Transfer files between PCs at high speed

File transfer is a very important topic, especially nowadays, when files get bigger and bigger. I have made several tutorials on this topic, but today I will present the simplest and fastest method for transferring files from one PC to another, located in the same location. You don't need anything for this tutorial,… [Read more...]

Hybrid NVR Hikvision, recording and managing IP cameras

The NVR (network video recorder) is a device for managing and storing recordings on network-connected surveillance cameras, ie IP cameras; It is a kind of DVR for network, because DVRs are compatible with analog cameras, from which the signal does not come through the network, but through coaxial cable. IP surveillance cameras are smart devices that can be… [Read more...]

WiFi signal amplification weak

Weak WI-FI signal amplification Nowadays wireless is almost indispensable, and when it breaks down, we realize how important it is to have a stable wi-fi signal. Today I will try to offer you some solutions for amplifying the weak wifi signal. From the very beginning, I have to tell you that you can't increase the bandwidth, just the signal coverage. Cea [Read more...]

Antivirus wi-fi router, network security

Asus has enriched the routers overnight with a firmware update that offers some extremely useful new features. New features include security and bandwidth management. They are called: 1. AI Protection (TrendMicro security) 2. Adaptive QoS (bandwidth management) If you haven't received the update, you can flash Merlin, a custom firmware for… [Read more...]

Tutorial wireless router Asus RT-AC56U

Hello friends, today I will introduce you to the best router I have had so far, it is Asus RT-AC56U or in short AC56U. It is a very powerful wireless router, it has the same functions and options that we find on the AC68U or AC87U but at a lower price. Anyway you can do it with 1900 or 2400 Mbps and you can't with 1200 Mbps. There are currently no boards [Read more...]

Asus RT-AC56U router that has it all at a good price

Hi friends, I am pleased to introduce you to one of the best wireless routers in the world right now, in fact it is incorrect to call it a router because the router function is marginal in addition to the multitude of extremely useful functions that this beast comes with. Don't get me wrong, I don't recommend this router because it's cheap and good, if you're looking for a router… [Read more...]

Display wireless password stored in your phone or tablet

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about wireless and Android. Specifically, we will see how we can recover the passwords of the wireless networks to which we have connected over time on Android devices, be they smartphones and / or tablets. To do this we will of course use an application called WiFi Key Recovery which unfortunately for some, requires… [Read more...]

Wireshark, stealing passwords on free wi-fi networks

Today we will do something more special, we will try to intercept the login data from the browser with the help of an extraordinary software called Wireshark. I will show you how easy you can lose your password and username if you use them when you are connected on networks. public networks. These networks are the favorite target of attackers, they capture all traffic… [Read more...]

How to connect a 3G modem to the router, for net backup - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you how to connect a USB 3G modem to a wireless router, so that we have mobile 3G net all over the house on all devices. To connect a 3G or 4G modem to a wireless router you need to meet several conditions: 1. We must have a wireless router with a USB port, to which we can connect the 3G or 4G.2 modem. Router… [Read more...]