Removing browsing data from outside Facebook coming from other Off-Facebook Activity sites

Delete browsing data from outside Facebook - Off-Facebook Activity or Activity outside Facebook
Off-Facebook Activity or Off-Facebook Activity

What is the "Removing browsing data from outside Facebook" tutorial about?

Some time ago Facebook made available to registered users on the platform, a tool for removing browsing data from outside Facebook. This setting allows us to further limit the amount of data that Facebook collects in connection with us. The setting is called  Off-Facebook Activity or Activity outside Facebook

It's probably an attempt to make Facebook easier to digest after getting infected with Cambridge Analytica.

What exactly is Off-Facebook Activity or Off-Facebook Activity (in Romanian)?

Off Facebook Activity or Off Facebook activity is a setting that allows us to stop Facebook from storing and using our data, collected from third-party online sites and services.


Shop online, and as you walk through the store, you generate all kinds of data, such as: products you are interested in, product categories, time spent on each page, how you navigated the page, colors that you they drew attention, etc., etc.

All this is data that is used to define a profile of yours, based on which Facebook can capture your attention with various ads, discounts, coupons, offers, etc. Virtually anything will make it easier to "break", more accessible, better defined commercially, you got the idea.

What does the new Off-Facebook Activity or Off-Facebook Activity setting do in English?

This setting does not permanently block data about us coming from third parties to Facebook, but only tells Facebook not to use those data to shape our profile.

Also in Romanian, the new setting Off-Facebook Activity or Activity outside Facebook (in Romanian) tells Facebook: OK, you have data about me, but don't use them.

The new Off-Facebook Activity or Off-Facebook Activity setting stops the social network from further selling your data.

I do not believe. If Facebook does not use our data to target us, it does not mean that they cannot give the data further.

Facebook is no longer playing, but has become an intermediary who does not want to get dirty on his hands with our data. Now he gives them away.


If you disable Activity outside of Facebook, you may no longer be able to log in with your Facebook account on some sites.

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Video tutorial Removing browsing data from outside Facebook - Off-Facebook Activity

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