How check with devices powered batteries

Batteries are indispensable in our lives. From watches to cars with remote control or flashes, all devices need energy, which we extract from ordinary batteries. The problem occurs when we have so many batteries around the house that we no longer know which one is charged and which one is discharged. The multimeter is the tool that helps us see how charged a… is. [Read more...]

Simple overclock video card on your laptop or desktop

MSI Afterburner is the application that can overclock the video card on your laptop or desktop. The surprise is that we can use the application on other PCs, not only on MSI. Afterburner is a simple, easy to use and most importantly, free application. Before you start overclocking, you need to arm yourself patiently and be prepared for a few… [Read more...]

Tp-link PowerLAN 600 mbps, the net outlets throughout the house

PowerLAN adapters are devices that inject our net into the wires of the electrical network throughout the house, over a maximum distance of 300 meters. Tp-link PowerLAN 600 Mbps, net to sockets throughout the house Our kit is a Tp-link TL-PA6010, which theoretically can reach up to 600 Mbps. PowerLAN adapters are very easy to use. We have two pieces, one plugs in [Read more...]

Acer BIOS update, black screen bug

The bios update is normally done when we have problems. If there are no problems on your laptop or motherboard, no bios update is required. In my case, I have problems when the Acer VN7 laptop comes out of standby and has a black screen; And for the image to appear, you have to press the touchpad or keyboard several times. A bios update can… [Read more...]

The fastest USB stick hand assembled 3

We all want storage devices as fast as possible, so we don't waste time transferring files. SSDs are very fast, but cannot be connected quickly for data transfer. USB sticks are very portable and easy to use for transfer between computers. The fastest usb stick 3 In today's project we will enlarge / marry an SSD with USB 3.0 port,… [Read more...]

BeeWi bluetooth smart bulb, white / color control via Bluetooth

BeeWi Smart Bluetooth Bulb The category of smart things is constantly expanding. If we already have smart light bulbs and accessories, most objects will soon be connected or can be controlled wirelessly or remotely remotely. Smart accessories will change our lives and the way we organize ourselves. The smart accessories make sure that we are in shape, to [Read more...]

The lifetime of the laptop battery more advanced settings

How can we get longer battery life on our laptop? Battery life is a constant pain for those who use laptops away from the outlet. In a way, what good is a laptop if it doesn't have a battery? On Windows we have power plans that we can juggle, to drain as much of the battery as possible; Unfortunately, in many cases we have lawsuits… [Read more...]

Wireless charging for any Smartphone

Hi friends, today I will show you how you can charge any wireless phone, using an accessory that is quite affordable. Wireless Charging technology allows us to charge your phone or tablet just by placing them on the charging station, without any cable. The standard currently used is called QI Wireless Charging, a standard that most manufacturers [Read more...]

Test of strength tempered glass protector

Hi friends, today is the time to test the tempered glass screen protector. For those who still don't know what a tempered glass protector is, you can watch the tutorial in which I showed what it is and how to apply tempered glass foil. In today's tutorial I will be very harsh with this tempered glass protector for my phone, in plus for [Read more...]

Tempered glass protective screen phone

Hello friends, today I will show you how to apply the very resistant tempered glass protection for the phone screen, which is also made of tempered glass. Why add another layer of tempered glass? The answer is simple, for protection. If the first layer breaks, we remain with the original screen unharmed. If I use normal foil, it… [Read more...]