Remote Desktop for Android accesses your PC from your phone

Hi friends, today I will present and will show you how it works Remote Desktop Client application made by Microsoft for Android. I know it seems strange but so is Microsoft made an application through which we can access the Service Remote Desktop in Windows. That means you do not have to install anything, so we can access your PC remotely.
The first time I read the news about Remote Desktop for Android I had the impression that it is a poor application, the surprise was quite big when I discovered that it is an extremely well made application, only Microsoft knows something about software ...
If you would be heavy traffic on the network you have the impression that Windows is installed on the phone even hear the sound from your PC to your phone.
Like the keyboard we have two options, or use the on screen keyboard in Windows, or you can use the official Android keyboard, this flexibility always makes the user feel good.
In applications like Team Viewer you always have the impression that you are in an insecure environment, this is not the case of the Remote Desktop Client application that offers sufficiently solid security, you even have to press a few "buttons" through Windows before the connection can be made. , in the tutorial I showed you what to do.
What should you do on your desktop?
1. You must allow remote desktop sessions.
2. You must proced a password for the user account in Windows.
3. You must allow remote desktop connections in Windows Firewall, or stop firewall final.
4. You need to do port forwarding and router if you want to access remote PC in the local network is not required.
What we need to do on your phone?
1. Download / install the application RD Client.
2. To do in DR Client connection settings, you need the IP, Username and password.
What I said in the tutorial is the port you need to do port forwarding in the event that access your PC from a distance and this is after the router port that it uses Windows Remote Desktop service is 3389, Of course you have to find the IP each by typing "ipconfig" in CMD.
All in all, I feel that this application can do more than that, I don't know what to tell you, what Microsoft's thoughts are, but I can tell you that something is in the air…
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  1. Hey can you do a tutorial and how could move the Survey on pages desccarcare? Thank you.

  2. Costelina said

    very nice I liked
    and for the last tutorial done by Adrian, a user named Anderson said something about Ubuntu Linux
    Adrian este.stiu to know that you like so much and I like Ubuntu but not what it was before
    ie anterioare.Asa versions as Adriane know you do not like KDE interface I mean no
    I do not like the new Unity interface if you say that virtually no support that the left bar
    any theme you can not change it.'s weird and I do not know about stupid moves and as said Anderson

    • I have the impression that this tutorial is not related to Ubuntu or KDE. But maybe I'm wrong…

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I just hope you're kidding when you say something, right? (I refer to Mr. COSTELINI)
      Name me a distro that you can not change the topic!
      May folks, if you do not know how to do things even stated that they no longer can but do not know how.
      That bar on the left is called Launcher Dock or similar to the Windows taskbar or Dock in Mac OS X Dock can be repositioned wherever you want as you do in Windows (taskbar can be set to hide or you can position up, down, left or right)
      Inform your better read in Romanian forums dedicated Ubuntu and then affirm that something can or can not. Rush too fast to throw stones!

  3. After I enter all the data appears to accept a certificate, you accept the moment, and after I see a box where you have to enter the password each connect data.Nu, NLA logon, e caseta.Ce should I do?

    • 1. Make sure you have admin rights.
      2. Make sure you have no third party antivirus or firewall (Kaspersky, BitDefender, Avast, etc), if you stop them or put Remote Desktop exceptions.
      3. Make sure your useul can use remote desktop to do that:
      My Computer / right click / Properties / Advanced system settings / Remote / Select users / Add tab / here you add your file down to “Enter the object names….”, Of course click OK in all windows.

      • Ionel Barbieru said

        If you help me put connectify and it works for me… you are a genius!… I have been suffering for 1 month. I have an ipad mini that I want to connect and it doesn't work. In fact, it does not work to connect any other device… write "no internet access". I mention that I don't have much in this field; and when I say "not so much" it's almost not at all.
        Thank you in advance.

      • Thanks for the advice. Now it works perfectly.

  4. Cristi doing tutorials mk908 Andorid?

  5. does not work for me, unfortunately. I followed all the steps exactly and when I walk on the nexus remote 4 gives me the message, connection refused. laptop has Windows XP.

  6. David Michael said

    I may be wrong

    • Remote Desktop is safer for both parties. Microsoft is a test that can guarantee security.
      You see, Team Viewer passing through the firewall as the cheese quite unsafe for playing the role of the server.
      Trust Team Viewer leave open in the background when you left home?

    • On an Android phone, you can connect an external mouse that works by remote desktop directly on your pc, so from a distance, the phone being just a monitor. Through teamview mouse does not work to act on desktop from pc.

  7. What's the name of that tutorial in which we could see everything that happens in a network, for example the sites where you entered passwords, etc .. that I can't find it anymore…

  8. Works great on a note3.Avantajul pen is that it has been and can control it May bine.Thanks!

  9. At minute 1: 58 appears I am not the bottom with Remote Desktop, just the top with Remote Assistance. That be the problem? I mention that Windows 8.1 original one that came with the laptop, that 8, plus upgrade made 8.1 18 October.

    • You may not have the remote desktop service turned on. Start it from "services".
      Or maybe you have a version of Windows without remote desktop.

      • floryan63 said

        I have never in my version of windows 8.1 remote control can be installed somewhere or another version of Windows?

        • Only Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows 8.1 have Remote Desktop function (host). While Windows RT and Windows Remote Desktop only 8.1 Korea (client). This is one of the differences between versions of Windows 8.1 so I guess you can not really install this feature. But if you really need this function can use the Windows 8.1 Enterprise which is on Technet.

  10. Yes, the tutorial is very good, but it must be specified that it requires a permanent data connection (with wirless it is harder when accessing remotely.) That is, net on the card or subscription with internet option, and regarding the user and password for the logo seems a bit strange, why does microsoft want this ????… I leave it to you to comment…. Anyway excellent tutorial, excellent application.
    MS of the type provided. Self.

  11. UltraVNC (not RealVNC) nothing starry pc.toti not make tutorial about realVNC.EU USE ULTRA VNC (unzipped, I applied. server in the PC startup, put password, starts with win.pun password etc.). applied for android download . the market androidvnc. Disadvantages no file transfer between PC. and android but is also used between PCs 2 same uvnc and has file transfer (you can tell because it's portable install anything). If you file transfer and remote deskop teamview.Face you made tutorial about file transfer between PC and Android (smartphone).

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We have several tutorials on the topic suggested by you. Use the search box on the top right to find tutorials! Search the following terms: AnySend, BitTorrent Sync, Bump, AirDroid

  12. Hello if you could make a tutorial on game server hosting server because I LFS (Live for Speed) and I want sal Hostal own domain for free. And another thing if you could make a tutorial
    Compilation in C # Thanks

  13. Ady Moraru said

    I had myself a that when I want to download the app tells me that it's not compatible with my system?? mention that I have a Samsung Galaxy mini phone with android gt-s5570 2.3.6!! Google play written as For installation you need 2.2 version or later!!!! someone can explain me??? Thank you!!

  14. The application is available for Windows phone for over 1 year

  15. Pt. those who fail to connect with the remote service can also be due to the version of Windows that you have every ex. I can not because I have windows home premium 7 this version is not only accepted professional windows7, Enterprise and Ultimate. At w8 enterprise and the windows xp pro professional version only. Was well if required and this boys IN TUTORIAL BUT OMISO

  16. gherghisan.nelu said

    Thanks for the tutorial. There are more tempted to buy LG Nexus 4. Waiting for other tutorials promised on the phone. Information on battery endurance and how to behave after a long time of use are of great interest. Thank you.

  17. If you use the internet from your phone (orange) and no Wi-Fi then what ip to stick? I have a Huawei modem from Romtelecom.

  18. I tried to connect to the RD Client PC using a windows ultimate and I reusti 7. Pote anyone help me?

  19. Liviu Gheorghe Angelus said

    I have a problem, ie when using wireless client application works rows can have control over the PC, but I want to do this from a distance and am trying to do port forwarding and fail! Mention that My router is Huawei HG655b Romtelecom.
    I searched the net all kinds of tutorials and we did!
    I hope to get an answer.

  20. Howdy!

    I followed exactly your instructions and everything is ok. I can control the desktop from my smartphone ..but that only if I am connected via wi-fi… if instead I switch to the digi mobile internet card I can no longer connect to the desktop. When I try to connect to the desktop via smartphone but it is on the internet card from DIGI it doesn't work anymore and the following message appears: Unable to connect to remote PC..and it tells me to check if the PC is connected to the internet, etc. But in the next second, if the smartphone goes wireless, it can connect without problems.
    Pls help me in this regard
    Thank you

  21. Ionut N. said

    Hello! The first problem I encountered is the following: in ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS, in the REMOTE tab, I don't see the options at the bottom of the tab, where you show that you have to check "allow remote connection to this computer". I use WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM, and you did the presentation on a windows 8.1, but I don't think this difference would be a problem. PLEASE HELP ME.

  22. Hello! How can I move the sound on your computer? We have not found any setting like this.

  23. Same problem as Ionut, how to solve the problem?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Windows Home and Starter does not have this feature called Remote Desktop. There are some versions of Windows little limited for a home user. For example Starter version lacks the ability to change the background / wallpaper on the desktop, the ability to change the theme or have the effect of Aero (transparent windows)

  24. it doesn't work, I didn't understand, yes I have a router I use the Ip-router (192 186 ………) or the password on the router given by me

  25. Hi there!
    Unfortunately I 7 windows, and the same goes.
    The following message appears on my phone: Can't connect to the remote PC because the Remote Desktop Gateway server is temporarily unavailable.
    Can someone help me?

  26. hello, can not be switched to control your desktop with this application? ie I do on the phone to appear on the desktop? Amdo work

    • Wait, I do not understand. That's what makes this app. It helps you control your desktop from your phone. You watched the tutorial? Or what do you mean?

  27. you can do this tutorial also on windy 10 because I have different settings and do not know what to do

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