Extract from a video sequence in 2 seconds with Streamclip

Extract or cut the video sequence in just 2 seconds, at the same quality as streamclip? Yes it is possible and there is no trick in the middle. With Streamclip, which is close, it's free and portable, you can extract any video sequence from any movie or video file, in just a few seconds, at the same quality. Unlike video editors, Streamclip is extremely ... [Read more...]

Tutorial Power Director, Android video editor

Power Director Tutorial Power Director is a surprisingly simple and easy-to-use Android video editor; I would add that the Power Director is also very intuitive, which is essential for mobile devices, where we have no room for "help" boxes. Power Director for Android is not the only video editing application, but it is definitely the most… [Read more...]

FastForward in SlowMotion effects and aftereffects and SonyVegas

Hi, in today's tutorial we will learn how to change the speed of motion of a video / film. We can do this by applying 2 very simple effects in Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas, the Slow Motion effect and the Fast Forward effect. Although these 2 effects can be applied quite easily I thought it would be good to do a tutorial on this ... [Read more...]

How to add subtitles in an MKV file in seconds - video tutorial

Hi friends, welcome to videotutorial.ro, today we will discuss the MKV format, specifically about how to insert subtitles and audio tracks in the .mkv container in just a few seconds. What is Matroska? (official version) MKV or Matroska Video is an open source container that allows the collection of audio subtitles and tracks and video chapters under… [Read more...]

How to use the new interface YouTube - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how to use the new YouTube interface. The new YouTube look was adopted 2 days ago for all YouTube users. The idea of ​​this new YouTube interface is to bring video content to the forefront. You gave up on unnecessary stuff, buttons and options that distracted you when watching a video clip and all ... [Read more...]

How refocus a video clip filmed upside down - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how to correct a wrong video clip, upside down. Not infrequently, you happen to film your favorite moments with your mobile phone or a video camera. Everything is natural until here but surprises occur when you want to watch the video clip, on the computer or play it on different devices. Many times the video clip ... [Read more...]

Adobe After Effects, how to make color corrections - video tutorial

Hi, in today's tutorial we will learn what color corrections are, why and how to apply them on an image or just a portion of it, for this we will use Adobe After Effects. Color corrections change the contrast of an image, red, green and blue tones can be raised (the image will have more color) or can be lowered. Any type of… [Read more...]

Adobe After Effects, overview and some basic functions - video tutorial

Hi, in today's video tutorial I will introduce you to the basics of Adobe After Effects. This is the best program for creating audio-visual products being used extensively by those who work in the field. With the help of After effects you can make various very good color corrections on some filming and also add ... [Read more...]

Sony Vegas Pro 11, animation using keyframe sites - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will continue to work on the professional editing program Sony Vegas Pro 11. Last time I presented the main menus and tools of the Sony Vegas Pro program. Today I will try to briefly describe the concept of keyframing and what you can do with keyframes. Keyframing is the process of allocating certain specific values,… [Read more...]

Sony Vegas Pro 11, transitions, cutting and typing in video - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will try to briefly introduce you to the main functions of Sony Vegas Pro 11. This is one of the most used programs for video editing. It can be used quite easily, the simple and intuitive menus helping you add various effects to your videos. We will try to see how we can cut a video, add a ... [Read more...]