Calls and messages without GSM or WiFi, or school disaster

Calls and messages without GSM or WiFi

As you know, that two phones to make contact, we need a cellular network or WiFi internet connection. But what if a natural disaster, when mobile networks and the Internet no longer exists? Or maybe we want to communicate with phones connected directly to the school.
Fortunately there P2P communication solutions, ie from phone to phone, without needing cellular network connection (2G, 3G, 4G) or internet. The solution is Wi-Fi Direct, which connects phones at each other. The only downside would be working radius, which is dependent on the power transmitting and receiving mobile (approx 100m).
However, distance does not bother us when we want to use the connection in a small area such as at school, at work, in a place affected by earthquake, flood, etc.

How can communicate directly phones?

Connection method consists in using an application that will use Wi-Fi Direct or Wi-Fi network existence (when coverage may be higher).

What we need?

1. Wi-Fi Direct has about every Android phone
2. app Free Wi-Fi Talkie (Play store)

How to connect?

1. First connect phones via Wi-Fi Direct (see the tutorial). To eliminate any inconvenience, above all we disconnect from Wi-Fi networks.
2. Once you've connected phones via Wi-Fi Direct, we open the app on both phones and they will automatically see, being on the same network.
3. The application goes through Wi-Fi network, provided that the two phones to be connected to the same router.

What lies ahead?

If we look in the future we will see that the wifi coverage area will increase with the introduction of the 802.11 AY standard, with a frequency of 60 Ghz, which will reach up to 500m - 1Km, with a bandwidth of 20-40 Gbps.
Right now we have in mobile technology LTE DirectWhich could allow us to connect phones together over great distances, but unfortunately this kind of irritated technology providers who see how faltering, that would democratize connections.

What does it do Talkie Free Wi-Fi?

This application allows us to call, to be hailed, to send / receive messages and to send / receive files from phones that are connected, or to phones in the same wifi network, to which we are connected. Exactly is a full service communications, but without GSM or internet provider.
For fast transfer of files between two phones via Wi-Fi Direct, we an interesting tutorial mobile-phone transfer, and other equally interesting tutorial, transfer by Wi-Fi Direct between PC and phone.

What we can use Free Wi-Fi Talkie?

1. At school (for children)
2. In areas of earthquake / flood
3. In areas where no communications network

How can we make a network with greater coverage area for Wi-Fi Free Talkie?

We can build a Wi-Fi network with multiple access points and a central router (for single DHCP server). This network can scale as much as we want. It can be a kind of network installation / removal fast, which may take place in case of natural disaster area where everyone can connect and communicate with each other and with the authorities.
If you are passionate about this kind of guerilla methods of communication, recommend and Push To Talk tutorial, a kind of internet Talkie Walkie.

Calls and messages, without GSM or wifi - Video tutorial

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  1. Interestingly, I suspect that would be fully functional and between two vehicles in motion with the condition not to let off too much. Interestingly enough roaming for vehicles without radio station

  2. A better alternative is Serval Mesh. There Android app. It works on the same principle but is easier to configure. On their website you will find a list of natural disasters, where they offered their support.
    Such projects are always welcome.
    Good article, I would not have thought so combination!

  3. good idea so you can communicate in school or somewhere where you do not have good signal if the person across xe in action. and yes I for one would like to do and that tutorial.

    • Caline and you come with your Klingon language here. What understand from what you wrote: good signal or signal correctly is good or better. Learn Romanian language pal

      • "Caline and you come with your Klingon language… Learn Romanian, friend"…
        … Tu vi….
        I think we should more you learn and you !!!

    • Not to mention the mistake between the 2 words you wrote. "Range". You see that you forgot to use a "of" between the 2 words

      • May vadca kid you not have another job. veziti sf better your sites. and do not always useful cv comment oftopic oddball. e last time put you in mind. you can do on the Romanian profu until you can not. and so I can correct them all. and better respect the work of others and not to be commented comment

        • I have all respect for what Adrian Cristi and laying a long tutorials. Watching them since they appeared. But frankly your comments are more interesting as their tutorials. I am convinced that together by me and others laugh your comments. Even a VIDEOTUTORIAL you expect to hear you and your talk.

  4. Hi Cris some time I face a problema.O SENIOR wants to use a phone with android. The problem is that it pressed the home button several times during the call and thought it was closed. This has increased the bill. Do you think there is any solution to this problem.
    The phone is Vodafone Smart Android version is 4 and 4.2.2.

  5. Cristi, may God give you good health! Many thanks for the effort and work…, I have been watching for many years, and I still discover a lot… .things are clearly and objectively explained… .Thanks to you and the team! Alin.

  6. Mata Horia said

    How does “without GSM or wifi” in the title match “What we need: Wi-Fi Talkie Free app” and “Wi-Fi directly has just about any phone”? As in Hamlet: "To be or not to be"!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      When it is mentioned “without WiFi” (as explained in the tutorial) it refers to the fact that you do not have intermediaries, you do not need to be connected to a GSM or WiFi network.
      Make the difference between WiFi network and WiFi module using the phone.
      WiFi module have it anyway in your phone, ready for use. Connecting to a WiFi network involves using WiFi module of the device, there is a WiFi network connected to the Internet, knowing this password to log in, enter your password to connect to that network and connect

  7. pop vasile said

    Cristi, while a new tutorial mess ???

  8. Hello.

    Sorry for off-topic.
    I have a question. If I order oneplus3 in the USA and someone brings it to me, will it be compatible with the phone cards from Romania, 3g, 4g, or .., voda… etc? Or rather, is there any difference other than the price if I bring it from the states or order it for Europe from the site?

    Thank you very much!

    • Take care what you order from America (phones) especially…. First of all to be compatible with GSM technology…. (GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications, is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute …… Americans have other technology , CDMA if I'm not mistaken… don't waste your money,… you better order it from Europe.

  9. Something different and interesting. However, in situations like this it would not hurt to have some transmission and reception stations at hand. Those can take a few km, while the wifi range of the phones I do not think can exceed 100-150 m in the best possible case.

  10. CER a little help, I want a fanny pack I can put a CD CEVA esternal HDD, DV ETC. A LINC PLEASE.

  11. Please help me with some advice, I do not know what to buy (for games) thereof:
    1. ASUS Z170-A Socket LGA1151 with Intel Core i7-6700K 4GHz Skylake 8MB
    2. Asus X99 LGA2011-ATX II-DELUXE with Intel Core i3 7-6800-Core 3.4K 6GHz
    I do not really understand why X99 has 2 internet jacks?!?

    • Well first confguratie as the second motherboard does not support processor that is lga2011. The plugs are second in case it breaks one's x99.

      • Marius,
        I didn't understand you… the first configuration has LGA1151 the second one has LGA2-2011… the first configuration is with the mentioned processor… the second configuration has its processor… what are you talking about ???

  12. Hello Cristi, tell me please how find out exactly how often have you remain my laptop (for them not physically write in cpuz I do not say) and if we 2 slots rami of which 1 slot is occupied with a pleasant 2 rami and I have one free, is required to put maximum 2 like to see them (I read somewhere CICA) or to put and 4 or 8? On my plate write 2Gb 1Rx16 PC3L-12800S -11-12-C3. Dell inspiron laptop is model 3537. Please do yourself a little more time and answer me I do not know what the hell to buy. Thank you.

  13. I apologize that this tutorial is not related to my comment. It can ajuata anyone any advice? Phone card I have a folder containing movies, how I make a shortcut to this folder to be on the phone? Is there any software?

    • I was more interested and found: Open Android Market and search for "File Manager". Choose the file manager you want to install. There are a number of file managers that allow you to create shortcuts to system folders, movies, pictures; including "Astro File Manager," "OI File Manager," and "ES File Explorer."

  14. marinescu77 said

    good hard !!! MAESTRE're loud!

  15. Iulian said

    A very good application but it should be specified that the application does not work with Wi-Fi off. As you said in the tutorial, you do not use mobile or Wi-Fi networks, but it needs to be turned on. I tried this with two OnePlus One phones and Samsung S5 Mini.

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