Fill out your own PDF statement and other forms on your PC

Completion of your own PDF declaration

What is the PDF Statement Completion Tutorial?

It's about completing your own PDF statement, using your computer. The completion will be done so that the same document printed in several copies will be used on different days, changing only the date.

For those who do not have the printer, we also have the solution with the signed statement on the phone.

Some time ago I did two tutorials in which I showed you how to complete the statement on your own full responsibility on the phone.

In the first tutorial I showed you how to sign a declaration on your own responsibility with the electronic holographic signature, that is how the decet on the screen.

In the second tutorial I showed you how to complete the declaration on your own telephone answer with the holographic signature with the pen on paper, after which the signature is scanned (put) with the phone and inserted in the PDF file with the completed declaration.

We are still attached to the papers and the authorities sometimes ask for the paper and do not accept the statement on the phone.

Because sometimes, if you meet a tired or upset cop, and he wants the paper not the statement on the phone, so we have no problems, we decided to show you the simplest way to save time with the statement on your own.

Where can we download the official version of the declaration in PDF format?

The official website where we find the PDF statement is (an official site), and the PDF can be downloaded from:

Statement on own responsibility PDF

Also on the official website you can find the certificate of employer certification:

Declaration template for employer PDF

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  1. Good evening I would like if I can Wallpaper in this tutorial please

  2. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
    Their level of IT is summarized in Start-Programs-Games-Solitaire. We are talking about XP, that their world is over.

  3. Sorin NICA said

    You can print 4 declared on a4 format and the trips, date and signature write with the pen!

  4. sapunell said

    Short to the point and useful for people who don't know this yet 🙂
    Keep it so Cristi! You and Adrian make a great team for the Videotutorial.RO community. I have been following you for years and I have learned many things from you 😉

    Now a little #offtopic: Can you do a tutorial on how to get rid of various "omniscient" people like the book in the first post?

  5. Xantes said

    I mean, Velea, the chief of police says he also goes on the phone, and you say that there are angry police officers who don't accept these documents on the phone as well ?!

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