How can you find out if someone has been on the computer and what he did

How can you find out if someone has been on the computer and what he did

Find out who someone's been doing on your computer and what he did

Surely we all know we have to put the password on the computer, but most of the times we have to admit that it is overwhelming to get the password, so I leave the computer without the password and of course whoever can get in.

How do you know if someone has used your PC for you?

We've found three free apps that are also portable (not installable), and help us find traces left in the computer after using it.

We're gonna play our detectives!

These apps that help us find the traces of computer use, show us what applications have been opened, searched for through the PC, searched the web, and history from all web browsers, that is, the list of sites visited.

1. Browsing History View

This application extracts our history from all the browsers installed on the PC and shows us the websites visited from any browser, all in one window, chronologically organized.

2. My Last Search

That's the last searches in the order of the search. Whether you search on Google, on Youtube or on any other search engine, the interface shows you all searches.

3. Last Activity View

If the first two programs are more tilted on the web and searches, Last Activity View is an application that shows our local history, which apps have been released, which folders have been accessed, what files have been opened, etc. .

Even if nobody walked you through the PC ...

Whether someone else used your PC or not, these three applications are also good to throw a glance through our "flea". Let's see what we're looking for in the past. Maybe we remember some things, maybe we can get rid of others, who knows?

Let's open our eyes better!

The three applications make us more aware of the digital "misery" we left behind. Maybe it would be a good idea to do a little cleaning from time to time and use these applications to check how well I matured with my PC.

Download in English

1. Browsing History View
2. My Last Search
3. Last Activity View

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    1. Hello, Cristi, can you make a laptop purchase guide, starting with 2019? You do a really good job! Good luck!

    2. IceAlinutza said

      And on YouTube channel "": ; Do not know why the YouTube version does not appear directly from this site?

    3. Aurel Mironescu said

      Good evening, Mr. Cismaru, I have been receiving and appreciating your tutorials for a long time. I have a personal problem with the use of email, for a few years and no matter who I've been calling, people as familiar as the internet, I have not managed to solve. I'm making a last try with you. In short, here's what it is: I have the primary email address on Gmail, I have not changed anything in Settings. Frequently, new messages that I receive from a variety of people, some important, do not appear in Inbox and only find them in Trash (not Spam!), I have to move them to Inbox every time. Another, more frequent issue, related to sending response or forwarding messages for incoming messages. So when replying to a message I receive or redirecting it, most of the time my response or redirect is sent directly to Trash and does not appear in Sent messages. Instead, it appears in Trash and after I move it in Inbox it is sent and appears in Sent messages. I have not managed to solve either of these two problems and sometimes it is important correspondence and it becomes tedious or annoying. Do you have any idea about what's related? I look forward to an answer. Thank you in advance!
      Aurel Mironescu

      • I'm gonna use it ... try using mozilla thunderbird as a mail client. At least do a test. Imap to set it up if you want to keep your emails on the google server or pop3 if you want to download them to your pc and do NOT have any mail on the google server. Watch this setting if you want to try mozilla thunderbird.

      • Hello.
        If you solved the problem, ignore the message. What operating system do you use? Whatever it is, the first solution would be reinstalling the operating system.
        Download Google Chrome and then log in and see if you have any problems.

    4. Ionel Manea said

      Thanks, Cristi, Last Activity View helped me, I knew I was there, I knew why, but I did not know the date I needed to remember someone I contradicted ...

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