Install LineageOS the best ROM custom Android

Install LineageOS
Install LineageOS

How to Install LineageOS the former Android Cyanogen ROM

LineageOS is the continuation of the famous CyanogenMod, the Android ROM preferred by the vast majority of enthusiasts and those who have been tired of the Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei ROM ROMs, etc.

When we buy a new phone ...

When we buy a new phone or even a second hand, they are fresh (even sh), because they either have the freshly installed ROM or reset.
When it's new, any phone is moving very well, this for a few weeks / months.

Why are the phones going wrong after a few months?

Whether they have a heavy interface, or the stock ROM has been rushed, the phones do not seem so good with the passing of time.
Reasons why phones slow down after a while:

1. Many applications are installed.
2. It loads excessive storage (cube youtube, chrome, facebook).
3. The graphical interface is too cumbersome (Samsung, LG, HTC).
4. Basic applications receive some buggy updates
5. phone has not implemented TRIM well for managing internal memory.

LineageOS, option number 1 after ROM stock.

LineageOS is a ROM made to give the user the most enjoyable experience for a longer period of time.
The optimizations at the graphical interface level and hardware management make LineageOS the first option for those who do not understand the stock ROM.

But there are other ROMs!

Indeed, there are a lot of custom Android ROMs, but I do not know how many of them you can trust. Today, when personal data is so hunted, few ROM developers can be trusted.
Over time, the Cyanogen team, now LineageOS, has shown that it is not worthwhile to endanger the brand hardly built in so many years.
A developer who came out yesterday on the market, lets him steal user data, because he does not have much to lose.

But what about the stock ROM on the phone?

We have absolutely nothing if it moves well. I do not recommend anyone to change the ROM if it is good and does not give any signs of fatigue.
Stock stocks are best suited to your device and should be the rum that makes the most of hardware.
For example, on OnePlus 3, I tried a lot of Camera applications and none worked as well as the basics. There are cases when stock ROMs eat our nerves on bread, and in this case I have to call a rum like LineageOS.

Why do we need - LineageOS installation.

1. Bootloader unlocked on your phone or tablet
2. Custom recovery installed on your phone
3. LineageOS ROM for your phone (zip)
4. Gapps for your version of LineageOS (openGapps)

Installing LineageOS the best ROM cutom Android - video tutorial

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  1. When you have time to do a great review of the ROM, I planned to install it on the phone but first I need to replace the battery

  2. Hello Cristi,
    It should be noted that on some devices, especially when installing Lineage, you have to delete everything, Advanced wipe (system, data, cache, dalvik cache), only factory reset may remain "stuck in boot". I say this from experience, I have a Oneplus One.
    I would also be particularly interested in a tutorial installing the Aroma Gapps package ... more precisely, the names of those applications, what we choose, why .... which most of us do not know about ...
    Thank you.

    • Florin (Hirens) said

      If you give the factory reset, as in the tutorial, all those listed by you will be deleted
      [system, data, cache, dalvik cache]

  3. I installed the new ROM on the Samsung Galaxy SIII and it's moving well. Unfortunately, camera applications and photo playback do not know recognize the SD card.

  4. Viorel12 said

    I have a Huawei Mate 9. EMUI seems to me the fastest and best custom OS at the moment. I had a P9 before, and I can say that, too, gave me a good impression. As you said, if the original ROM moves well, there's no point in changing it with a custom one.
    In addition, I do not think there is a custom rom that works perfectly (overall, it moves faster than the original, but it certainly has small problems). My advice: If you want a good phone, keep the original rum and install a good launcher. You do not need anything else.

  5. Florin (Hirens) said

    Do not install on HTC One M8 as a buggun / unstable
    I installed LineageOS on HTC One M8, everything went smooth. I must mention that I have always installed custom ROMs since CM11 appeared. I have installed GApps, the ROM and the special lineage from Lineage boys that unlocks my root directly in Developer Options. All good and beautiful, I installed it all. The only major issue is that the latest 3 versions of Lineage OS for M8 have the problem with stability. More specifically after blocking the screen / screen off, in 50% of situations, my phone is restarted or shuts down. Or if I leave it on the desk in the sleep it starts randomly to restart. I noticed that this phenomenon only happens when the screen is closed. If you keep it open 2 hours or if you load it does not make any phases.
    Do not install on HTC One M8 as a buggun / unstable

  6. Hello Cristi, Hello Adrian, guys I have a lot of prayers and I think my request would be appreciated by many visitors of Can you do a tutorial to the "Limbo" application or another emulator where you can install 10 on Android? Thank you very much !

  7. I installed this rum on S5 but on messenger I do not upload any profile picture. I mean, all my friends do not have the profile picture. Why?

  8. Huzum Cosmin said

    I have a samsung galaxy note 2 N7100 and I do not know if I go to Lineage OS. I've seen a lot of videos like Lineage OS on N7100 (version of android 7.1.1)
    I did not see anything about the N7100 on their site, I saw other models (N7105 etc) that were all samsung galaxy 2 notes but they had 4G. And I heard it's a disadvantage: S-Pen does not work (on next to other disadvantages)

  9. Hi Cristi, could you make a tutorial about the PROJECT function on your Oneplus 3?

  10. A tutorial related to openGapps would be useful. I notice that 4 is the 7 version of 9 versions of many XNUMX packages.

  11. Mihai Preda said

    Hello Cristi! I have an extension offer at Vodafone and I have a choice between a P9 lite 2017 and a Vodafone Smart v8. V8 has a larger screen and 32 of gb vs 16 gb. Both look good as design. Which one would be more appropriate? I currently have a P8 lite 2015. Thank you!

  12. Hello, you can also do a Windows 10 mobile tutorial on the 6 edge of samsung, how to install, what steps do you go through and not just any other version of windows 8,8.1, 7.
    Thank you!

  13. Cristi Velicica said

    Hello Cristi, I want to install Lineage OS on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 NEO N7505, but at the developer option I do not have the OEM UNLOCK option, I only have USB DEBUGGING and I can not unlock the bootloader. You can do a tutorial with other methods to unlock the bootloader! Thank you!

  14. I do not have a sim signal on 3 galaxy notes with this inscrutable rum. Can anything be done to get the signal back? Thank you!

  15. Hello. Very good tutorial. Only a small addition, if possible.
    I had problems installing the Gapps, the Stock version. At flash, I received "Error 70". The easiest solution (for a beginner like me) was to take a smaller version to install. For me (OnePlusOne phone), the Nano came true. On the internet we found that quite a lot of users had this problem, it is said that the space assigned to the system is to blame (not the storage space), and it might be a good idea to do a tutorial with this "70 error" if you have time. There were other solutions, but they did not inspire confidence.
    As a parenthesis, I made a mistake, inadvertently, when I downloaded Gapps. I mention here that others will not repeat it and have to reinstall everything again. From the phone, I went to the site, and this site immediately recognizes the processor architecture (ARM or ARM64), but also the type of Android, for my 5.1. Without checking I downloaded Gapps 5.1 and of course it is not compatible with Lineage 7.1. So I had to download the correct version and reinstall it all again, here was the 70 error, for the Gapps stock version, but as I said above with the Nano version, everything went perfectly.
    Spore to flash-forget! and very successful boys from

  16. At Allview p7 pro how can I install os geneage if it is not listed?

  17. 14.1 lineage installed exactly as directed ... .perfect phone redmi notes 3 revived pro ... question ... I tried version of Lineage 15 on XDA Developers for this model, but does not work ... just install .se version of Lineage official site ... .ps. for ALLVIEW VIPER I there any custom rom android who goes out of their official 4.4.2 ... and if so, please take some steps forward ... Thanks ...

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