Install Android and Windows on the same PC in Dual Boot

Install Android and Windows on the same PC in Dual Boot
Today I thought I would show you how to do an Android installation in Dual Boot with Windows 10 - Install Android and Windows on the same PC in Dual Boot.

Windows and Android on the same Dual Boot PC

Even if we install Android on the same PC, we'll use another disk, just to edit the tangle. We keep everything simple and less dangerous.

Backup first of all!

Normally what I showed in the tutorial is not dangerous, but if you make a wrong setting, you are likely to lose your data. That's why it's good to back up your important data for Windows as well.

Why did I need Dual Boot Android with Windows?

That's a question I got from Youtube. If you do not understand why you are doing something, then you do not have to do it.
In other words, Android is a very easy system for an older PC and on top it comes with a lot of applications in the Play Store that can make you an older PC into a computer that you love to work with.

Why we need to install the Dual Boot with Windows.

1. Two drives (SSD or HDD) on which operating systems will be installed. In my case, Windows 10 is already installed.
2. Partitioning program CyberLink Wizard
3. EasyUEFI Professional (free trial goes for a UEFI entry)
4. Installing applications and Android on PC - with the Play Store

Install Android and Windows on the same PC in Dual Boot.

1. Formats the disk to install Android in FAT32 with Minitool Partition Wizard (Windows does not leave you).
2. Install Android on the newly formatted disk and take a picture of 4090 MB during installation
3. After installation, it enters Windows and creates an UEFI entry with EasyUEFI
4. Enter Android through one of the two methods described in the tutorial and configure your Android

How do I get into Android?

As I told you in the tutorial, you have two ways to get into Android.

1. When booting your PC through BOOT MENU
2. From Windows through the advanced boot menu: All Settings / Update and Security / Recovery / Complex Boot

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Install Android and Windows on the same PC in Dual Boot - video tutorial

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  1. And if I have a laptop with a HDD?

  2. I just wanted to ask you how to install android without the windows operating system on hdd or ssd?

  3. Greetings Cristi thank you for what you are doing !!! Can I Install Android 86 and Windows 7? Bafta and strength to work still !!!

  4. does it go on pc? or just on your laptop?

  5. maximum vessels said

    We are waiting for installation on the broken partition from windows that we have prepared with you. Question can be with windows 7?

  6. ioan PINTEA said

    Hi Cristi. I follow with interest the tutorials presented and I have a lot to learn. I'm interested in installing the ANDROID system on a hard disk partition other than Windows 10

  7. Hello Cristi, I'm interested in installing android on a partition on hdd / ssd with windows if you can show us.

  8. doro alex said

    the maximum vessels said:
    December 9 2017 at 9: 12
    We are waiting for installation on the broken partition in windows that we have prepared with you

  9. Hi Cristi. Can you also do a dual Android boot tutorial with Windows on an Android tablet? Thank you in advance.

  10. In the Hasleo program after selecting the partition where I installed android, when I browse I do not have the efi folder. I did just like the tutorial.

  11. Thank you, but useless:
    1: an android with a maximum capacity of 4 G today is useless;
    2: I have a normal PC without WI (I use cable directly in rooter) - will it work? NOT !

  12. The simplest way to move from windows to android (after me) is with the BlueStacks emulator. I'm using it, I've installed all kinds of apps from the Play Store and I'm very pleased. It's worth it

  13. it doesn't work on Desktop… it loads and when the image appears with android it reboots… whatever I did from bios settings .. I left uefi after that I switched to efi. it boots on the laptop

  14. And I'm waiting to install on a broken partition from SSD !!!
    Please !!!

  15. Can I install Windows on an Android tablet?

  16. Hi Cristi, I have a question: can I install Windows 7 SP1 x64 and Android on the same Windows partition? I have already installed Windows 7 SP1 x64 and I would like to know if I'm doing some experiments with Android, I still do not know what to install but I think I will install Android 4.4 r5 from I have an Acer Aspire One D255 laptop and I want to do this wonder, I hope to get out of it. I would love to answer with some advice, I know something about its video card that is weak but still want to try.
    And I recently built a WordPress site at this address:
    I still have a lot, but what I didn't do is I didn't give it to Google to index it, I know the expression is not "orthodox" but that's how I write.
    I'm trying to promote my site through facebook by posting posts

  17. Nelu Teia said

    Hello Cristi,
    I have an Alldocube KNote 5 tablet with Intel Celeron N400 / 1.10GHZ processor, 4GB Ram, Windows Pro, 64 and SSD 120 GB.
    I want to be able to initiate video calls on WhatsApp and Line directly from my tablet without having to get in touch with the phone (I can now only install a copy from my phone and can not initiate calls).
    Is there a program to use WhatsApp and Line without a phone?
    If I'm installing Android, I'm able to initiate calls? And if yes I have to install on the same SSD because I can not put another hard drive!
    Thank you, Nelu

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