How to calibrate the Android phone compass - when the navigation goes crazy

How to calibrate the compass of your Android phone
How to calibrate the compass of your Android phone

About this tutorial How to calibrate the compass of your Android phone?

In this video tutorial you will be shown how to calibrate the compass or compass of your Android phone, when the phone incorrectly indicates the direction in the navigation or tourist orientation software.

How does the phone compass disturbance manifest itself?

Sometimes, while using a navigation or tour guide application, we notice that the phone is pointing us in the wrong direction. That is, the direction of the arrow on the screen is not the correct one. That means the phone has a broken compass, and we have to adjust it.

What is the compass of the phone?

The compass or compass is actually a sensor called a magnetometer. By name we realize that it can detect magnetic fields.

With the help of the compass or compass, as it is called in English, the phone knows its position in space.

Like the analog compasses, the compass (magnetometer) also breaks from time to time. In fact, it is not disturbed and it becomes entangled in calculations when a new magnetic field appears.

How to adjust the compass of the phone?

The magnetometer in the phone constantly measures the earth's magnetic field and adjusts its position changes when moving the phone, a movement it calculates with the help of the gyroscope.

When a new magnetic field, such as a refrigerator magnet near the phone, appears, the magnetometer starts to get confused and results in a wrong direction.

Exactly about people are dizzy from alcohol or spins, so the compass is dizzy from magnets.

How to calibrate the compass of your Android phone?

  1. On Android, we open the Google Maps app.
  2. Click on the cursor that indicates the location
  3. Down on the left you have the Calibrate Busola button
  4. Press the button and follow the on-screen instructions
  5. During the movements, you will notice its accuracy will change
  6. At the end on the screen will write Calibrated Compass

Beware of the magnet phone!

Try to avoid getting your phone next to the magnets. And even if you pass, do another compass calibration before an important route.

The calibration is done using the Google Maps application, and the calibration will be valid in all applications, games, etc.

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Video tutorial - How to calibrate your Android phone compass

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  1. Hello. To what extent is the compass of the phone affected by the magnet of a car holder, even if there is a cover between?

  2. I have a Samsung note 8. I've been trying to calibrate his compass for 2 days and I can't. I don't know what the problem is. I turned it off, turned it on, did everything I could find on the internet about it. Do I have to go with him to a service?

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