Survival in the jungle WI-FI - WLAN channels

WiFi network is that thing in our lives that makes its presence felt when it goes wrong, otherwise, if netul goes well, no no stuffing into account.

A WLAN that works.

Because WiFi network to function properly, we must meet some rules. The wireless router must be good, as this Asus AC56U or this AC87U; Positioning can increase our router coverage; the use of repeater It can greatly help defray some ample, but the most important is to Well configure router from the outset.

Recomandat - WiFi router buying guide

spectrum unlicensed that we can use all without license is restricted, should therefore be used carefully if we want performance and pleasant browsing experience.

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channels (802.11b, g WLAN) .svg
From the almost complete Michael Gauthier, Wireless Networking in the Developing World - I created this work based on Image: 2.4_GHz_Wi-Fi_channels_ (802.11b, g_WLAN) .png, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

WiFi available channels

In 11 channels are USA, and in Europe we 13 available channels. Now do not think that we can use 11 or 13 devices connected simultaneously. Each device uses multiple channels simultaneously and therefore have to arrange everything ordered to fit us all without stepping on each foot.
In the USA you can put on the 11 3 channel devices, and they will have every piece of tape and we will have no interference. In Europe 4 device can cram many sites in the broader spectrum of 13 channels.
In the picture below clearly see how the devices should be arranged on spectrum.

By Liebeskind - Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link

What we choose to channel WiFi?

You have to do a little detective work, using some apps for viewing area networks; This will determine which channels you have available or if some channels are free.
We can walk and channel width. Although a 40 mhz channel gives us better speedIt occupies more space in that spectrum, and therefore it is better to reduce the 20 mhz channel to avoid overlaps with other channels.

Wireless spectrum congestion

Many are asking: What happens if agglomerate radio channels?
You alone can answer this question if you imagine that spectrum is a highway and packet data are cars that go through the air; What else can you catch when the speed is super busy highway. In an area saturated with radio spectrum we have the slowing of traffic (low speed) and interference (nerves). If we go all motorcycle (ie 20Mhz) instead of drive (40Mhz) I fit more. as if I find some free bands as well as (channels 13 and 14).

Applications used in the tutorial:
Android - WI-FI Analyzer
Windows - Acrylic WI-FI Home

Video Tutorial:

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