The best wireless printer or multifunction laser

The best wireless printer or multifunction laser
When it comes to printers and scanners, the market is full of all sorts of products, and users are really embarrassed. Largely we have laser and jet printers, or multifunction laser or jet. Color or monochrome, now depends on the needs of each.

Advantages of JET printers (ink)

1. I'm very cheap
2. I can print on all sorts of materials

Disadvantages of JET printers (ink)

1. Cartridges are expensive
2. Big cost per page
3. You need black and color cartridges for any printing
4. The cartridges dry out over time

Advantages of LASER Printers

1. Low cost per page
2. The cartridges do not dry out
3. Fast print
4. Monochrome (black only)

What are multifunctionals?

A multifunction device is a device that has a printer and scanner, and can do several operations.

What can a multifunction to an ordinary printer do?

1. Copying documents without a PC (Xerox style)
2. Scanning documents in digital format
3. Scan documents into editable text with OCR
4. Scan old family photos for PC storage

What to choose between the jet and laser printer? Which is better, the jet or laser printer?

If you want a complete guide on purchasing a printer or a multifunction machine, differences between technologies, etc, I invite you to watch printer purchase guide.

Samsung M2070W - Multifunction Wireless Laser
Samsung Laser Printers and Multifunction
Printers and Multifunction Laser with Wireless

The tutorial multifunction (Samsung SL-M2070W) is a monochrome laser model, ie it only prints black. In addition, M2070W also has wireless, which means we can connect to it wirelessly.

Wireless connection to Samsung M2070W is done in two ways:
1. Connect to the local network, that is, the router
2. Connect via Wi-Fi Direct, that is without a router

No matter how you connect to your Samsung printer or multifunction printer, you need Samsung applications for PC or Mobile.
For PC
for Android
For iOS

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The best printer or multifunctional wireless laser - video tutorial

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  1. Good evening, this printer prints both color and black and white

  2. My opinion is that the printers / multifunctionals that have now appeared on the market (with CISS) are very advantageous. I have one, a 2-year-old Canon, for which I paid 1000 lei and another 150 lei for ink (each color - red, blue, yellow, black - 1 liter each). For 2 years I have published about 4000-5000 pages and I am very satisfied. Now I bought 1 liter of black again (it runs out the fastest, it comes)
    I think, however, that it has a disadvantage: in photos, it does not take out the vivid colors, as does a normal cartridge printer.

    In other words, I'm very excited about this site. I have learned a great deal over the years since my subscription to this site. You are the right people in the right place. Have health, so you can continue.

  3. picu viorel said

    Hello Cristi,
    I have this printer but withoutW (so only by cable) and went pretty well with the original toner. After I finished the original dust I bought another cheap from Alba Iulia and I refilled the toner, I also bought the chip on the toner. The quality of the print was originally a grandmother, but it quickly lost the contrast, and a trace emerged on the drum due to wear (when printed in that area the text was deleted or even absent). One thing is certain, you can not get cheap dust quality.
    I am inclined to believe that the following tutorial will refer to resoftare and I am curious to see how you will expose the problem.Abia await.I am on the net companies that do this at good prices and many users are satisfied only that in this case the guarantee is lost if it is still in the warranty)

    • The premature wear of the drum occurs because the waste toner is not empty, it can be filled with too much toner, and then too much waste toner is collected, no longer having to store it out and wring the drum.

    • The Samsung Xpress M2070 (M2070, M2070W, M2070F, M2070FW) series printers can be resolved for the definitive cancellation of the chip on the cartridge! Resetting is done once and is permanent forever. The chip on the cartridges is permanently removed (can be removed or covered) and the counters always display 100% which allows you to reload the cartridge at very low cost

      I preferred to work with professionals; at I received detailed written and video instructions (on-demand also offers remote phone support through team viewer).
      Resetting took 7 minutes and now I can use the printer without having to change the chips.

      Another aspect related to print quality; if the toner it loads is not a dedicated one for the Samsung MLT-D 111 cartridges (which comes with a metallic magnetic roll, not a magnetic magnet roll like many other cartridges) after the first refill starts to print more and more because the magnetic roll loses of properties. + a universal toner will quickly fill the waste toner.

      From its own experience, with the dedicated toner MK Image purchased from ereset, the waste toner compartment requires emptying only after 2-3 recharging!

      Regarding M2070W it only recommends that home-use printing (500-max 2000 pages / month)
      if it's a bigger print volume, I recommend you switch to the office series (M2675, M2875, M2885) that comes with much larger cartridges, easier to reload, a special cartridge unit
      Spores up to as many prints!

  4. Hello Cristian.
    You have missed forgot to put DEJAVANTAJE on printers laser multifunctionals.
    The most important disadvantage is the price of the cartridges.
    For the models presented by you and not only, the "black" cartridge is at least 228 lei
    (MLT-D111S) for 1000 - 1500 pages and for the "color" ones about the same for each color.
    I refer to original cartridges, the compatible ones would be cheaper but not yet available for all models, especially for the newest ones.
    And as long as you have the warranty printer, it's a little bit bothering you (if you want to benefit from the warranty) to use only original cartridges.
    My opinion is that you get the cheap printer, I refer to the laser, and then you take expensive cartridges.
    The most advantageous price / page are those with ink coming from the CISS plant.

    Price / page calculation - monochrome variant - standard 5% coverage. example on first search:
    Cartridge MLT-D111S (laser, monochrome) MDL 228 / 1000 p. = 0,23 RON / p
    HP 652 Cartridge (Ink, Black) 57 lei / 360 page = 0,16 lei / page
    GI-490 ink cans (black, for CISS printers) 27 lei / 6000 pages !!! = 0,005 lei !!! - obviously only for black - here it is true that at the beginning you pay about 650 lei for the printer, but the investment is amortized in a short time.

  5. Wolfwarine said

    Hi, I'm working in the field and I can say that the printer is ok for your money. Of course there are drawbacks, new models are made to break down easier and generally the repair, if it can be done, costs quite a lot. Another disadvantage is that they have a lot of plastic that is not of the best quality, just to be swiftly changed. As for toners, there are toner-compatible, half-priced toner cartridges available from companies that have quality products (Katun de ex). I recommend charging a compatible toner only at a service and only a maximum of 2 times. The original takes about 2-3 loads but also worships. I'm waiting for the firmware resume video, which we do not recommend for many reasons, one of which is that mistakenly done can lead to an electronic lock or unrecognizable compatibility cartridges, errors, etc. But I know there are many who prefer to resolve it because of the supplies. My opinion is that it does not deserve to be resold as long as a cartridge can not be used at any time even with the change of the caliper or wiper blade. I still expect Cristi's opinion. Thank you

    • It deserves to be rescheduled, the price for 2 chips makes a resofare. After resofaring you can also use samsung 101 cartridges that are cheaper.

  6. Sorry, it's not related to the topic, it does not go search box, mozilla or chrome, or is it just me?

  7. hello !! I would like to buy a printer with laser technology, of course, because I rarely use it and I understand that the others dry in time if it is not used and I want one to recharge the cartridges and not to be too expensive. recommendation from the scholars I would like. thank you

  8. Lexmark MS317DN Mono Laser Printer, A4, Duplex – net superior to the samsung brand and in addition it has toner for 2500 pages double the competition, buy something good not a brand !!!

  9. Hello! Please let me know, if I don't have a "W" printer, what is the device that, attached to the printer, can help me list wirelessly from a phone, for example? Thank you!

  10. Hello, thanks to you, I purchased this printer and would like to ask if you can make a more thorough tutorial on its basis. Thank you in advance for all your efforts.

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