Online check ROVINIETA ITP and RCA before the road

Online verification ROPINIETA ITP and RCA

What is the ROVINIETA ITP and RCA online verification tutorial about?

Before leaving, it is a good idea to do an online check for ROVINIETA, ITP and RCA, so as not to wake up with fines. In this video op tutorial I will show you how you can do this check.

Why check online the validity of ROVINIETA RCA SI ITP?

It's good to be sure that you're okay with everything in the car, that you have the toll paid, that you have the ITP done and the RCA insurance paid on time.

The worst of all is the rovinieta, which, when you buy it, is printed on heat-sensitive paper. That paper is erased after some time and the writing is no longer visible, and implicitly the expiration date.

What do we need to check the validity of ROVINIETA, RCA and ITP online?

To check this data, you only need the registration number and body series.

The license plate number and chassis series are public data, because the license plate number is visible on the license plate, and the number (body series) can be seen on the windshield, somewhere in the lower corner.

Normally you can check for rovinieta, RCA and ITP, on any car.

Even if a car is not yours, you can check this data, because there is information that can be seen with the naked eye, if you are near the car.

It is useful to know this data when you want to buy a car and make sure that the owner who sells it has at least done the ITP for real.

Links for ROVINIETA, ITP or RCA verification

Check Rovinieta

ITP verification

RCA check

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Video tutorial - Online verification of ITP and RCA ROVINIETA

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