Deepfake Video and Picture Toning Tutorial - Fake Pictures and Video

Deepfake video tutorial and toning pictures

What is in this tutorial Deepfake video and Toonification pictures

It's about replacing girls in video and toning pictures. Deepfake video and Toonification pictures tutorial, in which you will see how a person's face changes in the video with another face, and how a portrait is toned, that is, how it makes a portrait look like it is a cartoon character.

What is Deepfake?

Deepfake is a technique that can change the face of a person in a video with the face of another person.

It was once a fashion to change a person's face in a video with the face of a known person, so it was insinuated that the public person did something that she didn't actually do, or that she was somewhere in which in fact never was.

A short definition:

Deepfake is the method of falsifying a video. A lie conceived with the help of technology.

What is Toonification of a picture (portrait)?

Toonification in "romgleză" or toonifying in is also a lie told with the help of technology, but an innocent one, because it is a kind of caricature of a portrait with the help of artificial intelligence.

A short definition:

Toning is the same as caricature, only it is done by AI (artificial intelligence)

Restore - Deepfake application

Toonify - Cartoon site

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