Bulk video transcoding simultaneously with Prism, no matter the resolution / format

Bulk video transcoding simultaneously with Prism
Bulk video transcoding simultaneously with Prism

What is the tutorial on bulk video transcoding simultaneously with Prism?

This video tutorial is about transcoding, or converting, if you want, several video files simultaneously. Bulk video transcoding simultaneously with Prism - video tutorial.

Why would anyone want to convert multiple video files at once?

There are cases in which we have entire video collections, consisting of tens, hundreds and even thousands of video files, in which family memories are captured, with friends, old recordings or classic movies that you can hardly find today.

In order to view those old files on modern devices, we need to transcode, that is, move from one format to another the video file, so we can not only view them, but we can also tag and manage them much better, because the formats we give ourselves more flexibility.

How do I transcode multiple files simultaneously?

There are many programs on the market that can transcode bulk video files, ie "shed" or "bulk".

Some programs accept only one input format, others do not offer too many options for the output format. Others simply consume too many resources.

The program for converting several videos at once that I stopped today is not chosen by chance, because I also used it recently for about 1100 video files, which I had to modify a little.

Prism Video File Converter - bulk video converter

After using several programs, I stopped at Prism Video File Converter, because it is the most flexible because it was the program with which I got along very well in the last days.

You can have MKV with AVI and FLV mixing at different resolutions, Prism Video File Converter does not interest you, it accepts them all.

Download Prism Video File Converter

How to use Prism program to automatically convert several video files at once?

How to use Prism Video File Converter software is super simple.

All you have to do is select the video files, choose the output format with the related options, indicate where the output folder is and press convert.

In the trial version of the program you can convert a maximum of 48 files. If you need to convert more, either buy the program, or choose to run it several times in Windows Sandbox (put the input files and take the ones that are ready with "copy / paste")

Windows Sandbox
Windows Sandbox tutorial

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Video tutorial - Bulk video transcoding simultaneously with Prism

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