Seagate Expansion TB 2, 3.0 USB external hard drive at very good price

Seagate is a well known company that manufactures storage devices for consumers and business environment. Today I will present a Seagate external hard drive product that is very roomy and even go on a phone, yes you heard right, connect the hard drive cable to phone USB OTG and transfer movies and photos to release the internal memory of the phone thing necessary for new mobile applications that consume a lot of space.
Seagate Expansion is a model of 2,5 inch format that little laptop. In general hard disk 2,5 inch format is gentle energy consumption and can be powered only 300-500 mAh / 5V, even on current available USB 2.0. Yet external hard drive Seagate Expansion USB interface 2 3.0 TB is, that guarantees a maximum transfer speed (hard disk limit) if I connect the USB 3.0.
In my tests I reached speeds of up to 150 MB / s while cruising speed is somewhere around 120-130 MB / s for large files (video, ISO, large archives) and in 100 MB / s for small files. The overhead is a small file that can not be overcome by hard drives due to high latency that have mechanical systems. An SSD can achieve high speeds even with small files, unfortunately a 2 TB SSD would cost too much even for wealthy top 300.
The price for this hard drive is extremely small, cost almost as little as a 2 TB hard drive for laptops, but this is the case and in addition to SATA USB interface 3.0 that cost something. Perhaps Seagate plans to sell very many unit as to cover the losses it has suffered since SSDs have entered the market. However new suits us for the same price we 3.0 USB speed, high-capacity storage and portability.
Another suitable use for this hard disk is Windows To Go, a feature of Windows 8 and 8.1 that allows us to move our entire operating system on an external hard drive and it was running on any PC that has no operating system, or has a system operarew we do not like. An tutorial about Windows To Go I made some time ago and I recommend you watch it.
When I connected the hard drive to your Oneplus One I did not believe it as well go and what transfer rate we got, it seems that the hard drive could be powered and solar, I think it has a ultra powerful motor consuming very little. Ultra low power technology at an affordable price.
To connect the hard drive to the phone I used a USB cable OTG, if you have such a cable you can find in stores you can even make you one just like I did in tutorial on how to make a USB OTG cable. USB OTG can connect other devices to the phone, such as a camera or video.
Hard disk tutorial (recommended)
External HDD Seagate Expansion 2TB, 2.5 ″, 5400 rpm, 8MB, USB 3.0, Black
At a lower price but lower capacity (high price):
External HDD Seagate Expansion 1.5TB, 2.5 ″, USB 3.0, Black

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  1. Hi Cristi, Happy Holidays !!! I want to tell you that I have one perfectly identical, only mine has 1TB, unlike yours, my case can separate hard drive to replace if damaged. My housing has rubber pads and below that has rubber feet and screws can loosen easily.

  2. It's very good hard disk is a shame but it's limited hardware firmware, make figures on OS X. Simply sees when not formatted HFS +. It is known problem on the forums.

  3. Hi Cristi. The Nexus 4 go? Happy Holidays!

    • No, it does not work on Nexus 4, Nexus 4 does not have USB OTG support. Solutions can be found, you need to flash a kernel that supports USB OTG and use a powered USB hub. Unfortunately, the base does not support USB OTG and also does not have "out" power circuits.

  4. Hello, you Cristi. I like videotutorialele made by you to help us in life computer (life spent at the computer) .Sărbători happy and a happy new year!

  5. Happy holidays!
    Make a great job congratulate you keep up the good work, will follow in years!
    respectfully greet!

  6. Hello, I already hdd's just 500 GB, and I've got to deal with only 49,99 lei. That is very good are pleased with it. Happy new year!

  7. Happy holidays and good health Cristi,
    I greatly admire what you do and I am glad that you share with us the knowledge of all.
    A question for you and I am on HHD these types of sites. HHD is possible that these external sites run on smart TVs? Basically I want to watch movies directly from the external HDD directly on smart tv.Am all heard that TV is bad for them and that can burn sursa.Nu know me and that is why I want an opinion profesionala.Multumesc!

    • The simple answer is "YES", it goes to watch movies on a Smart TV played from an external HDD.
      The problem arises when we talk about video / audio formats supported by your TV. Also, some TVs are a bit capricious when you put them to open a certain subtitle format with a certain container "format for video / audio.
      The safest setting is to have two movies in AVI subtitles identical (one above and one article), have the same denim subtitles to the movie and all three (film + in + srt) to be brought into a single folder.
      I hope you understand.
      Happy Birthday!

      • Thanks I was very ajutor.Referitor video formats BluRay sites I go only to those over 10 gb not go sound, but who knows the fol upgrade the TV software can and those will go.
        Thanks again and best regards!

  8. Hello Cristi,
    I would like to ask if it is possible to download on such a prime means of SMAT phone HDD and pictures OTG cable camera card, to not take the laptop with me on vacation?
    Can I connect while on the phone and a card reader and an external hard drive (via a USB hub) and by phone to mute the information on the card to the HDD? You will see the phone at the same time?
    Happy holidays!

  9. caisinDonici said

    EMAG delivered in Moldova?

  10. Happy Birthday, health and happiness! Sorry to say that MS) Microsof} and fired left-right with Windows 10. Do not catch anywhere .. I wish you health and that's about it !!!

  11. Hi Cristi I pc follows:
    CPU: Intel's dual 2180 2 ghz
    Ram; 4gb
    Video Card: Nvidia GT 520 1 gb
    Hdd: 250 gb
    HDD is 6 years old and works very hard to remove noises
    What do you say to this system deserves an SSD?
    Happy Birthday !

  12. lucyan2607 said

    cristi Hello, I would like to make a tutorial about purchasing a guide to cost desktop -3500 lei 4500 can run and sophisticated games

  13. Adrian Marin said

    Hello. I suppose that's hard drive NTFS format. What happened to the guy read NTFS without root your phone ???

    • New phones can read NTFS without any problems. However, some care is needed when disconnecting the drive, the operation must be done with "unmount drive".
      And older phones can read NTFS with minor modifications (details XDA forum).

  14. And I have a Seagate external hdd 500 GB. Runs extremely well. We tested and a WD and when I tried to watch a movie on tv after 5 min. stuck and I tried several times. I have no problems with Seagate.

    • there is a solution
      see that they're very smart DVD disk but who also have USB jack
      I put together a movie in AVI stick and went but know that the most popular is MPEG
      I think the most practical SSD as an external HDD but rak metal and ideally be waterproof

    • So I connect the TV and DVD HDD or stick to DVD
      I do know that after the stick go I said I did sample

  15. Cristi what you android phone, android 5.0 is somehow lollipop?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It is CyanogenMod, a custom rom with OnePlus One phones coming and most likely based on Android 5.0 Lollipop

    • Now use the original version made for Oneplus Cyanogenmod One is called CM 11s and is based on KitKat.
      Do not change the ROM yet because we review the Oneplus One in work and is normal to know and to feel good.
      For those who are already available One Oneplus a lot of ROMs based Lolipop are very stable.
      After review and I'll install a Lolipop, but for now I am preparing to review the Oneplus One.

  16. I would also like a tutorial on a professional and good that can clean, optimize and maintain Windows 8.1, I want to get rid of dirt from my PC without reinstalling Windows ul.Vreau as possible to avoid installing thick of Windows

  17. hello, I have a USB OTG usb huawei ascend a y530, how do I read this USB phone ???

  18. I managed to connect a stick, but it seems that only the FAT 32 merge.Posed OnePlus One.De same type of phone that does not work and ntfs?

    • It seems to be a controller thing, many new sticks and hard drives have a usb interface that gets along very well with Android from KitKat onwards.
      Study the issue and perhaps to find a solution for everyone who wants to connect a phone NTFS drive by OTG.

      • Thanks for raspuns.Am managed to acceses two HDDs one like yours, but 1 2 tb and a WD tb.Vreau to know if you unmount when you give only disconnects or software level and hardware.Mi it seems or HDD remains engaged? The same problem I had an asus router and that you use and tu.Singurul correct usb device disconnected or HDDs sites was a WD media player.

  19. Happy Birthday friends!
    We expect in the coming year to help with what we can and we will learn as much through video tutorials.


    • Costelina said

      happy birthday

    • Constantin said

      Let's look back with forgiveness before with hope, down with compassion and up with gratitude! Hope you open the door to a new year full of joy and fulfillment.
      Hoping that the new year will be better than 2014 old man, I'm sending you a thousand good wishes accompanied by hugs and wish you a happy new year!
      Happy Birthday 2015!

  20. Thank you for your kind words!
    We hope hereafter to be more concise, but not superficial, more technical but easy to digest, but also best explained more fully.
    Even if we don't have press trusts and astronomical budgets behind us, we will provide you with more "useful" information.
    I will not bombard you with news sterile copied and adapted (not to upset google).
    We do not have sponsors and do not want, because we want to remain independent. Only when you can express yourself freely and independently can tell when something is wrong with a product or service.
    Sure, and money is important, it does not mean you have to give up objectivity to receive money.
    Have not accepted and will not accept sponsorships that come bundled with conditions.
    We do not live under the pressure of the audience and we do not make us superior to editorial program.
    After all the above are ranked 1 category Computers-Internet This means that you will like what we do and at that THANK YOU.
    If you are good to think, you are our bosses.

    Happy New Year friends!

  21. For a start, I want to wish you "Happy Birthday!", A year full of achievements, successes and last but not least, full of health 🙂
    Related to this HDD I want to know if a car CD Radio you can feed

  22. Happy Birthday! team
    7 years have passed since you absolutely follow all tutorials (without scrolling, this is for. Adrian)
    I hope this year to have the same power as before work or more (depending on what you want and you). Being healthy and material satisfaction after you wishes each of you

  23. Who tell me if linux can run under Windows, like that in a virtual machine you can run Linux on Windows or 7 8? If you could do a tutorial in the future so desperate

    • Costelina said

      You have now entered the first time on this site?
      sure can
      Adrian did a lot of tutorials so
      Adrian how are you man?

  24. Anderson said

    Happy Birthday on 2015 !!! I have a question maybe a tutorial, how .m2ts decrypt files?

  25. Happy birthday to all 2015, Well good health and how to install linux on windows progarme? Or how I run Linux under Windows?

    • Happy New Year and good health to all!
      Well, you even said "like in a virtual machine I can run linux on Windows 7 or 8". Why didn't you type in the search box at the top right: "virtual car"? You will find tutorials on how to install virtualbox and VMWare Player (virtual machines) and how to install an operating system in VirtualBox. In that tutorial Adrian used a Linux distribution, more precisely Ubuntu to show how to install an Operating System in VirtualBox. There are also tutorials on the site on how to run Ubuntu (a Linux distribution) in live mode from a USB stick without making changes to your operating system on the PC (windows 7 / 8.1 etc.)

  26. Hi Cristi, congratulations for tutorials offered. I heard from people in the field as External HDD Seagate, that over time, remove a strange noise when running, but the performance does not decrease. It is true, what is your view?

  27. I have an external hard drive connected and a phone and the first thing you can do is fomatarea his ntfs in exFAT. The question is why not phone me to get hard Prem than exFAT format and not NTFS?

    • Costelina said

      simply because the phone is with Android (I think) so == Linux

      • It's weird that it's formatted in exFAT, as far as I know Android is based on Linux, and Linux works with "ext" partitions, related to exFAT this is developed by Microsoft

  28. Thank you for all the "education" you gave me.

  29. Hello cristi!… Thank you for everything it's great everything you do, I'm still watching I have a galaxy tab S 8.4 tablet and it only sees me 100gb and note3 smartphone and also 100gb see I have an hd 500gb lacie porsche design tablet asus sees it all it's a trick to see everything on the night 3 thanks…

  30. Hello,

    Today I bought myself the model set (was on offer and hitting me of my ignorance I found your videotutorialul), but not seen by PC (XP) and tablet (android). I read above that must be formatted, but do not understand something: for being seen in XP must be formatted in one way and in another way for android or there is some type of formatting that can be seen both?

    Blue indicator light is lit, I is flagged both as a new device is connected, but I do not see / find in PC / tablet.

    When I connected to PC and saw that do not appear, I gave a restart of looking for .. where startup mode appears (Flopy, HDD, optical drive), but I was not careful enough and I missed the entrance. I gave a new and restart .. I was locked PC. After a few minutes I stopped and I've tried to power it on, but do not appear blue lights.

    Does that have to connect external HDD with your PC nepornirea after reboot?

    Please enlightened me about the 2 situations listed above.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you expect to be open TB 2 and 2-3 access in just seconds (even if the hard drive is empty) then you know that you are wrong. Where are you rushing? What's the rush?
      What is more, using an operating system that supports the limit of 2 TB hard drive (so you can see XP on a hard drive, even if he only has TB 2 3 or 4) I recommend you install Windows or 7 8 for better compatibility.
      Well, I'm afraid you ruined hard drive. Why? Because you never knew how to be patient and you gave restart the PC while index, read, get acquainted with HDD inserted.

      • Just because I want to install Windows 7 (although I prefer Linux. We have passed the stage with games and editing images, movies), I wanted to move / clone what we have now in the PC (pictures, movies, documents) on a External HDD. I tried to sites where you can host in the cloud, but I gave had to do for that account, in fall's net So I pandit cuts. I wanted to take with 1TB, but the difference was small, so I took the 2 TB.

        When I connected the first time I stopped to PC speakers (PLEOMAX). I looked and Computer Management not appear. Among his connection and restart the PC went about 5 minutes. After I removed the USB speakers began to hear again.

        It shall be burned ?! Life was short.

        Il more connected and see if there, and this time let them know it will be put up if the HDD is not dead;)))

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