Salt Cristi. Thanks for all the information here. Please tell me where I'm wrong. I have an Asus DSL-AC68U. And I want to make a WI FI repeater with Asus WL-330N3G. Although everything seems to work properly (ie the network is repeatedly "connected" on the WL-330N3G) when I connect to the set network, it can not assign the IP of the device (eg Note 3). I do not understand where this conflict comes from. At the repeater I have disable DHCP, and in ASUS DSL-AC68U I have manually assigned IPs in the DHCP server for all WIFI devices in the house. Information: Telekom provider and the manually allocated DHCP range in ASUS DSL_AC68U is from 192.168.100 to… .115. Do I need to make another setting on the ASUS DSL_AC68U main router?

    • For an experience as solid tie two cable router on the LAN's AC68, and put two router in AP mode.
      Conflicts arise and the firewall, UPnP, and other functions that modern routers have.
      If you put 2 router in AP mode, you get rid of many headaches.
      If you want to use both at once, and all their services, you will hit all kinds of problems.
      In a network, it's good to have a master equipment that makes all other slave devices that obey orders.
      It is easy to lose control of a network and make chaos.
      More briefly.
      At first router not walk at all.
      The router connects to two cable first and will be set in module AP (access point). And do not get headaches.

    • verify that the routers on the LAN to allocate IPs different classes (ex. if you assign one of the form:, the other to be different ex.

    • verify that the routers on the LAN to allocate IPs different classes (ex. if you assign one of the form:, the other to be different ex.

  8. Congratulations, finally a useful tutorial for users and more current.

  9. BaciuViorel said

    Hello Cristi please say what the difference is between the two routers Netis WF2412 and Netis WF2411 they have the same options antenna setup and configuration, we .eu net from a wireless router and is still Netis wf2471 give away any 100 yes meters from the router to me I want to put one of two models of routers Netis between me and the neighbor that I recommend it considering that will be installed outside a rain to snow but a shawl protect odd problem. And how do I set ADR advise me I saw a video tutorial from there to inspire me .Te kindly reply by email Thanks tr play

    • If we talk about distances, then the best are routers with external antennas. The internal antenna, are Mukta for apartment or small housing.
      The eexemplu I do not want to have coverage outside my yard. Ideally operasca wireless coverage to the fence.

  10. Cristi Hello! I think you can in an extender to configure your own network, where it was set on automatic give the manual and you put your own settings, I say this because I have done this with a asus she n66, I set as a range extender then when I ask me if I want to clone uncheck automatic network settings and put my new id and parola.Acum ss I want to ask you !? I connected the asus it in 66 from a neighbor through a wireless, I have a router ASUS DSL n55u I'd like to connect to this range extender asus it n66 all through a wireless, how should it connect since router dsl u n55 has no range extender option?

  11. and another perplexity I have !! that it n66 Asus gives me the opportunity to connect and 2,4 GHz 5ghz, we tested both cases 2,4 were connected and I look in the router neighbor in setting signal is full on 5ghz signal is only an internet line by going to Either way you .de on 5ghz field emission is higher and I'm too close to the neighbor's router?

  12. Good evening,
    I have a question. I have a TP-Link router with gigabit interface mounted on the lobby internet from RDS 300 mb. I want to have better signal in the living room. I'm going to buy the router's interface Netis model is only 2420 100 mb. I will not have problems with transfer rate? And repeater must have gigabit interface or not? Waiting for an answer, please? From whom knows. I would like to buy something I need. Thanks in advance for answers.

  13. Enjoyable holiday!

  14. Cristi I can help I have a problem with youtube I see only the comments you leave, but has no public or private option for commenting.
    When you are logged into YouTube account see the comment but after I left lam Joints not see your comment.

  15. Hello
    sorry for deviating from the subject… but I also have a problem…
    i installed windows 7 ultimate on a lenovo g50 and i don't have the usb driver and i can't find it on the lenovo site it didn't happen to me yet you can give me some advice please… and it doesn't work even after it got all the updates from microsoft
    thank you.

  16. Cristi easiest and most effective way would it not be a signal amplification antenna? I think it is more efficient and give greater acopererire.

  17. I managed in the end to make the new router to function as repeaters Netis 2420. It works perfectly, just like now, if I want to get on his web interface ( can not. There's interface can enter unless they reset the settings. I looked and the tutorial and I have found nothing in this regard. Please tell me what should I do? I unchecked the Wireless WAN interface to be on him, I left him wired.

  18. hello ribs
    I installed everything on their official page but USB still doesn't work and for usb3 it tells me that it doesn't have the necessary configuration… and also on their page it says that the usb3 driver must be run from the folder where the drivers are installed… but where is it installed ?? ?
    if you know anything… please help me ..

  19. not even with driver pack solution… I didn't succeed in anything ..

  20. Hello,
    I have a question.
    We have internet from a neighbor, without his will (ie steal) and can not understand why the signal fluctuates, BA is strong, ba is weak, I guess they did not walk around the house all day with your router.
    I mention that I bought a repeater and the signal is really good now, but I want to understand why wifi signal fluctuates.
    Thank you !

    • Wireless signal is not as light. Radio waves can be affected by various interferences; From electrical appliances, microwave or other connected devices. You'll never have stable long distance signal, especially if the signal goes through several obstacles.
      Ask the neighbor (beating his cheek) to position the router closer to you, and to stop using so much Internet
      Buy yourself a powerful router and uses it in repeater mode, range booster, wi-fi WAN bridge (if you do not want wireless).
      And take your neighbor to buy and he is more capable router. Do not look at the money

  21. Hello Cristi. I have a question, or maybe it's just an idea tutorial: Watch live conference. Wi-fi site is interrupt or become weak while watching. Can I use my phone samsung android 4 to take note of the wi-fi signal and had no enough time to automatically switch to the operator where I 4g data plan? So to supplement the wifi only when needed in real time. Thank you. (this is called load balancing?). Merci and other useful tutorials. Even watching

  22. Good Christ! Tell me please, I have someone in Aglia and a signal wiffi at a restaurant down is free, but the signal he does not have than near the window, you may catch more signal with an adapter, or have installed something? He needs phone signal, no laptop. You be helpful if you help me! Thank you very much !!!

  23. can put a router from another router, cable mainly comes semnalu city

  24. There is the possibility of using a smartphone instead of router? Specifically, the wireless phone I connect to a WiFi network, then I can set the phone HOTPOINT?

  25. Salut.am and I Netis wf2412 router and I want to broaden the reach of the telekom.am's wifi router Netis put in AP mode. And nothing I tried everything and nothing in the way I repetear signal from Netis but not net. I mean I did not give further internet. What happens?

  26. hello Christ. I got a few questions. we speak privately? thank you,

  27. Truck driver and are almost always catch wifi networks with weak signals that intrerupe.Am phone and tablet. What can I do? How to amplify the signal?

  28. Ionel Manea said

    My name Ionel Manea, please help me.
    Go in South Africa (I was) at the same hotel
    here I have problems with wi-fi reception, please tell me what
    You can buy adapter (even more expensive, allow me to Ron 300) to have better signal, I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop A500-138, Intel (R) Core (TM) Duo 2 processor: 2100 MHz
    Memory: 4096 MB RAM, Wireless: Intel: IEEE 802.11 a / g / n
    7 ultimate Windows.
    Thank you in advance

    • It's hard to say. Probably a range extender placed somewhere halfway through the distance (if not stealing) would be the best solution.
      You might as well use a lan power kit (One reception, one in the room), and in your room to put a safe access point, to have wireless.

  29. Hello. I have a misunderstanding, I read the comments but did not ask anyone what interests me.
    I want to make hotspot from your phone to the network 3G in England, just as day signal from the hotspot (the password can not connect one) is very weak probably because the majority use the internet 3G near, there are times when going passable.
    Now the question is: can amplify the signal with a range extender or repeater?
    What do you recommend? Please answer me what I really want you, it

  30. Laurentiu said

    There is something for signal amplification mobile

  31. From your tutorial I understand that this device is capable of taking the wireless signal from another router and repeating it (clones it). However, in the Netis router menu, the Repeater option only appears at Wired Access. If we select Wireless at WAN then we can not select Repeater again. I do not understand. Finally, with this router can you repeat (clone) a WiFi signal from another router or not? Should not Repeater be Wireless? (Unfortunately, even when testing with this router is blocked, it is the second router Netis, and the first one was broken, I did not manage to configure it, I do not know if it is worth trying with another one even though it is still in the warranty. I need to enlarge my WiFi area that I have from a main router. I do not want to emit a separate network, I just want an extension, a clone of the main WiFi signal). Thank you.

  32. Silviu said

    Newer I became a driver on a truck, usually parked beside the coffees where wifi is, I have to buy to catch a signal on the truck. It does not matter the price.

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