How to stop RO-ALERT alerts iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oneplus

How to stop RO-ALERT alerts

What is the tutorial about How do RO-ALERT alerts stop?

In this tutorial you will see how to end the messages coming from RO-ALERT, if we are tired of repeated alarms in certain periods. How do RO-ALERT alerts stop?

Why would we want to stop RO-ALERT messages?

The RO-ALERT system is basically a good thing.

Receiving notifications quickly about events that happen nearby, and that can endanger your health or life, is basically a good thing.

Unfortunately, sometimes alerts sound so frequent that they become unbearable and we want to stop them.

What I mean is that a system that is meant to get our attention can cause us anxiety and stress during times when the same messages are repeated.

It's like we're in the novel 1984, and the phones we have in our pockets are the tele-screens Orwell was telling us about.

How to turn off iPhone RO-ALERT alerts

Settings / Notifications / scroll down to RO-ALERT

How to stop RO-ALERT iPhone alerts

How to stop RO-ALERT alerts on Xiaomi

Settings / Passwords and security / Emergency alerts

Stop RO-ALERT alerts on Xiaomi

How to stop RO-ALERT alerts on Oneplus

Settings / Applications and notifications / Emergency alerts

Stop RO-ALERT alerts on Oneplus

Stop RO-ALERT alerts on Samsung

Settings / Applications / Messages (settings wheel) / Emergency alert settings / Emergency alerts

Stop RO-ALERT alerts on Samsung

Is it okay or not to stop RO-ALERT messages?

The choice is up to each of us. We decide what is good and what is not for us, what we need and what we do not need.

Some will say that for our own good and the good of others we must X and Y.

Would it be good for others to choose for us?

We have the power to choose - that's what makes us human!

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Video tutorial - How to stop RO-ALERT alerts

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  1. I have deactivated the emergency alert messages and still receive them and continue to terrorize me. I can email you the screenshot. I have a Samsung.

  2. I don't think you should have made this video.
    We are a majority nation of individuals trying to fake laws and regulations that are made so we can live safely.
    It's the last video of yours I'm watching.
    I'll unsubscribe.

    • And I said said

      I want to cry. Go tell me. I receive these notifications because they wanted me and no one puts them on my neck. I disabled them

  3. Sorin Bănică said

    What does it mean to stop RO-ALERT? You had to produce a video on how to get RO-ALERT! You have no esteemed mind. You relapse into getting into things you can't control.

  4. I have a Oneplus and after I received the alert I also have the option of deactivating it, which I did immediately because it bothers me.
    If the sound was like a simple notification not screaming in my pocket I didn't have their business

  5. Me just me said

    See how nice it is when the phone starts screaming that we are in a city with 3 thousand cases of covid and wakes me from sleep azi .today I gave disable… thank you

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